DAY 22: A Gift for ciasteczko from ???

Let’s see if I can still remember how to reblog something…

You know I really did mean it when I said I’d stopped writing but it appears in an emergency the hands are still willing to type 😀 Enjoy it while it lasts!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


So we’re going to need a little disclaimer here and ruining the surprise element somewhat. As lovely and helpful some writers may be inevitably it happens that despite committing to something they can’t deliver. Given the late notice, there were little other possibilities to arrange for an alternate writer so it fell to me, hisviks, to write something in its place to avoid someone going without a gift. So despite having announced my retirement from writing a few months back I felt it important enough to contribute (even with the possibility of misgivings about utilising the platform here for my own works unfairly) because ciasteczko is probably our most prolific contributors with the story locator queries and I didn’t want to see her go without. She regularly checks in on her own accord and having sourced the missing story often far quicker than we’ve even managed to look at the query. She’s an…

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Voting Is Open for 24 hours!!

Get voting everybody… and you know Tuesday is my birthday… 😉

You Want Blood Awards



In response to yesterday’s announcement, a large crowd of writers, readers, and stalkers has gathered at the door. Soon they are led down a long, dark hallway to eventually arrive at a single door guarded by a face familiar to many, if not all.



“Freakity frack fuck….that is Alcide….I want…” MistressJessica could not stop the words from tumbling out as she eyed the male guarding the door as though she didn’t know if she wanted to tackle the man or the door first.

“Hold her back,” Magsdonald whispered to the ones around them. They all quietly chuckled in response.

“Welcome back, everyone! I am glad that you guys were able to find time in your schedules to come back and vote to help keep the fandom on strong footing as we all move forward,” Alcide said, his deep voice cut across the gathering.  “We are to wait…

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Fangbangers Anonymous : The TB/SVM Writers Directory is here!

It’s finally here!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you waiting for go look!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


we are now open for business!!!
Back in January a comment in a Facebook group sparked an idea to set up a “hub” for fanfiction readers to find their favorite writers with greater ease. Several people volunteered their time to work on this project and the results have now come to fruition.
The support from the TB/SVM community has been overwhelming; readers volunteering to write reviews, beta’s working to proof the content, artists assisting with graphics and writers taking the time to set up their personal profile pages and write special features for the site. be sure to keep a look out for special one-shots by some of your favourite writers written especially for the launch today.

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I’m on a Fixin’ roll… .pdf and .epub pressies!

See I fixed E/S in Galatea’s Descent but I’ve been fixing up something else in the background too. It only took me a few months but I got it done with the wonderful help of msbuffy’s editing skills so now all chapters of Everything and More and the outtakes (originally all part of the Thanksgiving Fixin’s series) are neatly bundled in .epubs and .pdfs.

I kind of forgot how outlandish and hysterical it all was with Niall and his firehose that put Eric to shame, the spaghetti, the amount of faerie babies, etc. etc. Anyhow it was fun while it lasted maybe I’ll write another outtake sometime… it sure beat the outcome of season seven as it was 😉

Follow the link below to get your own copies and if you’re new to the story I do actually like to hear your thoughts about it even long after it’s finished 🙂

completed works for download

PS. Like I mentioned in the A/N for GD because I’ve been busy working on the Directory site and regular old work I was late in getting my chapters with msbuffy so I’ll post them when I get them…




Attention WP writers, betas (and readers/enthusiasts). After much discussion on the state of our beloved TB/SVM fandom and some hints from readers here or there we feel there could be a better way to direct traffic away from ff. net, which with its creeps on PM, hateful guest reviews and random bigotry has left us all disenchanted and on occasion has stalled the motivation to write. We feel there should be one site that allows an easy overview of what the different WP writers have to offer as a better alternative to the dreaded ff. net and hopefully invigorate our slightly waning fandom. At the moment a lot of writers have a blog roll on their own page that will direct you to the different blogs, initiate spotlights or make recommendations but despite that for most readers transitioning from ff. net to WP it’s a difficult place to navigate and a lot of great writers are simply lost in the maze.

So I proposed there could be a single WP site that would act as a directory for all that’s available in our fandom (perhaps branch out to others in the future with sister sites) where each WP writer would be an author/contributor to the blog and they could maintain their own dedicated Writer’s Page that would be similar to the FF. net profile page that in turn would link to the stories on your own blog. It’s simply a service for the readers to better navigate the WP landscape and make it more appealing. I’ve had countless comments on FF. net the past few months that express how happy they are that I am to still writing because to a lot of those readers it feels like stories and writers are simply disappearing when they have simply moved on to a mostly exclusive WP existence for understandable reasons.

There could be other features but they are not required, for example there are a lot of smaller blogs that do reviews, recommendations, etc. If these bloggers would be willing to contribute posting content too, that would be great. They could in turn spotlight new authors who move over to WP, alert on new and finished stories, competitions and awards, etc. in one place rather than many.

So you’re a writer and you’re already thinking that’s a shit ton of work right, I’m busy enough as it is… This is what we would ask of you: setting up the initial Writer’s Page, there would be some template that gives a brief description and a choice of tags that would describe your blog content, basically communicating the type of writing you do. Then it’s simply a question of copy and pasting story descriptions with the banners if you wish and linking it all back to your site. You could just leave it as a description and a link to your site only if you prefer. Then it’s simply a matter of updating whenever you add a new story to your site if you go with a more elaborate profile. Last we ask you link back to the site so that anyone visiting your site can find the directory if they’re unaware of it.

Betas, we’d love to stick you in a directory too albeit in a pared down version of the Writer Pages and have a single page with all of you in one place, so feel free to respond to this too.

This will only work if people are all on board and willing to contribute but it would make a great hub for the SVM/TB fandom as a large fraction doesn’t participate in all the different Facebook groups or on Facebook at all. Please respond whether you’d be willing to join in on this venture or even to say you think it’s a horrible idea, at this moment we’re simply taking inventory of what is feasible and whether there is enough interest.

PLEASE reblog this even though that is extremely annoying for all the readers who follow several blogs (I deeply apologise for the inconvenience) but we’d like this to get around as far as possible so everyone can be on board.

Merry Christmas from the Northmans….



Well not really the Northmans but if Eric shows up and demands my tree he can have it… Part I of the three part Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More outtake for Christmas is up with the giant brood of kiddies, who are adorable… frighteningly so… as is Pam… without the adorable part… If you haven’t read this story yet start here, it’s a quick and easy read and makes you feel all the better about the series ending with a lot of laughs in between… For those of you up to date click the banner or link below… Part II and Part III will be posted on the 25th and the 26th.






A Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More Outtake: Christmas Northman style. The giant family decides to visit Eric’s birth grounds for the holidays. Hijinks ensue.

E/S – P/N – Post Fangsgiwin’

Part I – Sveeden



Now It’s Getting Stupid

Unfortunately another case of plagiarism, please go help her out taking the story down.


Hi Everyone,

Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m just pissing in your ear about the same thing over and over, but I once again need your help.  ANOTHER author on fafiction,net has stolen massive amounts of my stuff (from multiple stories this time) and put them in her Eric/Tara story.  It’s called Element of Blood by Carmel Muse, and from about Chapter 8 onwards, it’s just one huge ripoff.

Check it here.

A reader clued me into this woman on another fan site and I had them take it down, but she was writing under a different name and a different title.  I told her to take it down, which she didn’t, so the administrator did it for me.  I’ve written to her again on FFN to take it down, but it would be great if anyone who feels like it would go PM or review her and let…

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Support the OTW!


Hi Everyone,

This isn’t a post about a story.  It’s not really an update to my plagiarism throwdown either.

But it’s something really important that affects all of us in the fan fiction community.  When this whole thing went down with my work being stolen, I was totally adrift.  Everyone had an opinion about my rights and what I was able to do or not do, and I can tell you right now that 95% of those people–though well-intentioned–were way off base.

It really frightened me that, as creators, none of us seemed to know how to protect ourselves, should someone come along, read our stories, like what they see, and simply take it, tweak, slap it between two covers and sell it for their own gain.  Lots of people voiced that I’m not a real author since I’m “infringing” on the AB and CH copyrights.  Several said that, sure…

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So… Here is my two cents

Seeing that I’m bored and feel like doing something useful I’m going to use the comment feature on Amazon reviews of AA’s ‘books’ advising people who bought these to demand their money back and give it to charity or something. However there are a shit ton of reviews so if anyone is feeling bored I suggest you do the same. [Edited: don’t bother it just gets removed]


I left the following review on Amazon on the Thief known as Alexandra Anthony’s Fated.  I wonder how long until it is gone………..

Stealing another’s work is wrong.  There are even laws against it amazingly enough.  to be frank, how would you like to build a house from the ground up, spilling your blood into the dirt, your tears into the foundation and so forth.  Only when it is done, you are ready to move in and then someone pushes you out of the way saying it was sold to you by someone you didn’t even know?  Pissed wouldn’t you be?  Going to get your rights and showing you own something.  Wanting if nothing else the profit someone made on your stuff??

So how is someone’s time and sweat, sleepness nights and the burning of your eyes as you type your story up.  The time you poured into making a…

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