Chapter 16 – Tell




“I could get used to this,” he murmured into her hair as she refused to let up on her iron grip on him. She simply hummed in agreement in return.


“You should install some UV lights in the bathrooms,” Sookie said after a while. She had spent quite the time to think of things while pacing. “Keeps people from using drugs in there too.”


Eric just made an agreeable noise as he continued to enjoy the closeness of the embrace between them. An intimacy he had never experienced before and he never thought to enjoy. He found himself more content than in any other physical interaction he had experienced before. It was almost as comforting as the fairy healing she had performed on him.


“Toss the police force some delinquent vampires now and then,” she continued into his chest. ”So they meet their quotas by the end of the year.”


The things she was telling him made sense until he was pulled from his own reverie as he analysed her words.


“How did you know it happened in the bathrooms?”


Shit, she cursed to herself as she realised that was something she had picked up from someone’s mind. Remembering her earlier conversation with Godric she fibbed, hiding the nature of her mental procurement.


“I assumed.”


“I can feel you’re lying to me,” he said with a steel edge as she stiffened in his hold. Cursing internally wasn’t going to safe her from his scrutiny this time. A large gulp was the last audible sound before she was whisked away in his hold and pinned down on the sofa. The frightening silence was soon replaced as all she could hear was his deafening growl.


“What are you?”




“Who the FUCK are you?” Eric seethed at her with the full force of his rage when she refused to answer.


The scenario ran at high speeds through his mind. The inexplicable breakdown of a brand new car. Her sudden appearance, taking them to the only vampire friendly establishment available. Her grandmother and her collecting intel on the world’s most powerful vampires through their quaint B&B front. Ingratiating herself amongst him and Pam. Her warring personalities that made him walk around semi-erect at all times in her presence. She played an innocent but was a more experienced bed partner than any that he had encountered with her single notch. The dreams must have been some sort of entrapment spell. Even now her face, the picture of innocence, was making him rock hard rendering him unable to see what was apparent. Fucking Fairy tricksters.


He had dismissed the rumours of certain Fae houses aligning themselves with the Fellowship of the Sun, effectively bankrolling the anti-vampire faction. Now the evidence was lying paralysed beneath him. Her intelligence and natural aptitude should have made him suspicious. A barmaid from a backwater town should not possess such skills. They had moulded her perfectly to him, the right amount of allure mixed with resistance. Godric’s weakened mind had already foolishly fallen to their charms. The thought of a vampire guild in protection of her now deemed preposterous, fangs and fairies didn’t mix no matter how good she had felt strangling his cock to unchartered heights.


She had to be a siren because all he wanted was to drown in her.


“I’m Sookie,” she sobbed. The delectable tears were only further enticing him when he should be ripping her throat out cleanly and be done with it all. Instead he wanted to comfort her and apologise for his rage, only frustrating him more. She even had him warring within himself now, Eric despised himself for it. He let out an angry cry as he released his hold on her pinned down arms.


“Are you a spy?” he demanded with such terror she barely held it together. She shook her head. “I need to hear it. I need to feel it through the blood.”


“No,” she replied in truth. His hands rested over her waist as he continued to hover above her.


“What are you?” Eric requested again as his roughened thumbs pushed up at the fabric hem of her dress. Cool hands moved with soft wisps forming a dam of fabric beneath her breasts.


“A waitress?” A low growl emerged deeply from his throat when he could discern no deceit from her side of the bond.


“Did you come to seduce me?” he whispered against the heat of her skin as he followed the path of his fingers north bound. His tongue jutted out briefly as he delicately trailed the rim of her belly button sending shivers throughout her body. “Tell me,” he commanded bringing her to sobs again as his fangs descended with an audible menace. “Tell me.”


“No,” she returned softly not finding the courage to speak any louder with the confusing flux of emotions. Hid tongue delved down into the navel, fangs pricking but never piercing the surrounding flesh. Sucking briefly, the sharp incisors moved further over her skin, scratching, leaving behind delicate scrapes of her unique scent as his tongue followed behind to lap up the intoxicating life blood. He needed a taste even if it was the final one.


He looked down into her tearful eyes seeing the pain he was causing her reflected in his own orbs. Eric wondered if she was tricking him once more, making his own blood lie to him. In a fit of rage the bundle of cotton by her breasts split harshly into two. The sight of the fretful startle on Sookie’s face had him take control of the trembling bottom lip, in direct opposition to his anger the caress was soft and gentle. Feeling himself succumb to her charms again he pulled back harshly releasing the lip that had lingered between blunt teeth.


Her tears returned, as she couldn’t understand this sudden suspicion of her. She didn’t break, only to be scarred by the inflicting wounds of his accusations. “Why won’t you trust my word?” Sookie asked with such desperation and pain that were Eric standing upright he would have fallen to his knees. He hated her for it. That this wisp of a girl would make him succumb to her every will.


“How did you know it happened in the bathrooms?” he repeated his earlier question, when his anger had cooled down enough and her sobs had quieted.


“Ask me anything but that,” she pleaded.


He eyed her suspiciously, grabbing her hard by the roots of her hair just above her neck. “Tell me,” he pressed for with cold fury as her watered eyes cut right into his soul, breaking him all over again. “Tell me how you made me fall in love with you.”


Sookie stared at him with glistening eyes as she looked at the harshest expression that anyone had ever carried for her claiming to hold the greatest. “You love me?” she stammered out. Only then did the bond between them flutter back into full effect, as he allowed her to feel the truth in his words. There was something there she couldn’t describe; it was a mixture of distraught, a hint of lust and anguish. In the background of it all there was something else; hope mixed with an unknown warmth. Love she supposed. She hoped.


He forced her mouth on his at the edge of pain and pleasure. She gasped in surprise and he used it to invade her mouth with his domineering tongue as his body encompassed completely over hers. “You love me,” she whispered, now no longer a question, after finding her breath again after being momentarily deprived of it. His lips moved swiftly down her throat, blunt bites pressed lovingly into plush flesh in a complete absence of fangs. When he reached her pink lace clad breasts without pardon the fabric of the cups were ripped away one by one. Suddenly she felt very naked, the assault of the cool air stiffening her nipples, only further tightening with the accompanying accusing glare that refused to leave his face.


His tongue swept round the little peaks as the remnants of her bra stayed put, the remaining underwires framing the supple roundness of the most magnificent breasts he had ever come across. Another sign she was too good to be true as one fit perfectly in the palm of his hand while he continued to suckle on the other. Sookie could barely register the change in temperatures that assaulted her near naked body at all angles, only noticing his invading fingers in her warmed folds when the cool digits started stroking against her walls. Somewhere the matching pair of lacy underwear was ripped away but all she registered was the harsh red line that the pull of the elastic left behind and he was even more naked than she.


Eric refused to answer as they stared at each other down as in reversal she now carried the accusing gaze. He was embarrassed, the bond revealling his greatest humility to the one he wanted to hide it from most. “Eric I need to hear it,” she pleaded repeating words he had spoken to her earlier, nipping at the strong line of his jaw where her soft lips prickled with the sensation of the scruff present there. His mouth found hers again in a kiss of longing desire seeking a reciprocation that he had yet to find, to not be the only one weak in this moment. Refusing to fall alone into daringly deep depths.


“Yes,” he answered with a growl of disgust as she pulled her mouth from his to breathe. “Now tell me how you did it,” he demanded as she let out a cry from his inducing pleasure between her thighs.


“I don’t know,” she said with a stolen breath. He recognised it as the truth but it did nothing to soothe the ache she caused. “No one’s ever been in love with me before.”


He felt her nearing the precipice of a release and he brutally yanked his fingers from her leaving her empty and frustrated, just like him. “Please,” she pleaded with new tears in her eyes as she sought out his lips in apology. “Ask Godric why I can’t tell you.”


“No,” he returned while spreading the lubrication from between her thighs over his own shaft, pumping it back and forth. He swatted away her hand in admonishment as she tried to reach for him. “You will tell me.”


She continued to sob in agony and in being denied the pleasure he had been steadily building up in her. “I can’t,” Sookie cried as she reached her own fingers between her thighs seeking a promised relief before he could hold it hostage again. The hand he had been using to pump himself stilled her intended movement instantly as he stared her down. She bit down on her bottom lip before offering, “I’ll tell you after Jackson, I promise.”


“Promise?” he asked so softly she almost didn’t hear. It was only through the movements of his lips that she had registered it at all. She desperately nodded her head up and down as her body heaved in desperation, tears clouding her vision. He cupped her cheeks between his hands and pulled his forehead to hers. “Is this for your safety or mine?”


“Both,” she whispered back. Eric moved away the fallen tears as acceptance fell upon them. A conciliatory kiss was shared, promising peace.


“You want this?” Eric questioned when he felt their collective need threaten to tear them apart if they held out from consummation for a moment longer. Worry washed over him when she didn’t respond and his cockhead stilled at its position where it was pushing against her folds. “Sookie, I’m going to fuck you now. Yeah?”


“Yeah,” she swallowed, spreading her legs further apart in invitation.


As brutal as his sudden thrust into her was, she could only cry out in relief as she came instantly from his filling presence inside her. The cold anger and rage melted instantly from the tense musculature in his body as his cock drenched itself in her tight heat. He remained still till he felt the last of her orgasm die out and the panting breaths she exhaled in his neck fell to a normal rhythm again.


“I love you,” he spoke sincerely, the face matching the expression now for the first time. His subsequent moves were soft and tender as the pads of his fingers traced over silken skin. Eric kissed her softly as he moved inside of her with a gentleness that spoke of benevolence. He didn’t matter anymore in comparison to her, as he taught himself what it was to make love to another. It was her, only ever her and from that moment it didn’t scare him anymore.


“I’m so sorry,” he pleaded as a bloody tear trickled down from his eye. Eric couldn’t fathom how his paranoia could ever doubt for how good this felt. She hushed him in response as she moved her hips to meet his every tender thrust. Moving as a singular entity neither one wanted to relinquish the close hold they had on each other, as pleasure ceased being a goal.


They kissed as if it were their source of sustenance as they rocked back and forth with the pace of calm waters. He held her to his chest as he moved kneel below her. She clasped on tight with her arms around his neck following his ascend as her lips refused to leave his. He thrust up hard with more strength as he contentedly watch the force ripple through her body, breasts bouncing till it was projected out her mouth, releasing a deafening cry. He took his mouth to his own wrist and sank his fangs down deep. “Please,” he said as he presented the bleeding wounds in offering. She looked at him in confusion as he readjusted her neck while shaking his head, which she had curved to him in an automatic response.


“Why?” she asked as she leaned her back into his other engulfing arm allowing the sensations of their movements to flood through her as he continued to gyrate his hips slowly against her clit.


“My blood is yours to keep,” he supplied in answer. At her hesitation he added, “Keep me. Just me.”


She fell forward as she took his blood in her mouth, conscious and aware this time, the sense of it was unparalleled. Sookie’s gaze fell to the erotic sight of his cock pistoning in and out of her damp folds between them, it was all too much. Her body fell slack with the sensitivity that ignited the reconnaissance of her system through his, eyes falling shut as her forehead rested to his chest. He thrust into her with greater force as she found him again through the heavy lids of her eyes while his hands moved up and down her spine holding her weakened body up. “You’re mine,” she whispered with the realisation of his earlier statement, her vaginal walls clamping down on him milking his swelling cock for every essence he could spend. “I’m yours,” he strangled out before their collective orgasms spilled out in an eruption of fluids soaking limbs hot and cold.


They didn’t dare move as they clung to another, afraid it would cause the world to fall in pieces around them. She panted heavily in the aftermath with the weight of her head on his shoulder and he moved instinctively along with the heaving of her breaths.


“I trust you,” he said finally breaking their silence.


“Thank you,” she returned in a whisper. Of all the words spoken that night those meant more to her than the grandiose ones spoken of his affection for her. Yes, hearing that he was in love with her had been magical and flattering. However, knowing she was the first and only one he had ever spoken those words to came at a greater appreciation.


To grant his trust to her was worth more to her than even that. Placing a thousand years of defying death in her novice hands without an answer or reciprocation. She didn’t know it, but his offering of blood had been his test to her. Had she refused he would have had to separate from her, despite the love that had blossomed inside of him. He would have allowed her to live but only if he could afford it without the expense of himself. Her acceptance meant she was keeping something for him rather than from him. She had let him in where she was once guarded. She had succumbed to him, tumbling down in equal descent even if she had yet to return the words.


“Are you cold?” he asked as he felt the goosebumps ignite under his hands.


“I don’t want to be anywhere but here with you,” she replied snuggling in tighter into his body looking for any source of warmth. He chuckled a little as she tried to fight the chill that was assaulting her body. He took her legs and wrapped them around his waist and in one swift movement only afforded to the supernatural he closed the still opened front door and had them lying under the covers of his bed.


“I forget how handy that is,” Sookie sighed as she settled in from the disorienting movement and relaxed her legs from around him. She whimpered with the loss of his softening member that her wiggling movements caused.


“I’m really going to have to look into that sling for you,” he chuckled at which she playfully slapped his hard chest next to her resting head. “We’d never have to be apart again.”


“I never didn’t trust you, you know,” she said after he finished laughing at her menacing scowl.


“I know,” he replied. “You foolishly trust anyone according to Godric.”


“Pfff,” she exclaimed the vibration travelling on his chest delighting him to no end. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I never trusted the vampire next door or the company he kept. I may reserve judgement but that doesn’t mean I trust anyone at face value. The list of people I trust is decidedly short.”


He stole her lips for another kiss keeping her from impending slumber. “I better be at the top of that list,” he all but demanded, though the jovial tone betrayed the harshness of it.


She looked up at him in earnest, softly pecking at his chest before replying, “I never thought about it. Yes, you’re at the top of the list. You pretty much are the list right now.”


“Good,” came his slurred response before his day death took him from her. It wasn’t until she glanced at the clock he had placed on her bedside at her request that she realised it was now well past dawn. The torrents of emotions and physical exertion having taken its toll, she too fell to rest.




Sookie was desperately trying to get a hold of everything that had been happening the evenings past but it was a useless excercise. She was fidgeting at everything that could be fidgeted at in front of the full-length mirror as she regarded her chosen outfit for the evening. All her things had been packed except for this outfit and the one she would wear while travelling.


Nothing had ever scared her in anticipation, for her telepathy had always afforded her preconceived knowledge. Sookie’s immersion among vampires meant the cost of blissful silence came in the form of the unknown. That scared her along with Godric’s warnings that she would be regarded as slightly more than a disposable pet but that didn’t necessarily afford her immunity.


“What has you so worried my sweet,” Eric asked with his sudden appearance behind her. His hands roamed softly over her midriff as he nuzzled her hair.


“The unknown,” she said meeting his eyes in the reflection of the mirror.


“I was once unknown to you,” he returned as he placed a soft kiss atop her head. “I think it turned out alright.”


“True.” She let out a small snort and couldn’t resist to tease, “Who knows maybe I’ll find my next Mr Right at the barbecue.”


He growled and spun her round, “Don’t you dare. Mr Right is right here,” he declared following it up with an oxygen depriving kiss.


“Maybe you’re just Mr Right Now,” she sassed back after catching her breath. The resounding playful growl was beginning to become much more feral in nature with warning.


“Maybe I should introduce you to Mrs Right,” he said coolly as he stealthily slipped a ring on her finger. Sookie startled at the feel of the cool metal and gasped when she looked down. It was clearly old, with an intricate pattern showing the patina of age. Despite the impressive workmanship there was a slight crudeness to the finishing.


“Eric, I…” she started but was abruptly cut off by another kiss now atop her newly fit ring.


“It was my mother’s,” he explained. “One of the few things I still retain from my human days. No one has worn it since.”


She only then dared look down on it with interest. Sookie traced the seal in the middle as he continued to explain, “My father gifted this to her upon my birth. It matched his crown.”


“This is as old as you,” she said smiling at the realisation. “Just as rough around the edges too. Beautiful.”


“I know I am,” he said smugly which earned him a playful swat.


“I think I should stop yielding to you to slap some humility back into you,” she said with a shake of her disapproving head.


“I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work,” Pam drawled with her unannounced arrival. “Nothing gets this one in line.”


“Nice to see you too Pam,” Eric greeted with annoyance as the comfort of their restored private sphere had been interrupted.


“Mistress, Master,” she intoned with an emphasis on the s’s as she accompanied it with a small bow. The spectacle of her decorum was clearly to get a rise out of them both even if it was appropriate practice for the upcoming events. As always Pam was successful in her outset grating them both. Eric dealt with her insubordination with forced labour as he commanded her to ready the vehicle with their luggage in order to steal a few private moments with Sookie before their departure.


They arrived in Jackson before midnight after Eric and Sookie had suffered through hours of Pam’s taunting. Despite the exceedingly high speeds that this incurred the time gained was lost as they waited in the long line of vehicles entering the sumptuous estate.


“Russell has already requested a private audience for tonight,” Pam informed as she scrolled through her emails on her smartphone.


“I’d expect nothing less,” Eric replied. “The Queen?”


“Tomorrow,” she answered in their shorthand.


“You’ll be fine Sookie,” Eric offered sensing her nervous energy through their bond as his hand reached out for hers. She merely hummed an answer of understanding as their fingers interlaced, though her anxiety dissipated little. They were interrupted by one of the valets who directed them to their assigned parking.


The rooms that they were led to in the sprawling antebellum mansion were luxurious and as impressive as one would expect from a royal residence. Pam had been right in informing Sookie that women were a clear minority in the palace. She had never seen such an amount of well-groomed and attractive men in one place. From their thoughts it was unmistakeable that none had any sort of interest in the opposite sex, most couldn’t care for anything human either, as they leered and lusted at the tall blonde by her side. Eric couldn’t help but revel in the sparks of jealousy that trickled through from her side of the bond.


Sookie pulled her outfit for the night from its garment bag. The sewing demon had done miracle work with the alterations as it hung like a couture piece on her body. Eric helped her zip the dress in place finishing with a soft kiss to her neck. Pam entered, disturbing them once more, to primp and preen Sookie while Eric looked on in annoyance as her natural radiance was covered up by make-up. He was never a fan of pretence and didn’t enjoy it on a woman’s face either.


Pam had Sookie ready with ten minutes to spare before their meeting with the king. Eric had only met privately with Russell Edgington once, on the evening of the ball that had ended with their least favourite company in Bon Temps. Despite his raking and lustful eyes Russell would always be a politician first therefore there was no doubt in Eric’s mind that this was merely a business formality. It was like with any vampire marriage negotiations; a carefully played game of chess. As the king and queen were accounted for on the board, Eric was most definitely the rook that needed capturing.


Eric’s station as Sheriff would not grant him such an important credit were it not for his age and connections. His maker being out of the political field only strengthened his position further. Russell knew if he were to capture Sophie Anne’s precious piece he would happily sacrifice any minor pawn for the exchange.


Russell sat proudly in his receiving hall, a line of guests waiting to greet and pledge their loyalty to him. His throne was a modern incarnation of red velvet in a neo baroque style that was surrounded by a harem of men dressed in tight black briefs that barely covered their glistened bodies as they ceremoniously wafted feathered fans around him.


Sookie and Eric waited patiently outside as the line of greeters trickled out the opposing set of doors. At the sound of the heavy panels of wood closing on the last set of visitors, the vampire and part fairy were introduced to the ancient king. Per protocol they stood directly in front of him and greeted him with a deep and respectful bow.


With an excited clap of his hands the harem and attending staff disappeared from the room leaving the three on their own. Russell looked over the couple appreciatively, their matching Northern European features were predictably boring to him but the sight together was alluring nonetheless. They were a comical dichotomy; pale and tan, tall and short, hard and soft, dead and alive. Most striking was what could not be seen and would be rare for a vampire of any age to recognise instantly.


“You bring before me a Royal Fairy,” Russell said as amusement sparkled through his beady eyes. Nervous energy and shock shot from Sookie into Eric as she clamped down her hand onto his fearing that they were caught in their deception, finding themselves at the mercy of one the most powerful vampires on the continent, mocking her supposed pretence.


Eric willed her to calm down even though she successfully deflected it. They had yet to find the time to talk about her heritage and her curiosity proved to Eric she had been too out of it in the aftermath of their formed bond to comprehend what was said at the time. An apologetic glance was thrown sideways before he spoke.


“Allow me to introduce her Imperial Highness Sookie Brigant, Princess of the House of Sky.”


A/N: Eric shaped cookies for anyone who predicted that outcome on the ‘Telepathy Talk’. Now I shall go and hide while you yell at me for leaving you hanging right there… remember at least one of their stubborn asses admitted to what he was feeling before you throw your rotten vegetables my way…


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  1. Well I am happy one of them said I love you. As for the Fairy royalty I guess this just makes Eric even with Sookie since she has not told him about her telepathy. I would not throw anything rotten at you — I want you to be well to write the next chapter 🙂


    1. Yes Eric has great timing as ever while Super Stubborn Sookie remains the queen of denial… They’re a fun pair and like you say very evenly matched even in their withholding of information…

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  2. at least it was a start, i am sure she feels the same way but since she still has a secret to tell she is leery. love her outing of faeness…. wonder what will happen next… loved it. KY


    1. Russell has his uses 😉 it’s secrets all round with these two but they’re still on an even playing field though neither one is really comfortable if they don’t have the upper hand so they’ll be swimming in testy waters for a while…


  3. It’s crazy that Eric share something so deeply with Sookie his love and trust and she doesn’t share with him. This put stubbornness to a new level. I find it a little hurtful, that she didn’t share. A very interesting chapter.


    1. See you all liked strong and independent Sookie for so long, I wondered when the novelty would wear off… She has issues, you’ll find out sometime soonish and I’m one that says love comes when it comes and it rarely comes at the same time, if she was feeling it consciously she would have shared.


  4. I love how you wrote Eric’s rawness. (is that a word?) He is so angry but so needy and desperate for her. He lays himself bare- showing her his anger but also his love(and his dick, lol). So lovely! I wonder what her reaction will be to Russell’s words.


    1. Men aren’t simple when it comes to emotions they usually just take them by surprise. I would hazard a guess that one who has been repressing them for a millennia would be especially raw and vulnerable when first unleashed. There’s always a bit of a hazzard when writing Eric in a romantic setting in that he becomes this very feminine fantasy from all the lovely doveyness but I try to capture that virile masculinity somehow, it isn’t always pretty but their relationship isn’t smooth sailing anyhow… Lol I know you think his dick is lovely 😉 and I tend to treat it as an extension (terrible pun not intended) of his emotional control, it’s like a sword to him, he can battle Sookie with that physically as she has yet to best him there…


      1. That is really interesting about his penis as a weapon of his control. The contrast of his vulgar words and then his tender worry as he asks for her permission for sex, “yeah?”- this word is short but the way he said it, especially when he had just been so forceful and nasty, struck me as vulnerable on his part. Like he has the dick- the weapon- but she has the control- he can do nothing without her permission.
        I also agree on the fact that men are deep, they feel deeply but sometimes things sneak up on them and I think when they finally feel safe, they sometimes fall apart a little bit before they pull themselves together. I’ve experienced this twice with men I’ve been in love with and girlfriends have shared their similar experiences with me also.

        Anyway, I love this story. I just need more time to read the rest of your stories. 🙂


        1. That ‘yeah?’ was purposeful along with the vulgarity of his words, those are his defense shields. He’s definitely falling apart in front of her and with that pesky bond he can’t hide anything… It’s this disintegration and downfall of Eric where I pulled the title of the story from.

          I don’t always like to think in male/female stereotypes too much because I think there’s much more similarities between different types among the sexes than what a simple male/female distinction provides. It varies culturally too, Russian men are unashamed criers in relationships… it drove a friend of mine mad when she lived there, she thought they all acted like women. In contrast Scandinavians need a lot of drink in them to tell you anything or even to approach you for that matter. Over here the words I love you really don’t have that much weight as they do in English. Maybe it’s because we say I ‘hold’ on to you (if I were to translate it literally) and our southern neighbours say “I like seeing you” which has this really tender quality about it except they ruin it when they tell you they want to ‘poop’ you which means to fuck, and yes the word poop means and is exactly the same and they also use it as an endearing word for ass (usually a child’s) which makes it even more disturbing…

          This Eric and Sookie’s relationship is actually very much like a lot of male on male relationships where this constant struggle to be on ‘top’ (in more ways than one), to be the one in control is often battled out in bed and sometimes with actual fists, there’s a raw violence there you don’t see too often in straight relationships. Sookie’s sharp tongue will have to be her sword in this 😉

          I get rather tired of the submissive Sookie and domineering Eric that a lot of fanfics portray, it seems out of character to me. The roles would be reversed in my opinion if they were to fall into those stereotypes as it’s the ones who are always tightly in control that seek release through letting go and submitting like that but a certain trilogy of books has seemed to make people think otherwise… I never read them on the basis of the premise alone.

          I get what you mean with catching up with other stories, I’m still lagging behind on chapter thirty something on NN of yours because writing and editing has taken over and when the words are flowing easy I give them preference. With others I’ve gotten so far behind I’m just going to wait till it’s finished. If you find the time I think you would like 6 Months to Live, that Eric’s a complete opposite to this one although there are certain similarities (of course) and he has his control issues but he’s not as afraid of his heart however it takes them forever to have sex and I mean forever…


  5. Ooh that chapter was awesome! Loved it from start to finish. Hope Sookie doesn’t get pissed at Eric for springing the whole Princess thing on her because she is holding something back from him too!


  6. I could tell it was purposeful. It worked so well to highlight the extremes of his emotions- his consuming anger and paranoia and then his overwhelming love for her. He was attempting to use sex as a weapon- even his thoughts, the language he used- drowning in her, her strangling his cock- harsh imagery for an act of love. And I guess Eric would see it as his downfall maybe but I don’t. Unless, maybe it does him harm(which maybe it does, I don’t know where you’re going with the story) but him becoming bare for her, flooding the bond with his emotions, teaching himself to make love to her, trusting her– maybe he thinks these things are cutting him down but in a relationship these things are necessary, even if they are hard to do.

    I also hate to gender stereotype and there are certainly tons of exceptions to everything but there is real brain evidence for some differences. Maybe those cultural differences have to do with when men feel safe. Like if men are not taught shame for their emotions, they may either cry at the drop of a hat or hardly ever feel the need to fall apart. I think in America there is still a fair amount of shame for emotional men so in my experience, it takes them a while to open up and let themselves be vulnerable in sharing their emotions.

    That’s so interesting about the differences in the language of I love you. Love is something that I find difficult to think about. Like, is there a moment when you don’t love someone and then all of a sudden you do? How does that happen? I remember falling in love with my husband and I remember when I realized I loved him but that’s not to say that that is when I fell in love with him. I mean, the language can be troublesome, right? But the poop thing? lol. Strange!

    I am sort of torn on the sub/dom thing. Sometimes it can be fun to read. Like if it’s a legit dom/sub relationship. But I get upset when there is a Sookie who gets treated like shit by Eric and she doesn’t fight back. Like when he is a cocky arrogant ass and she can’t help but to fuck him. I want to scream at and slap her. LOL. I don’t mind a cocky arrogant ass but he’d better be put in his place and he’d better come back on his knees if he wants a relationship with Sookie. But then, I am happy to read a well-written BDSM relationship. I’m not sure the trilogy you are referring to- 50 Shades? I have not read those, or Twilight if that’s what you mean. I’m a little stubborn and don’t read the popular books on purpose, lol.

    I didn’t know you were reading NN- I remember you said you don’t review…was that you? These 7 facts are blurring somewhat. They took a while to have sex in NN too. No sex doesn’t bother me. I read for a good story and for the emotional connection I feel for the characters. Well done sex scenes are the icing on the cake. There is a writer whose blog is called fairy bites and her sex scenes are not very explicit or very long but they evoke some of the strongest emotions in me and I just love her writing. It’s almost all dialog and she writes it so well. If you have time, I would recommend her stories. She puts E and S in such unique situations and she wrote the only vampSookie story that I have ever loved.
    Ok, I am obviously over-tired since I’ve written a novel on your blog and I don’t even remember half of what I wrote. Hopefully I won’t be embarrassed in the morning. 😉


    1. They both had a talk on what love meant to them a couple of chapters back, Sookie expressed it as sacrifice of self while Eric always saw it as a battle where you could only stand to lose so he never thought it worth fighting. He’s still very much stuck in that mindset and being Eric, he refuses to go down without a fight even when he knows he’ll lose…

      When you write what you know it’s a different thing so I say that goes for Dom/Sub thing too, there are interesting insights to be had there. Generally I go with whatever people do in the privacy of their own bed (or wherever) is their business. However, I’ve seen too many psychological reviews on the impact of it and the type of people that pursue it. To me it’s an extreme form of finding pleasure and if you need that amount of pain to achieve it, it’s a symptom of a different problem. I stumbled upon a blog once through the wordpress reader recommendations by someone who had a terribly abusive experience as a sub and she expressed she probably would have been dead at the hands of his abuse were it not for the fact he died due to sudden health problems first. She never considered fighting back because of the nature of their relationship. Yet she loved the fifty shades trilogy and is in another one of those relationships, according to her a slightly better one claiming the aftermath of the first on naivete. I don’t feel it right to judge that but I worry for her nonetheless. I hate that my cousin (who is 14) and her friends are all excited to see the upcoming movie about fifty shades, even when she tells me she just wants to go to laugh at it. I know there’s curiosity there and there’s nothing wrong with that but that really shouldn’t be your introduction to sex and love. I’d tell her to see Lars von Trier’s Nymphonia I & II or Shame, which are truly unsexy movies about sex but honest nonetheless, but those are really too explicit for someone so young and probably difficult to understand the nuances of without experience.

      A Sookie that’s only led by her body is completely unbelievable to me and fanfiction is making me wonder if there is a contingent of women I don’t know about that are like that. Though it does fascinate me why there is such a demand for this degradation and humiliation of a strong female lead. Elfhef’s Landlord Escapades is an exception in that, it plays heavily with the concept of consent and got banned of for that. It was a struggle for me to get through the first few chapters but it paid of even though it stands unfinished now but its intelligently written and brings Eric to his knees in a very believable and subtle way.

      I love an arrogant and cheeky Eric in any story but he needs the humility as well. I need the balance in the personality because that portrays the depth of a character. I haven’t read Twilight either, never will, initially I didn’t even want to watch TB because it was about vampires. My tastes lie in completely different realms and TB has always been a guilty pleasure.

      Love is a weird thing to think and write about, it’s very much like an on/off switch with me and I’m very selective who I let in but once you’re in you’re in. I know with others it grows slowly and with men it often knocks them over unexpected and some have been too scarred by the past to dare feel anything again, women I find are the greatest inflictors of emotional pain. With others love is just there and never acknowledged or spoken aloud but felt strongly regardless.

      I love everything J.R. Watkins of Fairy Bites writes, I think she’s probably one of the most under appreciated authors of our little fandom. I’m not anti sex scenes, I enjoy them when they’re good and well placed but the majority aren’t and feel formulaic or an obligation to the readers. I had an internal debate with myself whether I would or wouldn’t write about it but I feel the groundwork was laid there by CH, you can’t write about Eric and Sookie without exploring their sex life, it’s an intrinsic part of them but I will only utilise them as part of the narrative and sometimes they’re completely unsexy because of that. I think one of the most beautiful things I ever wrote was a sex scene between Pam and her Maker (who isn’t Eric in From Time Immemorial) which effectively explains their relationship through that single expression of connection but the sex is completely redundant in it.

      Yes, I’m the one that’s the lazy reviewer. I make an exception for Meridean because she’s too much fun to banter with and California Kat sometimes gets me thinking about something deep and I know those type of reviews make my stories better or spark something new. Often I don’t have much to say and sometimes fear something I say I would be taken as critical and not everyone responds to that well. I personally find reviews that say good chapter/well done or a recap rather uninteresting. I like the raw visceral reactions sometimes, I spend a good amount of time defending Pam to readers and fear I will soon with this Sookie because asshole Eric is infallible of course…. but I like NN and proof of that is that I didn’t even notice it was written in the present tense till I was a good few chapters in. It’s a pet peeve of mine, there’s no real basis for it but I just like fiction better when it’s written in the past tense so please don’t take offense because that’s all me.

      No need to feel embarrassed because now I have probably surpassed the length of your previous comment 😉 but I enjoy a good conversation in the comment section especially when they make me think about the choices I make in my writing, they’re not always conscious so sometimes they can be an eye opener to me too.


      1. I’m not offended with your preference for past tense. I think I have written in every view/tense and I use them all for different reasons. Well, I have not done third present. But with first present I can add in more internal thoughts or exclamations I guess. I could probably do that in past but it feels harder…something I can explore since I always want to be growing. I do love when I get a strong reactive review but every review I get makes me happy(except the rude anons on ff) and the recaps help me to see what stood out to readers. I am a feedback junkie though, I want to know what people think, I love to dissect things with people.
        I came to fanfiction for the sex, lol. I watched all of TB last summer and discovered fanfiction when I was completely dissatisfied with the show but loved the characters. I had no idea it even existed before this time last year. Then I started writing it last January basically for the sex. And I havent read a single SVM book, lol. I have always written technically but have always been a creative person so I decided to jump right in. It’s been really fun for me so far and the sex has become less important…or maybe more important to the story and less plentiful…

        JR Watkins, yes, I couldnt remember her name. Love her! She has some unfinished things that I hope she finishes.

        Ive not seen those two movies though Ive read what they are about. I dont know much about 50 Shades except that its a bad example of a true bdsm relationship. I know people in those relationships are mad about it. I think there is a slippery slope and like anything, people go about it with little real knowledge, and can get themselves in trouble. I really dont know more than the small amount Ive read on other peoples experiences with it.

        Anyway, Ive had fun talking with you. Its always interesting to hear other perspectives. Ill be around sporadically for a while since I’ll be traveling but have a great day!


        1. I like dissecting stories too with my own reviewers, the feedback I can’t do too much with because on average I have 10 to 15 chapters prewritten before I post anything. Sometimes I add bits but that’s about it. I was late to the fanfic world too, I only discovered it summer 2013 and when I pretty much read everything there was to read I started writing this April. Have a nice holiday/travels wherever you’re headed!


      1. No worries…I never really understood why other people don’t say something it isn’t like you are going through checking the buttons when a simple word from a reader and problem solved I was more pissed thinking there was no more to read then over a chapter button…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m always grateful to hear it. I have to update the links when I’m posting the new chapters and sometimes it slips my mind especially now when I’m dual posting with the Fixin’s. I wish I had a little elf who would just magically take care of my next button issues, but alas I’m still left wanting…

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh I wasn’t soliciting, I’m too much of a control freak to micromanage. MsBuffy is kind enough to put up with me under my severe threats but aside from that I’ll live with my minor mistakes here and there. Still beats the solemn look of despite malfunctioning buttons now and then…

              Liked by 1 person

  7. Very intense chapter…
    loved Eric’s inner thoughts.
    Now I wonder how Eric is gonna explain Sookie about her fae heritage ?
    How he kept it from her while he freaked out when he wanted to know how Sookie knew about Taryn feeding off in the bathroom!?
    See it isn’t good to keep secrets…

    Liked by 1 person

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