Plagiarism for Profit

It sickens me to read these stories of plagiarism when it’s a thirteen year old lifting ideas and dialogue but this person has really taken it to another level. So please help get the word out that this is unacceptable. Pretty Kitty is one of the best TB fanfics out there and to see it be desecrated into such a poorly rewritten ‘original work’ to seek monetary gain galls me beyond belief.


To my dearest virtual friends…

I’m so angry right now that I can barely write. Two weeks ago, a reader informed me that an author over in Vampire Diaries had lifted some of my work from Pretty Kitty and rewritten it into their own (horrible) story. I messaged and confronted them, and the work was promptly taken down.

It got me thinking…how often is my work plagiarized? So I Googled a few lines of my stuff, just to see what would come up… and I found something that made me sick.

Someone named Alexandra Anthony is SELLING my work in her own books called The Vampire Destiny series. You can buy them on Amazon and B&N, for fuck’s sake. I’ve written to the author directly through Facebook and told her to delete my work from her stuff before I contact Amazon and B&N, but honestly, the stuff is already out…

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A Few Goodies!

Some people say the nicest things about my work. Thank you for the love LaLa!

What LaLa is Reading

Hey! I have a few goodies for you fine folks today!

The talented Hisviks has 4 works in progress that I’m reading, the In Memorium Series started as 2 one shots for Seph’s Writing Challenge back in May and has morphed into a multi-chapter series. It’s AU and is very different than anything that I’ve read. Eric is human in the beginning of the series and has only met Sookie a couple of times at the diner that she waitresses at. Things go from there and it’s quite a ride.

In Galatea’s Descent, another AU story, Eric is required by the Queen to be accompanied by an”other” companion at a Supernatural Summit. He meets Sookie by chance on a rainy night at Merlotte’s and decides that she will be that companion.

Bonfire of the Vanities starts at the end of Season one and goes through Season three, Godric doesn’t…

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One shot: It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…. Well not really…

Yes you’re expecting 6 months to live but I promise it’ll come later….

See today is my fanfic birthday


I didn’t think I’d end up writing a year ago but here we are…

and while I was all set to share a piece of cake with you, instead I bring you crack pie!


No not that one! I’ve made that once from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook and I thought it was sickeningly sweet but other people seemed to enjoy those fruits of my labour…

So hopefully you will enjoy my other crack pie which is this : a one-shot crack fic with a sweet aftertaste…

I warn you there will be tears, but none that you will mind I’m sure…


it’s mostly poking fun….


but it ends like this…


sans Hep-V… we’re in CH territory for a change….



Silly little one shot to celebrate my fanfic b-day. Dr Ludwig healer to all expands her practice to include the feeble minds of the addled supernatural, setting them straight with her no nonsense attitude. No character is spared her scrutiny and she writes a few wrongs right in this post DEA verse.  

E/S- Rated M for language – LPOV – One shot

The Doctor is in