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“Why is he sitting there?” Niall said pointedly while gesturing at the man sitting idly at the head of the table outside who was picking at his teeth with the carving knife.


“Because he has the best set of biceps. And he cooked the turkey, so he gets to sit at the top.”


“But I’m the prince of Fairy Raelm,” he said with confusion “I’m the eldest here.”


“If you’re gonna keep this up you can sit at the top of the kid’s table,” Sookie warned as she was stirring three different sauces at the same time. Frankly she’d much rather see turkey fryer gone soon too. A pregnant telepath dating was the worst combination she had discovered yet. He was friendly for a while but now his mind was revealing that he was only attracted to the milk that came from her breasts. Thank god they never even so much as kissed.


Then he had offered to cook the turkey for her so she figured his nasty thoughts owed her that much. Besides from the numerous guests that were coming not one of them had offered to help her prepare this elaborate feast because Sookie damn well took care of everybody all the time and no one gave it a single thought that this was all too much for a woman who was about to give birth any moment from now.


“Do they at least get spaghetti,” Niall grumbled.


“No,” Sookie yelled in agitation of her situation. “No more spaghetti for you,”


“I don’t like him,” the fairy prince continued to whine. “And I don’t like him for you.”


“You don’t like anyone for me!”


“I like the Northman,” he said in defiance


“I’m well aware,” she griped as she apologetically rubbed over her belly. It couldn’t be blamed for the troublesome relationship with the Viking father. Niall could, his preference for the ancient vampire had him weaving all sort of spells of which this was his most invasive yet. It was like he was orchestrating a soap opera with his great grandchild. Sookie sighed once more wondering why he couldn’t just be like other people’s elderly relatives and just stalk her on Facebook instead.


“I took the courtesy of inviting him you know,” Niall said off handed.


“You did what?” Sookie returned incensed.


“And that charming Pamela too,” he continued completely ignoring her discontent. “She really knows how to rev my engine.”


“Gah!” Sookie reacted with horror forcing down the bile at the mere thought. “I don’t want to know these things about you.”


“Why not?” the prince shrugged as he continued to search through her cabinets for a pack of spaghetti. He was hoping she had the one in a can, those were his favourite. “Ms de Beaufort says that Dear Abby insists you be truthful with your children about your sex life. It’s all about establishing healthy communication.”


“Please stop,” Sookie exhaled in exasperation. “I’ll do anything you ask.”


“Excellent,” Niall smiled with glee. “You’re going to listen what the Northman has to say and give him a chance to explain.”


“Fine,” she huffed. As if the man had a sixth sense for it the Viking vampire took that moment to announce his arrival at the door.


“Eric,” Sookie greeted icily her gaze hardly meeting his as she wondered why he had shown up in that ridiculous Tokyo drift car.


“Sookie please allow me to explain,” he pleaded.


“Five minutes,” she conceded. “I have a yard full of people out back and an infuriating great grandfather tearing up my kitchen in search of pasta.”


“He likes the ones with dinosaurs,” Eric offered to which she could only scowl. “Right five minutes. Come on I’ll show you.”


She eyed his outstretched hand wearily but remembered her promise to her grandfather. Those darn unbreakable fairy promises still continued to trip her up continually.


“You brought her here?” Sookie whisper yelled as she saw Sarah Newlin’s body with her face planted on the backseat. “What? You thought give her some yard time and I don’t think you’re the most despicable person in the world?”


“Sookie,” he sighed as he ran a tired hand through his hair. He didn’t know it was physically possible but Ms Sparkly Vagina had the unique quality of aging his ancient vampire self. “Will you just let me explain for once?”


“Explain,” she returned testily with her arms crossed, which at her near nine months was an impressive feat.


“Look,” he said dragging down the back of Sarah Newlin’s dress. A small panel popped open showing a whirl of electronics.


“She’s a robot?”


“Did you really think I would allow for such a risk to threaten my existence?” he questioned before placing his hand on the magical life they had created together with Niall’s aid. “Our existence.”


“But… how?”


“When we inherited the Yakanoma Corporation it turned out they had a huge artificial intelligence branch,” he explained. “Pam wanted to pimp her out to the more perverse of our kind but I had a better idea.”


“Which was?” Sookie demanded.


“Fill those veins with New Blood and sell it at an inflated price from the ‘cure’ herself,” he shrugged. “We have a bot in every franchise of Fangtasia offering an instant cure.”


“So you’re just robbing people blind? Selling them a fake cure.”


“No,” Eric sighed. “It was simply impossible to cure all vampires with Sarah Newlin’s blood. Do you know how expensive it was to synthesise this product. We’re selling it at a severe loss so everyone does get a chance to be cured. The idiots who pay a $100,000 a pull to drink from the lovely ‘Sarah’ make sure the balance stays out of the red. The concentration of the cure is higher but that is the only difference.”


“So you’re like Robin Hood?”


“Yes,” he smirked. “Except I look better in tights.”


“That you do,” she admitted. “Why didn’t you explain this to me before?”


“I’ve been calling you for weeks, knocking on your door every night.”


“No you haven’t,” Sookie denied. That had been the worst part of it all; that he didn’t even bother to come up with an excuse or explanation before. That he simply abandoned her and the baby without a word. Now he was lying about it too.


“Yes. I have.”


They both looked at each other and a matching thought dawned on them at the same time. “Niall!”


“Yes,” the fairy prince replied happily with a cold opened can and spoon in either hand as he continued to chow down on his favourite human food.


“You’ve been meddling again!” Sookie admonished. “I don’t care if you’re prince of whatever f-ing realm but you do not get to stoke fires between me and Eric!”


“You two were becoming so boring,” he shrugged. “All lovey dovey. I needed some sort of entertainment.”


“I swear to God pregnant or not I’m going to beat your primordial ass!”


“It was Pamela’s idea,” he suddenly confessed fearing the wrath of his great granddaughter. Granted it was highly entertaining when directed at the Viking but it was a different thing to be at the end of it.


“Pamela,” Eric growled out at the progeny hiding behind the royal fairy.




“Not now,” Eric said testily.


“Shit Eric,” Sookie exclaimed. “My water broke.”


“Shit. Indeed,” Pam drawled out scenting the air.


“Eric I’m scared,” Sookie whimpered. Her anger of moments before instantly gone as he held her carefully in his loving embrace.


“Shh,” he soothed. “It’ll all be okay I’m here now.”


“I’m so sorry for everythin’ Eric,” she sobbed.


“Not our fault my love.”


“I know,” she sighed before she found the comfort in his eyes and smiled brightly. “Hey, we’re gonna have a baby.”


“I know,” he beamed back at her before planting a soft kiss to her forehead.


“Eric promise me something.”




“When we bring the baby home you’ll find Niall and Pam a new show. They’ve been insufferable since that show ended.”


“Character assassination!” Pam huffed, her ire with the unsatisfying season ending still grating on her. Niall bobbed his head along with equal conviction.


“And bring us back some of that dinosaur spaghetti,” the fairy prince added to the list of requests when his spoon came up empty from the can. “Oh and a pair of Labradors size 39.”


“Louboutins,” Pam hissed from behind.


“What she said,” Niall shrugged at the glowering pair.


“Can we just replace those two with some bots instead?” Sookie pleaded to Eric.


“Happy to oblige,” the Viking replied with a murderous glance directed their way.



Chapter 10 – Bloodlines

From Time Immemorial: Chapter 9 is ready!

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Chapter 9 – Ferocity



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Chapter 8- Humlebi



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Chapter 6 – Control

From Time Immemorial: Chapter 5 is ready!

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Chapter 5 – Pity Party

(aka Life in the Dreamhouse)

From Time Immemorial: Chapter 2 is up!

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Chapter 2 – Home

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