Gifts, Birthdays, Beehl, NEW One-shots, plural, and not necessarily in that order… *BLOG EXCLUSIVE*


A Merry Christmas from Beehl, Pheel, and I! And for those of you who remember it’s Beehl’s birthday! Or there abouts since his origin story, the Ms/Mr Series, was posted Christmas time last year. I couldn’t be more flattered that both California Kat and kjwrit have moved Beehl and his constipated woes in fiction beyond my own since they were both lovely enough (and far too generous!) by writing me a gift for the work I did on the Fangbangers Anonymous Christmas Advent Calendar. Find California Kat’s gift story for me here and you can find kjwrit’s here. They’re both massively entertaining and hilarious and since I wasn’t aware that I was receiving two gifts when kjwrit’s was posted I am now unable to choose a favourite, probably a good thing 😀


In case you haven’t seen it yet I wrote a teeny tiny little one-shot for the Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar to thank kjwrit for the generous gifts she offered so many of the contributors of the blog. I’ll post it sometime on here soon but in the meantime find it here.


Sorry I’m terribly long winded today, so here’s the last bit that leads up to another new one-shot (exclusively on the blog because I’m feeling lazy). While discussing the gift to give estrella75 with justwanderingneverlost my muse got to pestering, a comment she once left on one of my stories always promised an interesting angle for a story of its own and I hope jwnl will forgive me for musing on a similar theme since musey bitch wouldn’t let me be till it got written. It’s a little different, I consider it more of a writing exercise than anything else, much like Lead to Love, the Ms/Mr Series and the upcoming short in January was/are. Strangely enough I like it despite it containing elements I’d otherwise avoid like the plague. Anyhow it’s rare that I like something of my own writing so that could mean nobody else does, but I do hope estrella75 likes it since it’s her birthday which makes it the perfect excuse to gift it to her and not get angry little stares from all the other contributors over at FA blog. So without further ado…




Something about Us


When the end isn’t the end, a story about the ones you leave behind. Slightly sappy and sentimental but it’s Christmas so I’m allowing for it just the once. (Despite mentions of Christmas, not holiday themed)

Inspired by a comment by estrella75 and since it’s her birthday today it feels even more appropriate to gift to her – E/S – AU

Oh and estrella75 if you hate it, then there’s always this:



New one shot: Merry Christmas Mr Northman


This little ditty emerged when I was supposed to be working on the Thanksgiving Fixin’s: Everything and More Family Christmas outtake which will be up later this week and the muse wouldn’t leave me alone.


Technically it takes place just before Christmas so I guess I’m safe in releasing it earlier, and yes it takes place around Christmas but it’s not a cliche Christmas tale (at least I hope)… and yes it’s all human so to you predisposed discriminators of the genre I plead with you to give it a shot because I’m completely enamored with this little tale and apparently I’m allowed to be boastful about my own work around Christmas… or something… just go with it 😀


MsBuffy was kind enough to edit once more and her comment that this little story was reminiscent of an Old Hollywood movie inspired the banner… and we both agreed that this is the possibly the best incarnation of Bill… ever… it’s worth reading just for that 😉






Merry Christmas Mr Northman


By all appearances the boss from hell, Eric Northman, has been making Sookie Stackhouse’s job a trying journey. A last minute task moments before the office Christmas party suddenly makes every single thing spoken and asked of her by the enigmatic Mr Northman stand in a completely different light…. 



Double trouble fixin’s…

A new fixin‘ and a little something extra today! I promised another fixin‘ this weekend without a multi chapter update but then I was awoken to penis warmers in the morning… Yes I fully blame Meridian for this and her micro crack fic Pam’s Gift, where in the comments section a loose part two was born… except my verbosity of course could not be contained despite the early hour of the morning and I ended up with a one shot called Coldfinger.

By now you know I have it bad when even drunken graphics muse gets on board stone cold sober… thankfully we don’t need penis warmers to keep us warm… and just because I felt like it Pam and Niall are an item in Coldfinger too, seeing how popular they are together in the fixin’s outtake. In case you’re not reading that you’re not missing out on any information in the one shot, all you need to know is that they’re together and it works…



and here’s the little bugger that started this all…

images (2)

Fixin’s 26-28 are part of a series that started with fixin’ #14


Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake 26

Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake 27

Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake 28 (NEW)

Here’s what else got updated this week:

Chapter 17 – Drôle

Chapter 17 -We