Warm up a little with From Time Immemorial: Chapter 19

Last chapter update on the multi chapter stories till January so enjoy, promise it’ll leave you in a good place. In case you miss my offerings of cookies in the last announcement post, I didn’t link the announcement to Galatea’s Descent properly so here’s the correct link for that just in case. In FTI Eric is prepping for his special moment with Sookie and I’ll fully admit that most of this chapter was inspired by this pic I found while trawling the Google images databank….

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Paul Bettany 2


Chapter 19 – Us

From Time Immemorial: Chapter 18 and the penultimate fixin’…

We’re delving into poor Staci’s mind again but there’s some nice Eric and Sookie interaction too in the latest chapter for From Time Immemorial. I finished writing the epilogue and this is the second to last chapter on that so you will have to get your fix 😉 on that story in future outtakes after these last two chapters I’m afraid. Enjoy in whatever order you like, links to each chapter are at the bottom of the page as per usual.


Chapter 18 – Changes




Thanksgiving Fixin’s outtake #37




From Time Immemorial: Chapter 17 and a new fixin’…

For you cliffhangers the wait is finally over, I promise no Erics were hurt in the making of this chapter can’t say the same for Sookie… Chapter’s here. As is the first part of the epilogue for the Thanksgiving Fixin’s outtake Everything and More. It now has a new banner, which has to be the fluffiest thing I ever made… I mean it’s pink! I’m sure Queen Pam in FTI approves 😉

enjoy in whatever order you like, links to each chapter are at the bottom.


Chapter 17 – Wounds




Thanksgiving Fixin’s outtake #32