So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye… Galatea’s Descent The Final Chapter!

I warned it might be one or two more chapters till the end but after taking in the wonderful msbuffy’s advice I made the decision to keep it as one long chapter, which means the end is here… *sniff*.

Much gratitude as always to msbuffy for her work on this, I really need to think of something better to thank her with than words. I don’t know what’s coming next in this space, work on the upcoming Directory is keeping me busy so I haven’t had much time to work on anything new, most likely I’ll up the frequency on another story that is closest to completion and we’ll see from there.

Enjoy the final chapter!



Chapter 26 – Now

Godric’s got some explaining to do… Galatea’s Descent Chapter 25!

So we’ve been slowly extracting the truth among all the lies and in that Eric and Sookie found something special, now it is just up to Godric to give explanations to his actions…

Enjoy the next chapter!



Chapter 25 – Answers





FIX IT DAMMIT!!! Galatea’s Descent Chapter 24!

Some not so subtle calls to fix things were made in response to the previous chapter and since I did have a whole series dedicated to fixing some wrongs, who was I to refuse in the next chapter of Galatea’s Descent, it’s not called Damage Control for nothing…

There was a bit of confusion last time despite all that was revealed, I just wanted to note that when Sookie mentioned Eric didn’t love her she wasn’t questioning the love part as many assumed but the her part of that equation. Her footing was taken away from her and she no longer understood who she was anymore with all the deception that signified her life, at that point she couldn’t understand what version of her Eric loved and though he is relatively innocent in this he did know longer of her Royal heritage before her and of the Guild but Godric instructed him not to tell her. It ended with a harsh tone on Sookie’s part but don’t think Eric won’t have his say… here it is…




Chapter 24 – Damage Control





Where did I leave you hanging… Galatea’s Descent Chapter 23!

A day later than normal… I blame Valentine’s day, this chapter didn’t really suit that vibe. Since I was spreading the love of this lovely pic on FB yesterday instead, I figure I might as well entertain you all with it here too… So happy delayed Feb 14th….


Right onward and upwards… actually we have to make a little bit of a descent first. Where did I leave you exactly? Oh yes, Russell just walked into the house without an invite toting a juice pack sized Fae child and everyone capable of protecting Sookie was incapacitated in some form… it’ll be interesting, well at least the chapter title informs as much…



Chapter 23 – Pandemonium





I promise this is the last time you have the desire to shoot me… Galatea’s Descent Chapter 22!

So I figure kill you all with kindness… or rather cuteness… since white flags and shirtless men have done little to save me from your wrath so far…


Yes, it’s another action packed chapter on one of my stories that will have you cursing my name by the end, although I have to say I am deeply flattered by those of you who have offered to kill the enraged mob that’s chasing me, even if those motives are only to ensure you get the next chapter…. So without further ado, you have been warned : cliffy ahead!



Chapter 22 – Hold





Galatea’s Descent Chapter 21… time to pick up the pieces!

Since it’s been awhile here’s the previous chapter if you want a refresh, and for those who still have it clear in their mind; we continue on from where that questionable item conjured up in Sookie’s hand (look my banner finally makes sense to you all now!)

… and if I could have your attention for something else, I have a bit of a request. It is hugely flattering to see the number of followers to my blog grow all the time but it would be nice that aside from entertaining you all with my stories that that number can do some good. I came across this campaign on Facebook yesterday and I feel it to be a worthy cause to help out a person with limited mobility expand their world. I don’t know this person, I believe she’s a reader or friend of another writer but please consider a donation large or small 🙂



Chapter 21 – Metal





Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 20 is up!

Next chapter of Galatea’s Descent is ready to read and we’re picking up just after Sookie reveals her secret, I’ll apologise in advance to where I leave it but it’ll give you something to look forward to in the next year… No more fixin’s alas, my offering of a singular chapter feels kind of paltry now but in case you missed it here is the last chapter of the epilogue or if you haven’t started it for whatever reason, it is now complete.



Chapter 20 – Forgive

Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 19 and the next fixin’!

Next chapter of Galatea’s Descent is ready and it is time for the bidding war and it gets heated… I’ll warn there’s a hint of sadness but MsBuffy who edited the chapter thought it was very beautifully done so at least there’s that to make you feel better… it isn’t as dire as it sounds, promise.

There is also a next fixin’, part four in the never ending epilogue… all I can say is poor Spike…. this will be the only regular fixin’ chapter this week because there will  (hopefully) be two special outtakes from that particular verse for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then we’ll get back to the regular programming next week.

Read in whatever order you like, links to each at the bottom of the chapter as usual.




Chapter 19 – One in a Million






Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 18 and the next fixin’!

Next chapter of Galatea’s Descent is ready where we seem to be getting even more entangled in that spun web of deceit than before… There is also a next fixin’ and I have some good news, some bad news and some more good news on that front. So prepare yourself accordingly…

I finally found a title I’m happy with, it’s the final sentence of this chapter. I have explained in the A/N how I got there so I’m keeping the reveal of it there.

So on to the bad news that final sentence is also this particular fixin’s outtake’s last sentence of the last chapter as it has found it’s natural end. I’m usually a little better about anticipating this as I write chapters far ahead but it just felt right and I could probably muddle on endlessly (Willa and Preston anyone?) falling into a trap many fanfics enter where I scramble to find an appropriate end because the plot has died down in favour of mild entertainment as the worst has passed and in that do a disservice to the story as a whole in the process by extending it unnecessarily.

Onto more good news! There will be an extensive epilogue that will span a couple of chapters and perhaps some extra outtakes for things I still had lined up for this but didn’t make it in yet. It’ll be more of the cutesy fluff; like vampires trying to be parents, inane fairies, spaghetti adventures, Spike meeting his namesake, etc. where I don’t feel guilty about a severe lack of actual storyline that’s necessary to string it together because that’s simply capturing a moment in their new lives. So the fixin’s will continue, it’s mostly terminology in the end but it allows me some creative breathing space, now if only my sore throat and sinuses could agree to offer me the same…



Chapter 18 – Pity




Galatea’s Descent: Chapter 17 is ready and the latest fixin’!

Next chapter of Galatea’s Descent is here where we continue from Eric revealing Sookie’s royal status in front of Russell… Last time I said there would be no fixin’ while I was away on my mini-break but I was productive and msbuffy got it back to me in record time so it’s here too 🙂 There’s a link to to each chapter at the bottom of the pages, so read in whatever order you like.



Chapter 17 – Drôle