This is me being sporadic… New One-Shot!

I indicated updates would be sporadic on yesterday’s 6MTL update which in my world apparently means a post a day… yeah that’ll last exactly one day…

So I hinted I may or may not have taken part in Area 5 Bloody Pen’s Historical Contest and here it is… Congrats to California Kat on her win, I’ve been told it was a tough choice to pick one between all the amazing entries that came in. I’ve yet to find the time to read them all but I hope to get on that soon… soon-ish… Anyhow without further ado here’s my entry for those of you have yet to read it/or want to reread it.

the challenge

The Challenge

Entry for the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fanfiction contest: in the age of Ancient Greece the chosen tributes battle it out for glory, honour and their lives against the mythical Minotaur and each other. Left to her own devices a prim and proper Faery Princess forges an unlikely alliance with an unusual vampire, things will never be the same…

E/S – AU – One-shot