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So for those of you following Fangbangers Anonymous: the TB/SVM Writers Directory may have already seen the little diddle I’ve been posting but for those of you who haven’t, I wrote something despite claiming I no longer would as part of the annual Advent Calendar. Go check that out here because reblogging something on WordPress seems to result in nothing and be sure to read the other lovely bits and stories that make up the calendar!


Apologies if this has now shown up twice in your inbox.

Gifts, Birthdays, Beehl, NEW One-shots, plural, and not necessarily in that order… *BLOG EXCLUSIVE*


A Merry Christmas from Beehl, Pheel, and I! And for those of you who remember it’s Beehl’s birthday! Or there abouts since his origin story, the Ms/Mr Series, was posted Christmas time last year. I couldn’t be more flattered that both California Kat and kjwrit have moved Beehl and his constipated woes in fiction beyond my own since they were both lovely enough (and far too generous!) by writing me a gift for the work I did on the Fangbangers Anonymous Christmas Advent Calendar. Find California Kat’s gift story for me here and you can find kjwrit’s here. They’re both massively entertaining and hilarious and since I wasn’t aware that I was receiving two gifts when kjwrit’s was posted I am now unable to choose a favourite, probably a good thing 😀


In case you haven’t seen it yet I wrote a teeny tiny little one-shot for the Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar to thank kjwrit for the generous gifts she offered so many of the contributors of the blog. I’ll post it sometime on here soon but in the meantime find it here.


Sorry I’m terribly long winded today, so here’s the last bit that leads up to another new one-shot (exclusively on the blog because I’m feeling lazy). While discussing the gift to give estrella75 with justwanderingneverlost my muse got to pestering, a comment she once left on one of my stories always promised an interesting angle for a story of its own and I hope jwnl will forgive me for musing on a similar theme since musey bitch wouldn’t let me be till it got written. It’s a little different, I consider it more of a writing exercise than anything else, much like Lead to Love, the Ms/Mr Series and the upcoming short in January was/are. Strangely enough I like it despite it containing elements I’d otherwise avoid like the plague. Anyhow it’s rare that I like something of my own writing so that could mean nobody else does, but I do hope estrella75 likes it since it’s her birthday which makes it the perfect excuse to gift it to her and not get angry little stares from all the other contributors over at FA blog. So without further ado…




Something about Us


When the end isn’t the end, a story about the ones you leave behind. Slightly sappy and sentimental but it’s Christmas so I’m allowing for it just the once. (Despite mentions of Christmas, not holiday themed)

Inspired by a comment by estrella75 and since it’s her birthday today it feels even more appropriate to gift to her – E/S – AU

Oh and estrella75 if you hate it, then there’s always this:



Beehl might shit himself… or sheeht… FANATIC FANFIC MULTIFANDOM AWARDS ROUND TWO!

I should really change that to ‘We voted for Beehl’ now…

You crazy people just seem to love encouraging Beehl… you realise he might shit himself and I’ll be left cleaning up that mess! So yes, in droves you apparently went out and voted for Beehl for the Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awards… oh and some other stuff too by me and some other great TB/SVM writers… and my not so secret wishes of Meridian’s awesome fic The Revealing of Andre placing for the Favourite Risque Fanfic came true too, so a dedicated Beehl the Constipated Cat cartoon on Andre will follow soon!

Yes, I’m aware this is highly disturbing…

So here’s the annoying part, we’re going to ask you to vote again (what again! Yes, again! Do you really want the sparkly vampires to win? Or even worse ones that attend a school… ahem… academy?) there’s two rounds in this set of awards and you can now vote for the second round (I seriously hope that’s the last one too). You have until the 22nd of June to get your votes in.

“YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE, so make that vote count and help us spread the word around.


Like before, list below with just the TB/SVM nominees for this second round to help you along when voting and the perfect lazy opportunity for the other nominees to reblog ;). Congrats to KittyInaz, California Kat, Meridian, Queen of Area V, Gyllene, ElfChef, Morrgy, Chicpea, Sephrenia, and 4padfoot!


(Again if I accidentally missed someone let me know, if you want links to the nominated stories check this post)


All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic

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Eric said something about fucking… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 29!

Yes it’s been awhile for this story… distractions and vacations are to blame so if you want to catch up with the preceding chapter first click here, otherwise the title above pretty much tells you where we last left off… oh and scroll on down for info regarding the New Blood Awards if you please (I made you all a list and everything)…




Chapter 29 – Simple




In case you missed my hilarity yesterday over nominations of Beehl the Constipated Cat and the complete list of the SVM/TB nominations for the Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards find it here and remember to vote from the 31st of May till the 14th of June 2015. I don’t care if you vote for me or not but I just don’t want to see any sparkly or school going vamps run off with the prizes!




Then for the New Blood Awards, a branch off from the You Want Blood Awards that focuses on young talent and since I qualify for the under two years of writing criteria feel free to consider me. It’s time to put in your nominations there and since I know from experience how tiring it is to fill out those nomination forms I posted a list of eligible stories below from the spreadsheet I made at KittyInaz’s request for her database. You don’t have to nominate or vote for me but if you do have the inclination I figured I’d make it as easy as possible for you all to simply copy paste from below.


I admit I had a hard time coming up with possible nominations for myself and other writers, wondering if my own Sookies were ‘saucy’ enough, Galatea’s Descent Sookie sort of is, until I realised that was just the name of the award. So I guess you can vote for the Best Eric and Best Sookie for any stories, you just have to consider them the best ;).


The villains are tougher with me, I don’t paint everyone that black and white all the time and in some stories the enemies have yet to reveal themselves, Niccolò and in BOTV probably comes closest but I have also been told 6MTL’s Russell nearly required one of my readers to seek out intensive therapy with his twistedness when I think he’s a rather friendly fellow so I guess it’s all down to interpretation. Oh, I nearly forgot Beehl and his constipated woes! He’s definitely a villain in the Ms/Mr Series where he originated from… I mean scratching up Eric and pissing on Sookie’s bed is definitely evil…


Anyhow you have till June 12th to submit your nominations. Please note, you can fill out the nomination form more than once, just start with a new one for a new category and/or story so you’re free to nominate as many writers and stories as you’d like in the same category, for further clarification click here. To make Robin’s (4padfoot) life easier add the name of the Villain of your choosing in the “Nominated Author and Story Title” field so she doesn’t have to read every story to figure it out.



Multi Chapter -COMPLETE-
Hisviks Galatea’s Descent https://hisviks.wordpress.com/galateas-descent-2/
Hisviks It’s Already Gone https://hisviks.wordpress.com/its-already-gone/
Multi Chapter -WIP-
Hisviks 6 Months to Live https://hisviks.wordpress.com/6-months-to-live/
Hisviks Bonfire of the Vanities https://hisviks.wordpress.com/bonfire-of-the-vanities/
Hisviks From Time Immemorial https://hisviks.wordpress.com/in-memorium-series/from-time-immemorial/
Hisviks  Ms/Mr Series: Merry Christmas Mr. Northman/ Happy New Year Ms. Stackhouse https://hisviks.wordpress.com/msmr-series/
Hisviks Thanksgiving Fixin’s Series:  Thanksgiving Fixin’s 1-13 https://hisviks.wordpress.com/one-shots/thanksgiving-fixins-2/
Hisviks TF Everything and More: Thanksgiving Fixin’s 14-38 https://hisviks.wordpress.com/one-shots/thanksgiving-fixin-outtakes/
Hisviks Coldfinger https://hisviks.wordpress.com/one-shots/coldfinger/
Hisviks Hinterland Shades https://hisviks.wordpress.com/hinterland-shades/
Hisviks In Memoriam https://hisviks.wordpress.com/in-memorium-series/in-memorium/
Hisviks Intervention https://hisviks.wordpress.com/one-shots/intervention/
Hisviks Memento Mori https://hisviks.wordpress.com/in-memorium-series/memento-mori/
Hisviks The Challenge https://hisviks.wordpress.com/one-shots/the-challenge/
Hisviks The Doctor is in https://hisviks.wordpress.com/one-shots/the-doctor-is-in/
Hisviks Beehl the Constipated Cat https://hisviks.wordpress.com/beehl-the-constipated-cat/


I am breaking my vow of silence (also known as I’m on vacation people) but word reached me through mysterious ways that I’ve been nominated in several categories for the Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awardsand then I looked… you guys nominated Beehl! I don’t even know how that’s allowed hence the dying of laughter and Beehl might actually shit himself because of it… and is it wrong of me that I really, and I mean REALLY, want Meridian’s awesome fic The Revealing of Andre to beat out the Fifty Shades hussies in the Favorite Risque Fanfic category courtesy of the Master Torturer? (I mean seriously people make this happen! I’ll vow to make a special Beehl the Constipated Cat just for the occasion!).

So I’m truly humbled by the nominations, when I pointed people that way I really meant it for some other writers who may have gotten overlooked in the award frenzy to get a second chance, not for my own shameless ass fanning… but you were kind enough to do so anyhow and on some stories that are dear to my heart that I didn’t expect to find there.

Enough about me, I hate long lists and I assume you guys do to (and the list of nominations over there is epically long causing me to miss half my noms in the process) and an annoying travel laptop plus annoyed hisviks = a list that makes sense without all those other fandom fics. Fellow nominated writers who want to get your readers out to vote (May 31st – June 14th) feel free to copy, paste, and adjust the list below for your own purposes (just remember to remove the shameless plugging little asterisks next to my name). Excuse the formatting, me and the travel laptop are not getting along… As far as I can tell these are the noms writing/aiding our fandom, but I am unfortunately not an all knowing being, if I accidentally deleted someone or a story that should be there leave a comment and I’ll stick it back in.

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