‘Tis the end in more ways than one… At First Sight – Chapter 27!


The final chapter of At First Sight is up and makes this story now complete. Click below for the link and leave the following text for what it is, or later, if you’re the impatient sort.

As you will notice all stories on my site are now marked as complete, which can only mean…

Yes, I’m sorry but this will be my final story. It’s a decision I made a long time ago, I wrote this story knowing it would be the last thing to finish even though it was only ever intended to be a short side project. There’s no real special reason why I’ve chosen to stop, I’ve simply found the limits of what is possible with fan fiction and it’s no longer as exciting and new as it once was, and I don’t see that changing. It’s not a case of a waning muse or anything specific, inspiration might strike at some point and demand itself to be written, but I sincerely doubt it. I know an ending when I see it, and it’s now. It really is as simple as that.

I ‘ll still be around, working behind the scenes for the FA blog so I’m not completely gone and Beehl and his constipated feline woes might still rear his ugly head now and then. Writing, it’s been fun and never something I really considered doing until I just started typing away at something and I’d like to think I’ll continue doing it somehow but I might just as easily be distracted by something completely different, we’ll see, it’s the fun bit about the unknown.

Thank you all for your wonderful interaction, support, and encouragement all this time. It feels like yesterday that I entered Sephrenia’s contest as a complete unknown and I’m still taken aback that I ended up winning. It didn’t take long for msbuffy to enter my life and assist me with the insane workload I’d taken on trying to get my stories out that I’d previously quietly been penning away at. I will forever be grateful for the work she put in right alongside me but I’m more in awe of her wonderful personality, her giving spirit, and listening ear throughout this journey.

Much thanks to you all.




*I have yet to decide whether to take this site down or not but there might be a possibility of it and I will give advanced warning of this if this is the case. I will be removing my stories from story hosting sites by the end of the month.




Chapter 27 – Love is All You Need


I’m back and so is At First Sight – Chapter 23!

I’m aware the absence was looooooooooong… without going into it too much there were good reasons, bad reasons, and everything in between and then suddenly it was vacation time. Good news is that after all that I managed to finish up this story over the last month and msbuffy had the new chapters back to me super quick so I’m ready to start posting and see this baby to its end <cracks hands>. I don’t have a posting schedule set out yet, will depend on response and how quickly people are keeping up with it and I don’t want to be that daily inbox spammer either…


So for those who need a refresher or are new to the story, prologue can be found here, chapters are generally short so not much of a task to catch up. Description is as follows:


Take one ill fit bride and add one clueless groom and watch experts arrange what they deem the ‘perfect’ marriage that proves to be inconvenient to everyone involved but the happy couple. Mix in a healthy dose of scepticism, resentment, and rivalry along with some disturbing ‘senior’ moments and you might come close to getting what this story is about.

This is me needing to write something fun and light while the angst continues elsewhere… E/S and any other disturbing coupling you can think of (nothing graphic I swear! I need to retain some sanity through it all…)

E/S – Wildly AU and OOC – Rated M


For those who need to refresh where this last left off, previous chapter is here.


New chapter click below ∇. Obligatory words of warning, I had left this story for a bit so there is a change in tone which in part had to do with some of the reasons for my absence (see above) but it’s also the way I roll so as ever prepare thyself accordingly 😉 It’s good to be back and I hope you’re all still out there and will embrace these two bickering fools again!





Chapter 23 – Back

Better late than never… At First Sight – Chapter 20!

So my temporary hiatus lasted a little longer than I expected, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick this story up where it left off in the same spirit. Saying that the next chapter is slightly different than what went before it, but I’m pretty sure no one will mind the turn this story is taking. Click on the banner or link below. If you want to refresh a bit first; Chapter 19.

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Chapter 20 – Off