Contact Me

If for whatever reason you feel so inclined to contact me privately use the form below, if it’s urgent I’ll answer quickly, if not, bear with me… If you’re having trouble with the site or have spotted an error, don’t worry I don’t get insulted if you point it out and don’t mind it in the comments section either. I’ll probably thank you profusely since I really don’t have the time to constantly check on the workings of everything and I’d rather be aware something isn’t working or is confusing you.

I don’t bite, but if you’re just contacting me because you wish to role-play, invite me to some dingy back door chatroom or to other nefarious places, etc. etc. (seriously I’m not making this up, I have been asked more than once on the PM-system)… I’d say thanks for the laugh but I won’t be RSVP-ing anytime soon 😉