Forgive me? 6 Months to Live Chapter 24!

The chapter is called Forgive and considering where we left off last time (and my slight tardiness) we’re probably in need of some of that. I’m not one for warnings since that often gives away some of the story but msbuffy had some tears for this again (when unleashing her superb editing skills on this) so take that as warning if you must and take solace that the worst between Eric and Sookie has already occurred. Enjoy!



Chapter 24 – Forgive


OK, so it’s here… 6 Months to Live Chapter 23!

I’ve been kicking at imaginary dust for the past hour or so idly procrastinating. This isn’t an easy chapter to put out there especially considering the levity of the previous chapter… I warned in the A/N last time it can’t always be fun and games like that… I’m not usually one for warnings but this chapter had the wonderful msbuffy in tears so take precautions if you must… We’re delving a bit into Russell’s past and might find someone familiar there and for the rest I guess you’ll just have to read…



Chapter 23 – Anticipation


Back to our regular programming… 6 Months to Live Chapter 22!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful support for the new SVM/TB Directory hub concept, the response has been overwhelming. I’m compiling a list of the writers who have already agreed to join and shall try to reach out to those who haven’t yet so that we have a decent amount participating. When there’s news I’ll let you all know on the progress but if you beta, are good friends or whatever with other writers who aren’t overly active on FB or WP please encourage them to respond, the more that participate the more successful this could be.

ON TO THE UPDATE: The newest chapter for 6 Months to Live is here! We last left off with that very thoughtful bracelet Eric gave us.. (I mean Sookie, yes Sookie…) and Bill hanging mid-hypnosis… so some loose ends to tie up with a bit of levity thrown in that’ll make this make sense…




 Chapter 22 – Bless You


Here have a cookie… and a chapter for 6 Months to Live!

In the last post I was rather remiss in double checking the links, I caught the wrong link on the banner pretty quick but not on the written link. Thank you again to Jfozz for pointing this out to me. So in case you ended up in the wrong place and read Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 20 by accident instead, the correct link for Galatea’s Descent Chapter 20 is here. Apologies again, I’ve checked this link far too many times now and it should work. So here are my apologetic cookies, I wish I could send them to you all around the world but I fear you’ll have to settle for virtual ones for now.


While I was baking these cookies I actually did attempt to make those Eric shaped cookies I always offer for correct guesses in the a/n… It’s a bit of an epic fail, for one he broke in many places… which I feel really bad about but he looks more like Dawson’s Creek’s James van der Beek than Eric so I didn’t feel too bad about it then 😉 I think the only thing I managed to get right was the underwear…



Anyhow this isn’t turning into a baking blog let me assure you, the next chapter of 6MTL is up; in which Eric finalises his decision on ‘helping’ Russell while a surprise visitor appears.


Enjoy this and your virtual cookies while I return to my dilemma whether or not to eat Cookie Eric 😀



 Chapter 20 – Mind Games



6 Months to Live: Chapter 18 is up!

The next chapter of 6MTL is up and Eric sees Russell for the first time in months, heavily conflicted for the time ahead. It’s a bit rough on the emotional side, like I have warned it would be for some time. First time I ever thought to put in a tissue warning. Sorry no fixin’ today, the first part of the epilogue is with msbuffy now because I’m still functioning at half speed due to illness so I’m not as speedy as I am normally. Early next week again, I promise.



  Chapter 18 – Inevitable



6 Months to Live: Chapter 17 and another fixin’…

This is how I described the next fixin’s when I sent it over to msbuffy ” It’s not that funny, I blame Bill. It’s rather sweet actually. I blame Bill again. Hope you like 😉 ” and she did like so here’s hoping you like it too… Find it here or go to the next chapter of 6MTL first. Both have a link to each other at the end of the chapter so read in whatever order you like. This will most likely be the last update on a multi chapter for this week but I may toss out another fixin’ in the weekend…



  Chapter 17 – We



 Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake #27