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So for those of you following Fangbangers Anonymous: the TB/SVM Writers Directory may have already seen the little diddle I’ve been posting but for those of you who haven’t, I wrote something despite claiming I no longer would as part of the annual Advent Calendar. Go check that out here because reblogging something on WordPress seems to result in nothing and be sure to read the other lovely bits and stories that make up the calendar!


Apologies if this has now shown up twice in your inbox.

Gifts, Birthdays, Beehl, NEW One-shots, plural, and not necessarily in that order… *BLOG EXCLUSIVE*


A Merry Christmas from Beehl, Pheel, and I! And for those of you who remember it’s Beehl’s birthday! Or there abouts since his origin story, the Ms/Mr Series, was posted Christmas time last year. I couldn’t be more flattered that both California Kat and kjwrit have moved Beehl and his constipated woes in fiction beyond my own since they were both lovely enough (and far too generous!) by writing me a gift for the work I did on the Fangbangers Anonymous Christmas Advent Calendar. Find California Kat’s gift story for me here and you can find kjwrit’s here. They’re both massively entertaining and hilarious and since I wasn’t aware that I was receiving two gifts when kjwrit’s was posted I am now unable to choose a favourite, probably a good thing 😀


In case you haven’t seen it yet I wrote a teeny tiny little one-shot for the Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar to thank kjwrit for the generous gifts she offered so many of the contributors of the blog. I’ll post it sometime on here soon but in the meantime find it here.


Sorry I’m terribly long winded today, so here’s the last bit that leads up to another new one-shot (exclusively on the blog because I’m feeling lazy). While discussing the gift to give estrella75 with justwanderingneverlost my muse got to pestering, a comment she once left on one of my stories always promised an interesting angle for a story of its own and I hope jwnl will forgive me for musing on a similar theme since musey bitch wouldn’t let me be till it got written. It’s a little different, I consider it more of a writing exercise than anything else, much like Lead to Love, the Ms/Mr Series and the upcoming short in January was/are. Strangely enough I like it despite it containing elements I’d otherwise avoid like the plague. Anyhow it’s rare that I like something of my own writing so that could mean nobody else does, but I do hope estrella75 likes it since it’s her birthday which makes it the perfect excuse to gift it to her and not get angry little stares from all the other contributors over at FA blog. So without further ado…




Something about Us


When the end isn’t the end, a story about the ones you leave behind. Slightly sappy and sentimental but it’s Christmas so I’m allowing for it just the once. (Despite mentions of Christmas, not holiday themed)

Inspired by a comment by estrella75 and since it’s her birthday today it feels even more appropriate to gift to her – E/S – AU

Oh and estrella75 if you hate it, then there’s always this:



We’re being social: TB/SVM Directory Notifications Pre-Launch!!!

The future SVM/TB Directory: Fangbangers Anonymous is now on twitter and facebook and here’s why:

There’s one major drawback with WordPress and it’s this: it can for absolutely no discernible reason stop sending followers of a blog notifications of updates through email and/or the WP reader for an unknown period of time. Usually clicking unfollow and following again helps alleviate the problem or simply waiting it out while WP restores itself but you may not be aware you’re missing notifications in the meantime.

I have been hearing a lot of noises of complaints lately that this is happening again and since this was already a known grievance I have been experimenting with a workaround solution for the new TB/SVM Directory site so that we can provide notifications without arbitrary interruption. Launch of that solution was scheduled to coincide with the actual site but since it appears so difficult to get all your story updates in a dedicated place now, it was decided to release this feature early. Please note that because of this it should be treated as a beta version (test phase) since it’s an automated system.

Here’s how it works: the RSS feeds from all the different blogs dedicated to TB/SVM Fanfic writing are automatically published on a twitter feed within 30 minutes of a writer posting a notification (we are using the service twitterfeed for those of you who would like to set up a custom version of this for themselves, just add ‘/feed/’ at the end of the WP blog address as the RSS source link). 


The twitter feed is then automatically published to a dedicated facebook page. Either of those pages can be viewed by anyone without a need to be subscribed to either social network, however, to follow it and be updated you will need an account with either one.


For those of you simply wanting to use it as a back up tool just bookmark either page and use it accordingly. However, we will be using both these social media platforms to incidentally keep you updated on all things ongoing with the new site so be sure to follow at the links provided below!

https://twitter.com/fangbanganon (@FangbangAnon)


Small note for the writers: twitter only displays the first few lines of your announcement on the feed (the title and part of the first sentence, a full link with image is provided in a preview) so when posting take that into consideration. All tweets of your specific RSS feed are prefixed with your username but mentioning the story you are updating in the title helps communicate the content of your announcement post best.

Reblogging of this post is welcomed, despite how annoying it might be (apologies once more, I’m well aware my username pretty much equals spam by now…) but considering that it appears not everyone is receiving their updates as they should this would be most useful.





A little update on the TB/SVM Directory: We’ve been steadily working on getting the Directory up and running and it’s nearing completion. I’ve been truly humbled by the excitement and anticipation for this project and many of you have indicated you’d like to help out in some way so I’m putting those commitments to the test and putting out this notice for the jobs up for grabs. If any of this sounds interesting please leave a comment below or contact me through the facebook PM sytem.


Writers first: we have attempted to contact all of you that we are aware are active on WordPress, for a last few we’re still trying to find a way to reach you. Before posting this an email was sent out to all writers that we have taken to understand had committed to this. To avoid confusion check your spam/junk/trash in case you didn’t get an email from me (hisviks). If you’ve received no email please contact me (leave a comment on the blog or PM me on FB) I can then put you on the list as a confirmed participant so that we know you want to be listed and will have access to your own profile page in the directory or feel free to reach out if you have questions about the venture and/or are unsure about participation.


Testers wanted: We’re making this site for the readers and it has to work for you so we’d love a couple of you (and especially those that struggle with all things internet and technology) to give feedback in our test phase, it’ll be answering some specific questions, asking input for discussion and such to make sure the site works at its best and makes sense to you and is easy to use. When leaving a comment below indicating your interest in this please specify the type(s) of operating systems (windows, mac, ubuntu, iphone, android, windows phone, android tablet, windows tablet, ipad, etc.) you would be able to test drive the site on.


In the long term we’re looking for content contributors, I’d love for the notifications/blog side of this site to feel like a curated magazine rather than something simply regurgitating updates. So we’re looking for specific genre readers for example; angst babies, the all human crowd, fantasy, one-shot wonders, the angst-a-holics, adorers of all things Godric and apparently highly controversial these days… smut lovers! Or any other specific flavour which you feel warrants representation, our fandom has many and we’d like to see them all represented equally. Think of it like the video store employee recommends type deal for those of you who can still remember such establishments… It doesn’t matter that you’re not a writer (but if you are feel free to apply too), we’re specifically looking for readers to fulfill these spots. If you can leave a coherent review you can do this and we can always polish it up if necessary, it’s more about championing stories than anything else and sending the right people in the right direction.


So if you feel you’re up for any of these jobs leave a reply below and specify a particular genre/flavour/whatever you feel you could represent and/or operating systems you could test the site on. If there are more applicants than we can handle we’ll have to pick and choose but I doubt it’ll come to that. These contributor spots you’ll be applying for is what will keep the site current and easy to use and where the readers really make the difference, it’s word of mouth after all that generates the most traffic for beloved stories. Haven’t figured out a specific genre yet but would still like to be part of this? That’s also fine we’re hoping to get as many people filled up in different spots so it doesn’t all hinge on the effort of one person. The more the merrier 🙂


Don’t be scared dear readers that someone might approach you directly for jobs like these, we have a couple of you in mind that would fit with some ideas if you’re willing and you are under no obligation to participate, it’s up to you and the time you have available. However, if you get to us first it’ll save us a bit of hassle 😉


Now for some advanced apologies to those that follow several blogs… please reblog this if you can so it reaches to the widest audience possible… and I really am sorry for those that keep seeing the same message pop up in their inbox or WP reader… you know what? Maybe it’s a sign that you should apply for one of the help wanted positions or just a reminder of how annoying a reblog is…. you know, either/or…

What are we five? Get your asses in here… From Time Immemorial: Chapter 21!


Right I’m not going to bother discussing this clique business because I have a big question mark hanging over my head what is the cause of all this like everybody else, maybe I’m the cause of it who knows (let me know if I am because I don’t make a hobby of unintentionally hurting people’s feelings)… let’s just try to move past this and look forward to something positive and cherish what great variation we have in our little fandom.

Saying that if you want in on the clique of the century feel free to join in on the new SVM/TB directory site venture, everyone is welcome!!! People have been extremely responsive, encouraging and excited by this idea. I have a long list of writers who have given their commitment to it already and reblogged the cause or I have simply taken your ‘like’ as an agreement. So there are still some to go and let’s be realistic not everyone is going to want to join and that’s perfectly fine but if you haven’t expressed your commitment yet or I have not identified you properly on Facebook with a reply let me know you’re on board so I have a way to contact you. Want to wait it out till it’s actually there, also perfectly fine. Sakshi and I have decided to give the go ahead with the test phase with the number of responses received so far. In the meantime I’ll be branching out and assembling a team of willing volunteers, an update on that will follow soon.


Yes there’s more to this than mindless rambling… the next chapter of From Time Immemorial is up I believe I left you all dangling from a nasty little cliff, so this time you’ll find out what actually happened that made Godric see red….



From Time Immemorial Chapter 21 – Royalty