Chapter 13 – Need




“Not your fault,” she croaked with the lids of her eyes falling heavy. “Hospital.”


“You’re bleeding out too fast,” he said as her vein and flesh bled through the pristine white cloth fastened around her thigh. “Sookie please take my blood.”


They had extensively discussed the ins and outs of blood bonding during her many lessons. So with that she knew exactly what he was offering and what to expect.


“Pam?” she whispered in a desperate attempt to retain her free will. For her emotions to remain her own when it came to Eric. Preferring a tie over a bond.


“I do not trust her not to attack,” he expressed while tightening the tourniquet further in an attempt to staunch the bleed. “She is too young to resist your blood consciously.”


“Ok,” Sookie finally agreed. “Don’t want to be turned.”


“You won’t,” he assured her before he bit into his wrist. “Please, drink.”




The ancient blood that coursed through her ignited a storm of sensations. Sookie’s body sang with the foreign invasion, a slowing heart found a new rhythm beating in delight with newfound strength and she swallowed the healing liquid as if it were nourishment on its own. Her eyes warmed as she looked to his, which were wracked with intense worry. She smiled as much as she was able against his wrist in an effort to communicate she was fine as the taste of him coated her tongue.


It tasted of decadence and a purity of times past. Like the clearest of ice water and the headiness of intensely dark chocolate. It tasted of pure life where she had expected the bitter residue of death.


The wounds of his wrist closed themselves and she licked of the last remnants of blood. He ignored the enticing sight of his blood on her full lips stained with an appearance of other engorged lips. An agonising bulge seemed to be directing traffic in the lining of his pants already and he needed no further encouragement to that end. Eric checked her vital signs, her breathing and her heart rate all to assure him she was well again. The blood he had just infused inside of her informed him as much while he continued to ignore her emotional state of bliss and instead searched out her points of injury.


He carefully lifted the bloodied fabric around her thigh and to his relief she had stopped haemorrhaging and the cells were knitting themselves together again. Eric exhaled a breath he had no awareness of holding, knowing she was well on her way to recovery.


“You’re ok,” he spoke aloud more for his own assurance than hers.


“Yeah,” she smiled up at him caressing her fingertips lightly over his cheek. The sensation running like little pulses through her body and his. “What happened?”


“Pam assumed I was acting on another dream. She thought I was attacking you,” Eric explained apologetically. “When I felt a hand pull me away I acted on instinct and my fangs ran out. Your leg was torn open in the process as she dragged me away. I’m so sorry Sookie.”


“Not your fault,” she repeated affirming her stance on accountability. “Will you…” Sookie held her tongue not daring to ask more of him. She shifted her head away from him staring at the blank wall instead.


“Ask it,” he said identifying the hesitation through their newly formed bond as his hand rested tentatively on her spine. She turned her face back to him as she steeled her resolve.


“I just have this urge to be held by you. I want…” she sighed in embarrassment. “I need to feel your body against mine.”


“It is normal to feel this,” he offered regretfully. Any other circumstances and her spoken desires would have had him elated. “I must warn you that having my blood drawn by you has made me rather excitable.”


“Oh,” she said a little dumbfounded even though she rationally knew this to be a known side effect as he had explained it all during their lessons on vampire bonding. Nor could she ignore that she was feeling much of it herself. “It’s normal for you too I guess.”


He lay down beside her their foreheads resting against the other as he gently pulled his arms around her, keeping a respectable distance between them. A contented sigh travelled in chorus between them which gave her cue to snuggle in closer placing her head under his chin. Her body seeking out the nearness it required while it disregarded the rational distance he had placed between them. Eric gasped in pain when she accidentally bumped her thigh hard against his throbbing erection with what could only be described as a brusque force.


“I’m sorry,” she cried out into the bicep her head now lay upon.


“It’ll go down soon enough,” he strangled out.


“No it won’t,” Sookie whispered as she felt his need for release surging through their weak bond as well as the pulsing energy against her body. This thing that lay between them, a bond, was an unknown entity to them both. She noticed it became increasingly harder to resist, to let him in fully while he resisted the strain of his groin. His breath was heavy in her hair as she moved her hands and undid the top button to his jeans and zipped down carefully refraining from any inappropriate touch. All she knew was that he was in pain and that hurt her too. She pulled the straining cotton fabric of his boxer briefs down carefully over his impressive manhood and moved it under his sensitised balls as her eyes never left his gaze in an attempt to retain his modesty. Relief washed out the strain set on his face, now unbound by the cages of fabric. In that same moment she stopped fighting her emotional hold and allowed the bond to run its final course to completion.


“It’s ok,” Sookie lulled gently as one of her hands caressed his cheek while continuing to stare at him, although it felt more as if she looked right through him than at him. She guided his hand down towards his straining cock, removing her own when it came near. “Take care of it. I don’t mind.”


Eric held onto his erection tentatively, it was almost too painful to his own touch. He stroked up and down the shaft gently spreading the pre-cum that had started to leak from the slit at the tip. The weeping head engorged purple as it caressed against the soft fabric of her t-shirt as he continued to stare down into the dark depths of her eyes. She encouraged him by rubbing her hand softly over his behind in an attempt to make this as far from awkward as it really was.


In probing the bond she still felt him reigning himself in, unwilling to release the tension that held his every muscle in his body impossibly tight. Sookie doubted it to be of embarrassment but she was otherwise clueless to his motivations. Perhaps it was the gaze she held fixed on him that pretended to them both this wasn’t happening. “Come for me Eric,” she whispered with a hot breath to his ear burying her head into his neck to give him anonymity as the scents that lingered in her hair surrounded his nostrils flaring him up inside and out. He cried out her name at the feel of her encouragement and his seed gushed out over her bare stomach as her t-shit had rode up with his continuing and more insistent stroking movements.


“Thank you,” he said throatily as he held her closer and inadvertently proceeded to rub his cum all over her bare skin with the movement.


“Do you want me to,” Eric asked as he gently placed his hand above her panty clad sex as he found more of his own need in the bond and mistook it for solely hers.


“I…” she strangled with a cry.


“I can feel your need,” he whispered while his hand remained in place where touch would still be considered innocent. She couldn’t find it in herself to say yes, to verbally admit to the unspoken need so instead she moved her hand on top of his and slipped it underneath the tension of the cotton fabric. They moved their hands together grazing at her damp curls. She whimpered into his neck when his cool fingers first stroked through her wet slit.


As he dragged his index finger deeper, probing for further entrance she moved her own hand underneath his and rubbed hesitantly as she moistened her clit with the abundant wetness found as they worked in tandem to get her off. She moaned with the feeling when his first finger entered her before he expertly slipped in one after another. His fingers were that much longer than her own, making the otherwise familiar invasion feel foreign. They filled her deeply as he twisted them in and out as she breathed heavily into his neck which she latched onto with intermittent blunt bites when need peaked and cries were stifled.


She writhed her hips over his hand moving in unison with him and the erection that had barely softened reignited to its full force with the close movements. He traded his three fingers for two as he sought out that elusive spot motioning her to come hither. The elastic waist of her panties were digging almost painfully into her back with his drive of her before it finally ripped off with the strain of his continued ministrations. She whispered out his name in an exhale urging him on with the promise of completion. His name had never sounded so good to him, spoken by any other than from her full lips that carried his life giving blood. When he could sense her impending release he placed the lone lubricated third finger in the tight hole of her behind. It greedily pulled him in as her vaginal walls clamped down and fluttered with intensity as she orgasmed with a scream worthy of a war cry from his human days.


She bit hard in the side of his neck to smother the deafening sound that expelled from her lungs but not enough to draw blood and his straining cock spurted another endless stream of cum all over her bare stomach and mound with the sudden hard grasp of her teeth. It did nothing to relief him of the erection that lay taunting against her hot skin mocking him in his efforts. She pulled her face from her comfortable hiding spot in his neck and carefully looked up at him in equal misery with the realisation that their mind blowing orgasms were completely unable to relieve the pounding ache. Dictated by one, the other and the bond.


“I yield,” she choked out.


The remnants of her underwear were yanked away with a vigour she couldn’t fathom as he entered her with one quick thrust burying himself in unimaginably deep. His lips sought out hers in desperation as he continued to thrust into her but all he found was patches of soft skin as they moved in an uncoordinated frenzy. His tongue lapped away as he traced every allowable inch of her while hands found purchase for anything that would heighten her high as he gyrated away with abandon to elicit the cries that indicated another orgasm had debilitated her system or his. He wasn’t counting nor was she keeping score, the sensations came and went as their minds and bodies could only scream for more. Eyes finally locked and she moved her legs over him digging her heels into his ass urging him into even greater depths of otherwise unexplored caverns as he elevated her behind. They moved in unspoken synchronicity as lips hovered over each other exchanging nothing but harsh pants against each other.


“Let me in,” he pleaded though neither one could rationally account what he was begging of her.


The request was too intense and she pulled her lips away from his to seek out a steady inhale of oxygen. Her t-shirt and bra were ripped from her body in one swift movement as he descended onto her breasts as her other sets of eyes locked him out. She arched into him as he perilously tried to suck one after the other in whole as his hands traced her back and spine. She ran her hands under the cloth of his shirt desperately seeking equal contact with his skin, the nails that Pam forced her to keep long scratched deeply into his back staining the white moons with his blood.


“Off,” she demanded tugging at the shirt. He released her momentarily and ripped of his shirt, buttons flying through the room at high speeds. He shuddered, first in anticipation of finally being inside this tight heat and then with another release gifted by her scalding muscles that fluttered with the orgasms he induced. A roar came from his underused lungs and he flipped over her body in the blood soiled sheets after he pulled out thinking this was the end and she would demand modesty again. That this was all she would ever take from him.


The mess of them lay as evidence everywhere in surround of her naked body which panted in the brief aftermath while his spendings leaked from her behind. His hand couldn’t help but run along the evidence over the sensitive and engorged lips of her throbbing sex. Eric’s tongue soon followed as it became desperate to taste what scented the air, summer and winter. Fairy and vampire. Them.


An unspoken travelled between them through the bond. She writhed with pleasure upon realisation that they were far from done as his tongue ventured in and out of the scope of her folds. A ripe peach begging to be split open and sucked down by him and only ever him. If she let him. The alternatingly soft and insistent muscle of his mouth was cool but it did nothing to temper the inferno that was raging inside her and she became desperate for his cool seed to coat her walls again. “Need you inside,” she choked out as her hand tried to latch on to any part of him behind her.


His jeans and underwear were gone within a second before he lifted her up onto her knees and clamorous fingers latched onto her thighs. He ripped away the now useless scrap of fabric that covered the healed skin on her thigh as his dick found entrance again in his personal Nirvana. Lazy thrusts continued their coupling as he pulled her back to his chest. One hand found comfort in the indulgent tissue of her breast while the other rested over the soft of her stomach. Her hands clamped atop his in need as she met his every movement encouraging him on in the languid pace as insistent need started to build between the two of them.


“I’ve got you,” he whispered to her ear as her fingernails started to claw into him as remnants of distress started to surface. “Can’t get ever get enough of you,” Eric groaned as he encouraged her hand to guide them both to the next finale. They found the protruding glans of her sex with ease, exposing it to the cool air before moving their joint hands in counter rhythms bringing them both to another great height which only sought to shatter them both when it finally came. As once again it announced the beginning of the end.


“Don’t stop,” she pleaded as her arms collapsed in their feeble attempt to hold both their bodies up on her spent muscles when they fell into the mattress.


“Never,” he replied as he gently pushed her body flat into the mattress and continued to ram his cock into her. Sookie’s back lifted in a slight arch, exposing breasts to the air, to grant him further access as his body moved atop her in an identical stance, carrying his own weight as it writhed over her form as their hands rested atop each other over her head. The movements were uncoordinated again as dictated by the desperation but the kisses he placed in the crook of her neck and to her spine were soft and gentle, almost apologetic as finger tips caressed the backs of her hand with kind touches.


He felt the need to tell her everything that was boiling up inside of him, the heat she had induced that had nothing to do with temperature. Feelings that only she had woken inside of him with her mere presence, the vulnerability she exposed of him in her dreams. She knew everything and nothing about him at the same time, that she owned him body and mind. He needed to tell her all but only the slapping of their skins was heard in the otherwise deafening silence of the room. She moved her legs closer together in a desperate need to trap him inside as she feared he would leave her empty again. A fear they shared but neither would ever speak aloud. “I’d never leave this glorious pussy if you let me,” Eric whispered in her ear as if he was reading her mind, alleviating her of her greatest fear momentarily.


“So fucking tight,” he strangled out as another release tore through him mercilessly only to set her off again. It was like a cruel pendulum keeping them in an eternal battle to determine causality. In its spite it defined everything he knew of her, she’d drive him to the edge and then pull him back again, binding him to her without thought. Despite that he’d sacrifice anything for it to last.


He pulled out desperate to find clarity, his multiple releases having done nothing to alleviate the surmounting ache between them. She rolled over looking to see if he was feeling that same relentless sensation in needing him to be inside of her and nowhere else. Not a hole on her body seemed to be exempt from a desire to be filled. His eyes mirrored hers, drained of energy while still being unfulfilled. There was satisfaction but need quickly overwrote it as soon as it was found. She took his cock in her mouth in an attempt to suck him off but as soon the tip struck her throat she recoiled back looking up at him apologetically. “I don’t know what to do,” she whimpered in portrayal of her inexperience with the act.


“You don’t have to,” Eric offered as he regarded her dishevelled state, cheeks now flushed with embarrassment for the first time that night. In fact it was the first time he had ever stood witness to her without her bravado, to witness the woman without her shields. He had come close when she healed him but she had never been this emotionally bare with him.


“I want to,” she said with her more characteristic strength of mind. With a sympathetic nod he guided her to him, taking her hand in his as they started to stroke his erection together. Small groans encouraged her tentative exploration with her tongue, slowly fuelling her confidence with the discovery of power she now held over him. As the warm cavern of her mouth descended over him he tried to retain his sanity while gently guiding her with his hand as it cradled her scalp, giving direction to her uncertain movements, letting her find her own trajectory. It didn’t take long for him to cum as he guided her lubricated fingers into his own anus prodding gently at the sensitive gland there as her hair tickled his sensitised balls.


With a steeled determination she swallowed everything that sprang from him when he tried to motion her away in warning. She watched him come apart in his bluest of eyes, drinking down greedily as if it were the essence she had to survive on for the rest of her life. He pulled her up and kissed her hungrily everywhere where she allowed, while her own lips found other patches of skin as if unwilling to share the fruits of her labour with him in a kiss on the mouth.


“Need to be inside here,” he strangled out against the shell of her ear as he prodded high up between the cheeks of her ass and continued to finger her with his other hand.


“No,” she panted out with the realisation of his seeking entrance to her only virginal hole. “Too. Big.”


“It’ll fit,” he begged with promise as the skill of his fingers pleaded along to his plight. “Gentle.”


“No,” she whispered, as she drew the line she was unwilling to cross. Eric was becoming desperate, his mind lost to the need of how this would ever end if she continued to bar access. He laid her on her side effectively spooning her and she complied, the large expanses of contact soothing them both. Needy hands became gentle as they stroked over skin, fingers found each other interlacing with a connection sought to complete. Tenderly she kissed the back of his hand and with that small movement she allowed him in; to her side of the bond and for his body to encompass over hers. He moved his cock between her thighs soaping it up with the plethora of juices found there as two fingers rubbed away at her clit. When she exhaled out in preparation of another release he pushed into her ignoring the tight hole that the tip of him passed by but was desperate to explore. She relaxed into the intrusion for the first time that night as need no longer dictated the agenda but simply want. She revelled at being filled so full as they rocked gently back and forth till the feel of one another overtook them again and they found themselves tumbling into an unfounded bliss as he continued to wreak havoc on the penetrated nerve endings of her core.


She stimulated him simultaneously as fingers moved over the outer rim of his tight sphincter as he had shown her before, while his hand continued to move with gentle caresses over her tightest bundle of nerves. They didn’t know anymore where one began and the other ended as they set of the minefields of each other’s bodies with groans and cries of ecstasy.


“Bite me,” she pleaded in a soft murmur as he moved his kisses from her spine to the neck. As he struck his fangs in, the insanity of their bodies overtook them detonating them into a previously unknown thunder of explosions. They held onto each other tightly as the world as they knew it seemed to disappear and a myriad of coloured lights engulfed them, ricocheting around them as it bounced off the walls and out of the house.


She breathed in and out, her body wet with sweat from the exertion and other juices, chest heaving heavily in his hand where it rested over her thunderous beating heart. Hours had passed between them without realisation, the calls of his maker and child had gone unnoticed through his body when all it had demanded was her. The batteries of their phones had died out from the continual ringing but neither had registered a sound that wasn’t the other.


“You’re amazing,” he finally dared speak. “And stubborn.” She still lacked the necessary breath to respond but she couldn’t help but chuckle along with him as her fingers traced the bite marks he left behind on her neck. He promptly pierced his index finger on one of his fangs that descended for the first time that night since exchanging blood and remedied the mars on her skin. A kiss across the indentations followed for good measure that had her automatically pulling her shoulder up demanding distance of him.


Eric refused to let go of his hold on her as he inched out of her slowly to allow the stretched out muscles to set themselves to right again. He drew his bloody finger through her penetrated orifice ensuring himself he did not rip this delicate flower to pieces despite the actions of the night. She turned her body in his grasp to face him and she softly pecked his chest while he lazily drew circles on her back.


“I don’t know whether to kill Pam or thank her,” Sookie finally said into his chest.


“I share your sentiments,” he chuckled before kissing the crown of her head. They were lost into each other again as their skin refused to live without the contact of the other, though the surge of lust that had plagued them all evening did not set aflame again. That was need and this was simply want.


“Viking are you through with your bonded?” a voice unknown to Sookie bellowed down the stairs breaking them from their capsule of content.


“Fuck off Ludwig,” he yelled back. “We’ll come out when we’re good and ready.”


“Very well but your progeny has no more hair to pull out and your maker is on his way,” Dr Ludwig informed at a lower volume.


“I need to shower,” Sookie observed hazily as she took in the blood, semen and sweat that covered both of their bodies among the soaked sheets.


“Allow me,” he offered feeling her physical exhaustion and lifted her into his arms. Sookie leaned her body weight onto his, not knowing where she was going to find the strength to stand on her own feet for the next two weeks. He held her and washed her gently soaping her down with his personal ocean scented body wash. It reminded him of his once home. He had spent a fortune having it made to order, it was a natural composition as vampires detested the fraudulent odour of chemicals. With regret he cleansed her of his scent but happily replaced it with the perfumes of his homeland.


Eric washed her hair swiftly as he felt Sookie almost fall into slumber under the warm stream of water as she latched onto him. With a kind care he did not know he possessed he sat her down on the built in marble seat as he washed off any remains of their tryst on himself. Eric would happily carry her scent on him but even he had to admit they were downright filthy after their night of debauchery. He was spent, as beautiful and enticing as she looked with her wet glistening body looking up at him with doe eyes in wonder, he found there wasn’t a lustful bone in his body left. Another first in a night of so many.


He shut down the water supply and grabbed two towels to wrap around them. He rubbed her dry gently and fashioned one of his formal shirt around her, over which he placed a silk robe that dragged over the floor. He quickly changed himself into some comfortable clothes and carried her up the stairs into the large living space where Dr Ludwig had set up a fully-fledged field hospital.


They positioned themselves on the sofa with Sookie draped contentedly over his chest. Eric released Pam of the command that had denied her entrance to his home as he finally felt the fear that was paralyzing her all evening in fear of Sookie’s life. She rushed in just as the doctor was checking the blonde’s vitals that were standing strong.


“Is she ok?” Pam asked guilt running her cup over.


“She is fine,” Dr Ludwig announced at the same time Godric sped in on arrival. “Like I told you she would be hours ago. It’s a good thing your maker pays me so well.”


“Pam what happened to you?” Sookie asked through heavy lids as she looked at the misshapen landscape of bald patches and thin strands of hair that was now Pam’s scalp. The porcelain skin of her cheeks were stained red with tracks of blood.


“It’ll grow back by tomorrow,” Pam shrugged over the evidence of her anxiety that had literally had her pulling her hair out in worry. “Are you ok Sookie?”


“I’m fine,” she replied dopily. “Godric’s here? This isn’t another dream is it? I don’t think I can take another.”


Dr Ludwig laughed at her. ”Certainly not,” the doctor said. “It would make an interesting business model though. The dreams should cease now that you two have bonded.”


“Are you a fairy?” Sookie asked squinting at the tiny woman hobbling in front of her. She considered if that’s where her own short height came from.


“Not quite,” she answered cryptically. “You fed from her without issue Northman?”


“Yes,” he replied. “Pam interrupted when I was about to seal her wounds.”


Dr Ludwig made a noise of understanding. “She explained as much. Dangerous thing that is to do to a bonded pair.”


“We were not bonded at the time,” he contested softening his tone as Sookie fell to sleep in his arms.


“Not by blood,” Dr Ludwig remarked as she continued to perform the perfunctory tests. “She has shared her light with you. That is reserved only for family. You are considered hers now by the light. It was only natural that the vampire in you demanded an equal footing. Got quite the will to keep you at bay this little one.”


“Only Royal Fae possess the ability to bind by light,” Eric spoke condescendingly in a heated whisper as if the doctor lacked the proper knowledge.


“Tell me something I don’t know Viking,” she bit back to which he could only glare as he motioned pointedly at the sleeping faeling that rested on his chest urging the doctor to speak at a lower volume.


“It is true Eric,” Godric spoke in the whisper that he required of them. “She is a Brigant.”




A/N: Right so that happened… and for those of you who are keeping track and have been hounding me for it over many chapters: they still haven’t kissed. Super Stubborn Sookie (or SSS as honulvr has so rightfully named this Sookie) is just really damn stubborn like that. Plus no dreams involved, there will be no staplers thrown my way by the next chapter I hope. Look Godric’s here be nice to me…


This story arrived a day late due to sudden work commitments which has me posting this from abroad by phone (which sucks really bad in the typing department) so instead of trying to maintain the usual scheduling on set days of the week I’ve decided to just post chapters in a set order every other day and I’ll see how that works. I have four stories going on at the moment and I toss in the Thanksgiving Fixin’s along in between so count on the next chapter to be here in a week plus a day.


As you may or may not have seen in the sidebar I am now also on Facebook so I can keep up with the Fanfiction Minions postings. I only post the notifications of update links so if you prefer that over the blog notifications you can now find me there also.






25 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – Need

  1. That was very very nice. You did an excellent job using language to convey the frenzy of the situation. Now…where can I get a large Viking to exchange blood with?? I loved the part where she’s encouraging him to jerk off but trying to protect his sense of decency, lol, so cute and funny and hot all rolled into one.


    1. Two very’s I’m touched… I’m not a huge fan of a random sex scene for the sake of it being there so I sort of try to tailor them to the story. There was no room for flowery words or romance in this, it was really expressed by need and even Sookie’s stubbornness continued to convey through it all… as did her sense of decency LOL. I just sat thinking what is a really polite way to encourage sex and it turned into this… whatever works for these two right? Let me know when you find that secret stash of Viking’s we all want one 😉


    1. LOL I am completely inept on FB, I need a frickin button to stop me from posting mid message… but I’ll seek out your groups for sure. Enjoy your trip 🙂


  2. Oh girl you left me speechless…
    So finally they yielded to each other (it wasn’t a dream right?)
    Sookie and Eric are Fae bonded too!
    Here comes the truth about her heritage..
    Loved that Pam pulled her hair and scalp for the desperation…
    Poor baby she was so worried!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Pam’s mistake wasn’t all bad… You know you use a lot of words for someone claiming to be speechless 😉.. no it wasn’t a dream, I don’t feel like constantly writing these things… Poor bald Pam, I do feel really bad about that but it’s karmic payback for trying to take dominion of Sookie’s nether hairs…

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  3. I love this story, especially your wicked sense of humour. Pam is one of my favourite characters and you are one of the few who do her justice. Stories are so much richer when they have that magical Eric / Pam loving banter and snarkiness to counteract Sookie’s irritating stubbornness. Pam’s role in this chapter is just priceless and Ludwig’s field hospital is just too funny. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of your stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH! A Pam lover is welcome in my little blogosphere anytime, I adore her too… maybe a little too much hence she gets lots of play! Which may or may not be a good thing…


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