Chapter 11 – Dinner and a Movie





“Don’t cum down all over her parade,” Pam returned to Eric pointedly glaring at his crotch. He may have been able to hide it from Sookie but Pam knew exactly what kind of bomb had detonated inside his pants.


“It’s rain on your parade,” Sookie corrected.


Pam merely shrugged with feigned innocence as Eric’s death glare descended on her. It was probably only because of her abrupt waking earlier that she was spared her maker’s verbal berating in that moment. “I’ll see you at the house tomorrow with the tailor. Good night.”


“Bye Pam,” Sookie waved as she got up. “Hope you don’t have any more dreams about me.”


“I have no objections to those dreams,” Pam purred. “As long as he’s out of the picture.”


“I know what you mean,” Sookie giggled humouring the female vampire who departed with a fangy smile.


Eric looked less than pleased.




“Are you ok?” Sookie asked on the car ride back to the house. He had been unusually silent and it had her wondering if the teasing she and Pam had engaged in had pushed him too far.


“Fine,” Eric replied curtly. He was far from it. Never had he been rejected like that. Yes there had been those that had refused and he had abided by it. Her dream had revealed startlingly accurate truths about him, she was an enigma and now knew some of his innermost fears. It made him all the more vulnerable in her continued refusal, no one had ever rejected him when they were clearly attracted to him. Her resistance was counter to her body’s desire. Putting him beyond frustration. It only made him yearn for her more. He respected her for it while he despised her at the same time.


He considered dropping her off at the house and finding himself a feed and fuck for the night. Sookie may be the exception to the rule but it didn’t mean the rest of the female population had suddenly followed suit. A hand dragged tersely through his hair as the car came to a standstill in front of a stoplight at an empty intersection. A small sigh escaped him as he made the decision that would shape the entertainment of the night. Eric was old enough to realise it would be a momentary distraction that would only remind him of what he couldn’t have. The bouncing blonde beside him that resisted every advance his touch could elicit. Even when she gave him nothing he would prefer it over second best.


It was just like when he was a newly turned vampire. Everything needed to be consumed but he was continually held back by another being that ruled over the allowance of every newly found instinct that surged through his body in desperation to strike out.


Where all food smells repulsed him as a rule, the scent of meat roasting still made him salivate at the mouth. The cruelness of the intense smell combined with the burning charcoal for something he could not ingest had caused one or more temper tantrums in his desperation to satiate that appetite.


He had foolishly tried to ingest it once with disastrous results. Godric had merely sat and chuckled at his foolishness as his body had continued to purge the now foreign invasion. At another point in his existence he had picked up a detached limb on a battlefield and patiently roasted it over the fire like he would the boar meat of his human days. That proved to be a failure too. Vampires were not flesh eaters much to his disappointment.


Sookie’s scent was not the only thing taunting him, it was her presence and the sparks that flew off her as she challenged everything he had taken for a sense of order for over a thousand years. He’d gotten past the allure of what her body could offer quite quickly when this bounty had been presented to him. She was a challenge he refused to back down from but her young wisdom had struck a nerve with him. What if the attraction was indeed only for the conquest and not the subject of the victory? He’d experienced that often enough and nothing could tell him if this was the same. It was a true first for him to be so unsure of exactly what it meant and what he ultimately wanted from her.


He had always considered love a human affair. Those with an expiration date had more use for it than the eternals. The tomes that charted the progress of the supernatural world spoke lyrically of mates and destiny but he had yet to see the true thing emerge. There were couples that had bound themselves to each other for eternity in three exchanges but they were not universal in their ways. Some were happy, others were anything but.


It was a risk to be bound so intrinsically. He had always been happily independent and had yet to find reason to tie himself to others voluntarily. He released Pam as soon as she was able. Submitting to an emotion like love would tie him once more. From what he had witnessed it could be as suffocating or liberating as a blood tie. He couldn’t calculate the odds, predict the outcome or find any certainty. Eric could only plunge in and await the results or turn his heart cold as he had done for a thousand years.


Sookie had refocused her attention to the world outside of the car, watching the scenery blur by as Eric’s foot found the accelerator with the appearance of green light. Despite the heat of the radiator the outside seemed a warmer place to be right now as the frost that had overtaken Eric refused to thaw.


“Would you like to eat somewhere?” he offered realising this would be the time she ate at home.


“I don’t want to inconvenience you,” she said meekly. Eric carrying a thundercloud over his head was not a pleasant experience that Sookie wished to expand on. She felt terrible that she was probably not much different the first month at the house. Pam’s insinuation that he walked on eggshells for her was not too far off as she exercised the same behaviour now.


“It is no trouble,” Eric replied with a more friendly tone of voice hoping to appease her. “Maybe watch a movie after.”


Her glance shifted sideways where she saw the carefree light in his eyes return proving to her the words had been spoken with the perceived emotion. “Like a date?” Sookie teased.


“Is that what humans do on a date?” Eric asked genuinely unaware. “I’ve never been on one.”


“Seriously?” she probed unbelievingly. He just nodded and Sookie figured with the way women just threw themselves at him it probably wasn’t that farfetched. “Yes, it usually involves food and some form of entertainment.”


“You have been on many then?” he enquired, assuming she had otherwise he would not be able to explain her immoveable resistance. Eric was beginning to build a theory that her scorning of man when they were wanting her most was how her home town had walked in such fear of her. Perhaps she was related to sirens of some sort. Willingly or not he was at her mercy and would remain so until that was lifted under her directive.


“Not really,” Sookie said as her eyes travelled to what passed them outside. “A handful at most.”


“Why so little?” His ill formed theory was already proving incorrect but he considered it could still be valid if she had chewed out the more prominent members of that town.


Sookie gave a tiny shrug. Not comfortable in revealing her telepathic nature and its impact on courtship she offered him a half truth, “You’ve met my brother. He’s considered the best dating prospect in Bon Temps.”


“I’m surprised you indulged any of the men then,” he said with a chuckle. Eric’s imaginations of Sookie the Siren were completely lost to him now when he remembered the clientele of her former employment. “If your brother is the town’s most eligible bachelor.”


“Hey,” she said slightly incensed. “That’s my brother you’re talking about.”


“You’re the one who made the analysis.”


“True,” she conceded.


“So Sookie Stackhouse will you go on a date with me?”


“No,” she laughed thinking he was still verbally sparring with him. “But I’ll take you up on dinner and entertainment.”




Sookie was ready to keel over as she endured another night in excessively high heels. The tailor turned out to be some tiny demon wizard pinning away at the beautiful silk dress that she had taken delivery of earlier that day. Sookie held her breath as much as she could whenever a pin threatened to strike in fear that some blood might stain the exquisite fabric.


Pam was testing out the sixth hairstyle atop her tightly pulled at head but remained disgruntled with the results so far. Sookie liked the second option and stopped caring after the fourth. They had miraculously agreed on the light make up quickly. Apparently vampires preferred a fresh face to an overly made up one.


She shrieked a little as another pin pricked her like she was a pincushion luckily not drawing any blood but the motion caused the careful construction of her hair to fall to chunky tendrils around her.


“Not too tight please,” Sookie asked with desperation as she felt the fabric around her waist singeing her in impossibly tight. “I want to be able to dance and sit down. And breathe.”


The tiny demon gave her a threatening look that communicated the nonsensicality of her request. Pam instructed her to listen to Sookie who was desperately trying to suck in a breathe of air in the process. The demon set to work with a minor scowl on her face before disappearing from her peripheral vision again.


“We’ll just have to book in a session with Immanuel,” Pam sighed as she regarded her seventh attempt at Sookie’s hair. “My turn demon.”


“Ok,” Sookie replied not knowing who Immanuel was but assumed it was a hair stylist of sorts.


As the demon hobbled off after Pam into the bathroom Sookie admired herself in the full length mirror swishing the voluminous skirt back and forth. She felt like a small child again in her first real dress and she couldn’t help but smile the giant grin she had worn then too.


She startled a little when Eric’s form joined her in the mirror. “You look beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.


“Thank you,” she returned before quickly turning round to face him. “Pam’s not happy with the hair yet.”


He pulled the pins from her overworked hair letting it fall naturally behind her shoulders. “I always prefer it loose,” he stated while running his fingers through, inhaling the scent of sunshine. His nose upturned slightly with the impressive amount of product that Pam had worked into it. Eric decided from that moment on Pam should not hold any dominion over Sookie’s hair anywhere.


“Me too,” she agreed. “Do you mind…”


“Sorry,” he said pulling his hands from her tresses where he had been willing the heavy product out with his fingers.


“No,” Sookie replied with a kind smile. “I wanted to ask if you would mind unzipping the back.”


“Of course,” he declared all too happily, which made Sookie wonder how smart it was to ask this off him. She turned around to face the mirror again and held her hair up to one side her face automatically shifting her face to one side exposing her neck to him. She startled at the sight of their reflection which displayed his hungry face hovering over the crook of her neck. She quickly adjusted her throat to a rigid stance again and held her hair higher up.


She let go of her hair as quickly as possible when Eric’s nimble fingers deftly moved the invisible zipper down.  “Thank you,” she said while carefully stepping out of the gown in her nude slip dress. It covered more of her than her Merlotte’s uniform so she considered it modest enough but Eric’s unabated hungry look made her reconsider her initial estimation of it. She felt absolutely naked with his roaming gaze that he didn’t bother to hide.


“Have you fed tonight?” Sookie asked carefully as she rehung the dress on the large hanger shielding the vision of the front of her body.


“Are you offering?” he tested with an unmistakeable hunger.


She squeezed her thighs together at the thought of her dream. She could ignore everything else in the dream for she had a reference to it. The closest she ever came to a bite was when Jason had bit her during a scuffle when they were children. That was only shocking and painful but the dream had offered something much more than that. A pleasure that far overshadowed the pain of the first bite, a rush she had yet to ever experience.


“I can warm a donor bag if you show me how,” she offered, hoping vainly to divert the attention from the beating pulse in her neck and the blush that seemed to be spreading over every bare expanse of her body.


Eric regarded her intensely. “You’re interested,” he remarked with great satisfaction. She was as unnerved by the whole situation of the unknown as he was. It returned a confidence to him he had abandoned when faced with the uncertainty of future results. He finally understood he could have a hand in the outcome.


“Interested in what?” Sookie stammered as she wrapped her cashmere blanket around herself in an attempt to regain her modesty.


“Me,” he said self-assured before continuing, “Biting. You.”


“Am not,” she answered in quick irritation, which only revealed the truth of his words with a discerning accuracy.


“You’re a capable liar,” he observed with a taunting grin. “Your body says otherwise. Your blood is all but screaming to be let out.”


“Fine,” she huffed in defeat. “I’m curious. That’s all.”


“I’ll be happy to quench that curiosity,” he leered at her.


“I’m not a cat with a death wish,” Sookie deadpanned.


He chuckled as he regarded her feet. “Do you need help again with those too?”


She considered it as they had been a pain in the ass to put on again without his help earlier that evening. “Yes,” Sookie replied hesitantly wondering if the man had a foot fetish. “You’re awfully deft with them.”


Eric shrugged unimpressed as he kneeled in front of her where she sat on the edge of the bed. “Only because of Pam,” he said with his face hovering awfully close to the spot where he had struck for blood in her dreams. His hands on her ankles did nothing to alleviate the rising heat that seemed to now overtake her body in his presence. “She’s just as impatient with footwear as you.”


“Sure you don’t want my help with that,” he asked as his nose grazed over her thighs following the path of a life giving vein. She was unable to hide the shiver it caused to travel through her body and landed her eyes in the negative space that surrounded him.


“No,” Sookie returned just above a whisper.


“Just let me fucking feed off you,” he snarled at her with his fangs out. The beast in him should have frightened her instead it just aggravated her washing away the heat of lust as it was replaced with scorch of anger.


“Here,” Sookie shouted out as she thrust her wrist to his mouth, “have at it.”


His fangs clicked back in place instantly and he backed off retreating to the door and left without another word.


“Quite impressive Tinks,” Pam drawled out as she entered from the bathroom in her own elaborate gown.


“He’s not much scarier than my cat Tina with her canines out,” Sookie shrugged still slightly pissed at his demand of her body. “Will he be ok?”


“He’ll get over it,” Pam said as she studiously took in her own appearance in the mirror as the small demon set away at pinning her in. “Why are you curious?”


She remained silent in response until Pam’s scrutinising gaze refused to relent. “It was so different than what I thought it would feel like in my dream,” Sookie sighed. “It felt so real.” Pam nodded in agreement knowing all too well how lifelike the dreams felt, it was simply as if observing another reality.


“They don’t line up around the block of Fangtasia every night for nothing,” Pam informed with a leer. “Eric has quite the reputation as a biter. Amongst other things.”


“I wouldn’t want to use him like that,” Sookie said as she stared at her wiggling toes that were celebrating their liberation from the confining designer footwear. “He deserves better than to be a vehicle to get off on.”


“I don’t think he’d mind,” Pam said between scolding the demon and her assaulting pins. “I certainly wouldn’t.”


“I think he would,” Sookie returned. In fact he had told her so not too long ago. “I’ll remember to seek you out if curiosity gets the better of me,” she winked at Pam.


“As enticing as that sounds, I think if I took you up on that offer it would be the first time I would fear for my life at the hands of my maker.”




“You’re quite the rarity,” Pam observed as she tested out the bond that had her maker in turmoil from the moment he ran off from the room. “He’s calmed down now if you want to talk to him.”


Not wanting to allow the situation to fester any further Sookie agreed and left the room in search for Eric. She found him floating up high in the library speed-reading through an antique volume. He needed something rational to explain his loss of control and the obsession that had erupted over a seemingly insignificant waitress from the most unimpressive place on earth.


“Hey,” she said when he finally noticed her presence.


“Sookie I’m sorry,” Eric offered sincerely as he floated himself down to stand in front of her. “I’m not normally out of control like that.”


“I know,” she returned with kind eyes. “You were right, I am curious. It must be difficult for you to restrain yourself around me. I’m like one of those walking chicken drumsticks from a cartoon.” Her little quip had them both chuckling softly as the severity passed and made way for some neutral ground again.


“How did you manage from not being drained by all your vampire guests?” Eric questioned wondering how any other vampire could control themselves around her. Even Pam was affected by her, albeit it not with the intensity and insanity in which he seemed to be experiencing it.


“There are wards in place all over Bon Temps,” Sookie clarified. “One of Jason’s exes reignited them. They’re strongest around the farmhouse.”


He smirked with that knowledge. “This explains why you so fearlessly handle Lorena.”


“No,” she said defiantly, shaking her head vehemently. “According to Pam I was pretty fearless with you just now. I’d kick Lorena’s ass, wards or not.” He chuckled at her audacity and he believed if any tiny little part human could kick vampire ass it would be Sookie Stackhouse. She made that TV character Buffy look meek.


“Yes that was most impressive,” he conceded. “I overheard your conversation with Pam.”


“So I assume she’s going to get a warning on not munching away on me,” Sookie prodded.


“Yes,” he admitted with a grin. Eric knew it was childish but in his mind if he couldn’t have Sookie than no one could. His voice took on a more serious tone as he continued, “I would not have considered you like one of the fangbangers begging for a bite. Thank you for being so considerate when I was not.”


She gave a small shrug, “Don’t sweat about it.”


“I’m no longer capable of that,” he smirked.


“Really not even in a sauna?” Sookie asked.


“Little beads of blood,” he laughed at the memory of the frightened human that was with him the first time he discovered just that. Sookie giggled along as he recalled the story to her and the creativity of his glamour.


“Have you fed now?” Sookie queried as he finished up his story.


“Yes,” Eric replied as he caressed her cheek. “Don’t worry about it.”


“I was never worried,” she voiced while showing off the fearless persuasion of her eyes. “Tomorrow then.”


“Tomorrow what?” Eric asked as his brows scrunched in attempt to meet each other.


“If you let me I will feed you.”


“You’re a strange creature,” he remarked masking the internal victory dance jumping around in his pants. “I worry for your self-preservation.”


“So I’ve been told,” she smirked right back.



A/N: The WiFi gods are being somewhat helpful so I’m getting out a chapter when I can…


I am still officially on holidays so updates will come when they come. I don’t think this story will get another update till September but you never know. I am sticking to the order in which I usually release them so 6 Months to Live will be the next to receive an update just don’t ask me when… The final instalment of It’s Already Gone will be updated on Sunday as usual.


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  1. Lmfao!!! Those two have it bad.. And we have the Telepath that is determined not to be notch in bedpost, and Eric who can’t figure out his feelings. Oh the fun to be had!!


  2. I’m wondering who is really give in first. Is is wrong to hope for a make out session when she feeds him. Boy they are stubborn.


  3. I read the first chapter of this quite awhile ago and don’t know why I didn’t go on but I have just finished everything available and I’m happy I did. Well, not that I don’t wish there was more, just that I’m glad I read on. I love this story! It’s extremely entertaining and I love the sexual tension. That’s always fun for me. So thank you for the great read—I really needed the distraction tonight!


    1. You’re welcome, I like reading in bulk too it’s the only drawback I’ve discovered in fanfiction. Waiting truly sucks… I know my story isn’t quite dinner and a movie but I’m glad to hear you had an entertaining night with this 😉


  4. Eric losing control…interesting…
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