First post of the year, last chapter… From Time Immemorial the FINAL Chapter!



Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had wonderful holidays/celebrations/normal everyday life, etc.

So another story comes to an end, no epilogues or the like for this one either. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion to this one! Next week will be reserved for a short story and I’ll get back to AFS and 6MTL later in January.





Chapter 36 – Good Enough

Look no more hanging… From Time Immemorial Chapter 27!

You were all trying very hard not to yell at the end of last chapter… some were more successful than others but since you’ve all been waiting so patiently I’ve shuffled around the order of my postings and the answer to that burning question is in the first few lines… so go on click-a-dee-click already 😉




PS You have until midnight (I assume EST but don’t pin me down on that) for the You Want Blood Awards nominations, again you don’t have to nominate me but your participation helps makes these things a success!


From Time Immemorial 

Chapter 27 – Don’t Speak