Chapter 8 – Recalibrate




“You’ve made up your mind then,” he concluded.


“Yes,” she replied, nodding her head as it had offered a bit of clarity for the first time all evening. “I know what I want to do.”


“Will you let me drive you home?”


“No,” Sookie returned as she watched the disappointment settle on his face. “I’m not going anywhere.”


She swore she could see excitement hidden behind his guarded eyes. “You are certain?” She nodded in assurance. He could barely contain the relief that he held at the sight.


“Perhaps you would like to take me to dinner,” she said with a small smile. “I haven’t eaten since last night.”


“What are you in the mood for?” he asked pulling her from his seat. Grateful she allowed her hand to be taken in his.


“Know what?” she thought aloud, startled by her own craving that her hunger had rendered. “I could really go for a rare slab of beef.”





“What made you change your mind?” Eric asked sipping at his blood concoction. He refrained from expressing the horrific taste of what he assumed cardboard tasted like. No matter how many blends they combined it all tasted like shit to him.


“I gave you my word that I would do this,” she shrugged. “Pam was right. I wasn’t putting in my best effort. I was merely sitting out the ride. If I was going to walk away from this then I needed to know it was not from my lack of effort.”


“The way I acted had nothing to do with your effort. You could have walked away without an ounce of shame,” Eric said still carrying much of the negative emotion himself.


“Eric do me a favour,” she asked.


“Anything,” he answered determined. He’d never given that much leeway to a request before. Conditions were the margin in which he had manoeuvred throughout his entire existence. It was the first time that guilt over his actions had relented his caution of self. That should have alarmed him but it didn’t.


“Stop guilt tripping yourself about this. As far as I’m concerned we’re even. We both lost our control through no fault of our own,” she spoke with determined clarity. “Yes, I would have preferred not to have woken the way I did, but honestly the patrons of Merlotte aren’t any less handsy when they have too much to drink.”


It’s what she hated about the inebriated; their minds became foggy and unpredictable. She had unfortunately had more than one frustrating run in and Sam had been able to help her out but the damage had usually already been done by then.


Eric growled at the thought of the greasy and smelly men touching this precious light. She looked at him questioningly at the sudden noise. With it he reigned in his possessive stance knowing he had no right to claim her as his own, especially now.


Within any vampire there was always a war waging between the ration of man and the possessive thirst of blood. Eric had always prided himself of being in command of that force that dictated his survival above all else. It was that accomplishment which had swelled his maker with pride when he was but a fledgling.


“I do not wish you to downplay what happened,” Eric said sternly. “Who knows what I would have done if I hadn’t woken.” Those thoughts had run through his mind once too often ever since waking and he knew without a doubt that the thirst would left but a shell of her.


“I guess I have these for that now,” she said as she wiggled his fingers at him, the slightest electrical current sparkled between her fingers in demonstration. Whilst the power surging through her hands had frightened her originally she was becoming quite pleased with the possibilities of her newfound bug zappers. “It’ll make for an interesting night at Merlotte’s.”


“Why are so relaxed about this?” He was baffled with the ease from which she had flipped from aggrieved to a stance of nonchalance.


“It’s all about choice Eric. It’s where I lay judgement. I wouldn’t hold Pam responsible if you had commanded her to attack me.” She continued to explain, “Would you really be sitting at a table having dinner with me if my accident had been an intended assault on your life?”


“A man has free choice to the extent that he is rational,” he quoted.


“Who said that?” she asked, the words seeming vaguely familiar.


“Thomas Aquinas, I think. Godric has a great interest in his texts, sometimes poignant insights stick,” he shrugged.


“Your dream, was it a fairy thing? Could I have caused it?”


“I don’t know. Fairies are secretive beings and I never had anyone beside me during my day rest with the exception of Pam and my maker.”


“No other vampires have been known to have dreams?” she asked as she picked at her vegetable pieces with her fork.


“There are some, but it is considered a gift and immediately apparent after their turning,” he explained considerately. His eyes glazes over a little at the memory of the dream, somewhat lost to the reality he was in now. “It felt so real, all my senses were engaged it was not simply a visual and auditory sensation like I remember.”


“What other traits are fairies known to have?” she asked wondering if this was the source of her telepathy. His gaze fell back upon hers as her question brought him back from his momentary absence.


“They can’t lie so they excel in circular reasoning. It’s quite exasperating holding a conversation with one when they’re hiding something. Teleportation is common as are the light balls and the healing. Some are known to possess telekinesis, precognition and power mimicry.”


The waiter interrupted them to ask if they wanted dessert. Sookie ordered an apple tart and Eric decided to try the blood gelato at her encouragement. He grimaced at the first bite as Sookie moaned in delight at the taste of her dessert.


“Is it that bad?” she asked noting his reaction was a complete opposite of her own.


He nodded, “Blood is not meant to be this cold, all flavour is lost.” Every drop of blood he had tasted since his dream had tasted terrible. The donor blood from his fridge had tasted worse than he remembered. He had yet to try a fresh tap but he doubted it would compare to the memory of a taste he never had. A quick glamour of the valet while Sookie was in the bathroom confirmed it.


When they pulled in to the driveway Sookie noticed the scorched bed and furniture standing ready to be taken away. Two handymen were putting away their tools in the back of their truck.


“Eric where am I going to sleep?” she asked as she realised the only other bed in the house was in his bedroom. He had a sofa but that was so modernist, comfort was a quality lost on it. She resigned that that would have to be it for tonight, perhaps she could find someone to deliver a new bed during the day. There wasn’t much in her savings account but she was determined to use it to repay the damage she had caused.


“I would offer you my bed but I doubt you want a repeat performance. I can bring you to another one of my homes if you’d like,” he offered. Her brows furrowed in response, she didn’t like the thought of another unknown environment as she had only just adjusted to this one.


He briefly spoke to the two handymen, werewolves she assumed by their mental signatures. She overheard one of them say such a large sheet of glass would take a minimum of two weeks to arrive. She felt awful, especially when Eric was making up some story about Pam and a flamethrower.


She left him to continue his conversation with the weres and went down to the bedroom to find the cashmere blanket. She looked around the room again remembering what transpired there earlier in the evening. The fear of waking up to someone who wasn’t responding to her and discovering her new powers. Both had made her feel powerless in the events.


The healing had done something to her as well. It had allowed her to assert control over the situation and grounded her. She sat down on the crime scene that was the bed wrapping the blanket round her body for some warmth. Eric soundlessly entered the bedroom during her contemplation so it startled her when he spoke up.


“Are you ready to go?” he asked.


She shook her head no. “I’d like to take up the offer of your bed,” she said.


“That works too. Let me set you up with a temporary password so you can leave during the day. I’ll gather some things and leave you to it.”


“I’m not running you out of your house,” she frowned with a slight irritation. Deciding to use his own arsenal against him she added, “What would Nanny Bitty think of me?”


“You’re not serious,” he returned disbelievingly. “Sookie I’m not endangering you like that again.”


“I need to do this Eric. I don’t want to be frightened the rest of my life that this is what happens when I sleep next to someone else,” her eyes pleaded at his as she clutched his forearm with her miniscule hands in comparison. “I trust you Eric it will be all right.”


“Sookie this is madness. How can you trust me when I don’t even trust myself?”


“I trust you. I need to be comfortable with you otherwise we will never succeed,” she explained. “I need to get back on the horse so to speak.”


“Not when the horse is a wild stallion Sookie,” he sighed with a frown. “Your lack of self-preservation is extremely worrisome.”


“I feel I can trust you Eric. I just need the affirmation now.”


“I don’t know how I can agree to this,” he said shaking his head.


“Well how do you propose we get past this?” she asked with annoyance. The temper that could light up any building in flames was steadily rising underneath the surface of her heated façade. “You can barely look me in the eye, let alone come near me or unleash one of your pervy innuendos. We need to recalibrate and this will do that.”


He remained looking at her incredulously even if she did have a point. An extremely dangerous point. He shook his head again as he exhaled an unnecessary deep breath through his nose.


“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this,” Eric said as he continued to shake his head in disbelief. “You will take precautions, an alarm two hours before sunset and you will carry silver on your body. Added to that we’re practicing your light skills.”


“No to the alarm,” she replied pointedly and at the sight of his stern face continued, “That would defeat the purpose of the exercise. I’ll agree to the rest.”


“Fine,” he gritted out. “I’m taking you out to a practice range perhaps a dress is not the most suitable attire.”


Sookie looked down at her sunny yellow dress and had to agree. She went in search of her suitcase that still stood by the front door and brought it down. She asked if he minded if she would change down here and he gave no objections and retreated to the library. He was perusing the shelves looking for any volumes concerning fairies and their powers when she appeared.


“I’m ready,” she announced to the hovering vampire in the double height space. “I was wondering how you got to those volumes up high without a ladder. I should have figured you could fly.”


“A gift from my maker,” he said as he slowly lowered himself down with a stack of books. “Though it didn’t set in until my second century. Pam is still decidedly pissed it has evaded her so far.”


“Godric took my Gran out flying once,” Sookie remembered as she watched the maelstrom of emotions flicker in Eric’s eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t speak of him so thoughtlessly.”


“No,” he said as he set the stack of books down on a table. “I admire your strength in facing things head on. Perhaps I should try it.”


Sookie regaled the story of Godric and Gran’s flying adventures during the drive over to the facility. It wasn’t a particularly interesting story. It had been quite comical to Sookie that neither of them had ever flown on an actual aircraft but had been able to look down onto the earth regardless. Her Gran had been tickled pink for days at the experience and it was the first time Sookie had seen Godric’s sombre cloud dissipate a bit.


“So you can just waltz in here whenever you want?” she asked as she took in the supernatural training facility. “Perks of being Sheriff?”


“Yes, but I also own the place,” he replied. “I require new born vampires to be trained properly in my area. They are often arrogant with their newfound strengths, forgetting that a weapon needs a master to wield it. It’s a good money maker with the other supernaturals too.”


“Is the supernatural world truly such a dangerous one?”


“Things are probably more peaceful then they ever have been before,” he said. “It’s what allowed our reveal to happen in this era. Vampires live for long lengths of time and we can’t take for granted that the state of today will be that of tomorrow.”


“That makes sense, I guess,” she replied thoughtfully as she followed him into a long empty space.


“I’ll need to test if this program responds to your light. Tap into the related emotion and summon it,” he instructed as he continued to press away on the computer terminal. At the far end of the room a shape appeared in the form of a projection. Sookie had managed to conjure up the ball of light between her fingers and held it up awaiting further instruction. It wasn’t as impressive as the one that had struck Eric down but it glowed brightly nonetheless.


“A storm trooper?” she asked disbelievingly.


He gave a shrug of his shoulders, “The man who designed this is a bit of a fanboy. I figured a light saber is the closest thing to your power.”


It seemed to do the trick although Eric had to adjust the sensitivity of it before it worked perfectly. He set up the first training sequence and removed himself to the viewing platform above. She was an accurate shot but lacked the necessary speed. Had this scenario been real she would have been fatally wounded many times over. Halfway through he paused the program.


“You rely far too much on your sight,” he observed to a panting Sookie. In truth it was her telepathy not that she would admit to that. She had fallen back on sight because her unique skill was unable to help her in a situation without minds.  He held up a blindfold, “This will help you concentrate on your other senses.” She nodded her permission before he fastened it around her eyes.


“Have you even noticed their scents?” he asked.


“No,” she replied. “What do storm troopers smell like anyway?”


“Patchouli oil and plastic.”


She giggled a little before she confirmed she was ready to start again. When she found her footing and concentrated on the other senses Sookie’s hit rate was vastly improved.


“How did I do?” she asked pulling the blindfold from her eyes when the bell rang in the end of the sequence.


“If we disregard the first half, you were more accomplished than most newborns.”


“And with the first half?” she demanded her eyebrow sceptically cocked.


“Then I fear you wouldn’t make it past your first decade,” he said as he passed her some snacks he found in the canteen.


“Good to know,” she said. “Can I try again without the blindfold?”


“Are you up to it? I don’t want to wear you out too much, it’s late for you.”


“I slept for over twelve hours last night, I think I’ll manage,” she replied. He nodded to set up another sequence upping the necessary skill level by adding in an environment of a dense forest.


“Wow, it’s beautiful,” she said as she took in the sights, sounds and smells of it all.


She adjusted her senses accordingly and while she wasn’t able to fend off every attack, she had a high success rate regardless. She was glowing with pride when he informed her as such.


“Have I fulfilled your required practice now?” Sookie asked downing her bottle of water while wiping away the sweat on her forehead.


“Yes, you have surpassed it. Don’t tell Pam but you beat her score on the forest scene,” he winked at her. “In fact do tell her, she could use the exercise.”


“You have strange ways of motivating her.”


“Pam is lazy, nothing will change that,” he explained walking her out the doors. “Her determination is admirable in contrast. It pulls unsurpassable effort from her but she’s lacklustre without it.”


“The three of you are very different,” she observed as she considered Eric, his maker and his child. She pulled the seatbelt over her body as Eric started the car. He never fastened his seatbelt and she now figured it was on account of the flying.


“I didn’t speak with Godric as much as Gran but it seemed he lived with his mind in the past. Pam appears more concerned with what happens next. You seem more concerned with the present while waiting for what’s next. Is that related to your vampire age?”


“No, Godric has always been contemplative but it has deepened with age,” he sighed a little. “Pam was obsessive and flighty as a human and I fear she will always remain so. She relishes in being a vampire knowing she can always experience what comes next without the thought that it will end.”


“Did you want to be a vampire?”


“I had a choice between true death and this one. I am happy with the choice I made but I cannot say for certain I would have made the same choice under different circumstances.”


She nodded in understanding, “Has Pam always been so obsessed with fashion?” she asked hoping to switch to a lighter topic.


“Yes,” he confirmed. “She’s lucky to have such an eye for business otherwise she’d never be able to fund it.”


“I guess it’s her way of controlling time,” Sookie contemplated. “If she continues to seek out the next novelty she doesn’t have any need to contemplate the past.”


“You think Pam is adverse to sentiment and nostalgia?” he smirked. ”Hardly, she was a Victorian in her human days. It was their livelihood.”


“No I don’t think it’s that,” Sookie replied. “It allows her to attach herself to something in motion when she will be forever standing still. It shows great acceptance of what she is.”


Eric beamed a little with pride at her assertion. Perhaps he wouldn’t berate Pam as harshly the next time she took hold of the company credit cards for personal use.


“We humans,” she started, although Sookie had to seriously reconsider her identification to that species soon, “have an expiration date. An uncertain one but a definite one. We have to use our time knowingly. It forces us to move forward whether we want to or not.”


“You are very observant for someone so young,” Eric said after some thought.


“You kind of have to be when no one else seeks you out for conversation,” she said absent-minded while staring up at the stars through the car window.


Her social isolation still puzzled him. Yes, her more abrasive tendencies would be an indicator but those were a reaction to a cause. That cause remained a mystery to him. She disrupted his thought process with another question, “How do you deal with it?”


“Deal with what?” he asked trying to remember their topic of conversation before his mind wandered.


“Time ticking but not away in your case,” she said tapping her finger tips away on her thighs.


“We are not truly immortal, we have our weaknesses.”


She scoffed at that, “My life could be up within five minutes but I don’t live according to that tenant. I doubt you made it to over a thousand with that philosophy.”


“True,” he admitted. “That doesn’t mean I’m not cautious. Honestly I don’t give it much thought. I accept time for what it is and trust I can live alongside it if it can tolerate me.”


“That’s not really an answer,” she bristled.


“It’s best one I can give you,” he smirked. “At this moment in time.”


“Always deflecting with humour,” she scolded.


“Can you blame me? This is more Godric’s area of expertise,” he returned with a slight edge to his voice.


“I’m sorry if I unnerved you,” she offered with some regret.


“You have not,” he stated simply and she understood it for the truth it was.


“Would you mind if I spoke to Godric about these things?”


“If you can reach him by all means. On this specific topic I would rather you didn’t,” he replied.


“This is why your relationship is strained,” she stated rather than asked. Eric acknowledged it with a minute nod. “He struggles with time passing him by?”


He remained silent for some time. Eric wasn’t comfortable discussing his maker’s troubles with anyone, not even Pam. However the small blonde next to him had an uncanny ability to leave his emotions unguarded in her presence. Perhaps it was a fairy thing. He intended to use that excuse to explain a lot of things.


He held onto the steering wheel a little tighter than he should, his knuckles turning a blinding white before he admitted, “No he struggles with his continued existence in spite of time.”





Eric woke with the permeating smell of arousal flooding the room. He was up far earlier than normal and he had to actively fight the enticing scent. He moved himself from the bed hoping the distance would help clear his head. He observed the little fairy in his bed. She had moved towards him in his sleep and he still felt where her heat had radiated on his skin. The smells, the moaning, the accelerated heartbeat, the writhing heat as she rubbed herself over the spot he had just occupied. It was all too much for him to watch and not partake in.


He sped out of the room and into the bathroom and under the shower. He considered relieving himself. The memories of his waking the previous evening stopped him and he turned the shower cold. He heard her scream his name after he stepped out of the shower. Much to his disappointment it wasn’t in climax but rather in concern.


He sped to her still dripping wet and a towel round his torso.


“Oh thank god,” she exhaled. “I thought I vanquished you in my sleep.”


“I am fine,” he replied. “As are you. Your little experiment was a success.”


“Except now I was the one with the dreams,” she grumbled. “Please tell me I didn’t assault you.”


“No, I woke before you. Were you shooting light balls in your dreams? When I left it seemed quite a different dream,” he said as he overtly ogled her exerted body glistening with a sheen of sweat.


She blushed in embarrassment at his knowledge, refusing him an answer to confirm it. His almost naked form dripping with wetness wasn’t helping things along either. Eric continued to tease at her by stalking close to the bed taking in the scents where he usually lay. He sniffed far louder than necessary.


“Yes I was correct,” he smirked in triumph. “It was quite the wet dream wasn’t it little Sookie?”


She huffed in annoyance still refusing to give him any further ammunition.


“Don’t worry Sookie,” he said departing into his closet. “I enjoy any attention you give me, even giant light balls.”


“You’re quite the masochist,” she yelled after him.


“How else would you explain your presence,” he returned playfully.


She rolled her eyes even though he wasn’t there to observe it. She gave a secret contented smile, her little experiment had worked indeed. He was back to being a pervy ass and she was the subject of his mockery again. As for her, his touch now excited her as much as it unnerved her. Just as before.


Over dinner Pam had joined her and was discussing the merits of Dolce over Donatella but apparently no one trumped Gianni. Sookie silently listened as she ate her pasta, incidentally the cue of Pam’s lesson on the Italians, hoping to make sense of her babbling at some point. Eric had already departed to conduct his business at Fangtasia so there was no hope of escaping the tales of the fashion gods.


“Sookie,” Pam said as she was cleaning up after her dinner. “I have a present for you.”


“You don’t need to get me anything Pam,” she said. “You guys pay me enough already. I can’t accept it.”


“You can and you will,” Pam commanded. “Here,” she said as she thrust the box in her hands with a little more force than necessary. “For the fangs I wanted to fashion on your pubic mound.”


“Thank you Pam,” Sookie said remembering her manners although far from content trading Pam’s overreaching tastes for material goods. When she opened it she pulled out a pair of red boots. Not quite her cowboy boots, they were more elegant than that. They were the type of ankle boots she saw effortlessly elegant women her age wear on TV shows. The red was also less garish and darker, staining the leather deeply from within. Sookie would never have picked them out for herself but she thought they were beautiful regardless.


“I saw your old ones got scorched in the great Sookie blast,” she shrugged. “They were hideous but at least they gave you a backbone. Never underestimate the power of heels.”


“I’ll try to remember that,” Sookie said admiring the sheen of the leather. “What’s on the itinerary for tonight?”


“I figured since I’ve pretty much schooled you on most things decorum we should start restocking your wardrobe,” she said as Sookie’s face fell at the thought of it. “Now put on your new shoes, I demand to see a bit of resistance. If I wanted to play dress up with Barbies I would have stayed home.”


Sookie looked at Pam with bewilderment, “You play with Barbies?”


“No,” she said mildly annoyed. “I buy them clothes and change their outfits. I don’t play with them.”


Pam’s tone indicated the conversation was over so Sookie wordlessly exchanged her shoes for the boots. When she stood up Pam nodded with approval.


“So where are we headed?” Sookie asked reaching for her coat.


“To the office, but first I need to get some things from my car.” Sookie gave the blankest look Pam had ever seen on her. “Sookie, our little slice of Louisiana is hardly equipped to appease my tastes. Thank god for Internet shopping.”


“You got me to change my shoes to sit behind a computer?” she asked perplexed.


“One must always look good to shop,” Pam replied seriously. “Even if it’s behind a computer.”


Sookie headed up to the office knowing it was useless to argue with Pam over such statements. Especially if she didn’t care either way. The upstairs office sat unused beside her old bedroom. A new bed had been delivered just after sunset and set up in the office. There was still ample room to move around but it was slightly more cramped than the rest of the house. Pam unceremoniously dumped a stack of fashion magazines on the bed where Sookie had settled herself. She rummaged around in the desk drawer till she found the sticky tabs she was looking for.


“Mark anything you like,” Pam said tossing her the tabs. “Doesn’t have to be evening or cocktail wear specifically. I’ll start assembling options into wish lists.”


Sookie nodded and started paging through the first magazine as Pam started clicking away at the computer.


“Eric’s right,” Sookie observed. “You’re quite the force to be reckoned with when determination strikes you.”


“What in heavens made him tell you that?” Pam asked aghast that Eric was dispensing information about her. When Sookie explained their outing yesterday and Sookie’s score Pam let out a little sigh.


“I hate that he knows me so well sometimes,” she said. “I guess I will be visiting the practice range after I’m done here.”


“Isn’t it nice that someone knows you that well?” Sookie asked. “It must be nice that no matter what he’s there for you.”


“I suppose,” Pam replied as her beady eyes were zeroing in on an exquisite dress as she rapidly clicked away at all the different angles. “The thought it might not be there is frightening at the same time. I’ve seen many vampires fall at the loss of their maker.”


“Do you worry for Eric and Godric?”


“Yes,” Pam answered curtly. “Don’t let him know that. I’m not supposed to know anything, even though I feel everything through the maker child bond. Men. Let me see what you have so far.”


Pam looked over Sookie’s preferences and nodded in approval. “You’re a flowy romantic but you like the structure and strong lines of tailoring,” she analysed. “I can work with that. Follow me.”


Sookie did as she was told and gazed at the screen with her. “This is Marchesa,” Pam informed as if she were introducing Sookie to the Son of God himself. “I think you will like their things. Look this will be perfect for the barbecue.”


Sookie gasped as she saw the beautiful silk-gazar dress with a dropped waist, capped sleeves and a voluminous skirt, a balloon skirt Pam informed, that dropped just by the knee and fell lower in the back. The silk held a painterly floral print in soft spring colours. It looked like a modern rendition of Scarlett O’Hara’ barbecue dress.


“What barbecue?” Sookie asked hoping a supernatural version wasn’t that different from the human ones. Pam had already put the dress in her virtual shopping basket and was now seeking appropriate accessories options, simple and demure in contrast to the abundance of the dress. Sookie balked at the height of the shoes but that just cemented her next lessons for the week.


“Russell Edgington, king of Missisipi has an annual barbecue. He re-enacts the whole Gone with the Wind party including the sleepover,” she explained. “Although his version is all boys and vampires don’t sleep.”


Sookie winced a little, she adored that movie and up until the sleepover it sounded quite fun. “It’s a glorified orgy then?”


“It’s quite an elegant affair aside from the sleepover actually,” Pam said not taking much note of Sookie’s distaste. “There’s talk of a marriage between our Queen and Russell so we’ll be required to be there this year. We can leave without problems before the sleepover, in fact women are all but shoved out of the place at that point. It’s a good opportunity to assess how far you’ve come.”


“All right then,” Sookie said with some relief over being unceremoniously evicted from the party. “Wait why would a gay vampire want to marry a woman?”


“They call it marriage but it’s basically a hundred year alliance,” she replied absent-minded as she directed Sookie for her opinion on five other dresses. Sookie liked two. Pam had checked out and paid for it all before Sookie was even able to take in the total. She was actually rather glad not to know, the few prices she had seen had shocked her well enough.


“I think we have plenty for now,” Pam said closing down the computer. “Most will arrive within two days. Keep reading those magazines and note what you like.”


Done with the evening’s requirements Pam sat down next to Sookie. With as much concern as she could afford she asked, “How are things between you and my maker?”


“We’re good I think, he’s back to his innuendo self and I still balk at it,” she said. “Like it was when I met you guys.”


“That’s encouraging,” Pam agreed. “It was amusing up until last night’s events but what has you refusing him anyway.”


“He’s my boss, it wouldn’t be proper,” Sookie said resolutely.


“That’s never stopped anyone from pursuing their boss,” Pam said bored observing her manicure for any flaws. “Give it to me straight, as you humans say.”


Sookie let out an exasperated breath, “What good would it do? He’s incapable of having a relationship. It’s the whole reason I’m here after all. If I just wanted a roll in the hay I could have taken up with Sam years ago.”


“The shifter is not awful looking why haven’t you?” Pam observed. Though she no longer had a taste for men she could still appreciate them for their aesthetic beauty. Though on scent alone all weres and shifters were disregarded by her selective tastes.


“I have no romantic feelings for him. It would be unfair to lead him on like that when he does have those feelings for me.”


“Feelings,” Pam scoffed. “I was brought up in the tail end of the romantic period. All these moon eyed girls waiting for their Lord Byron to appear and sweep them of their feet. In the end they gave it up for the first man their parents told them to marry.”


“What’s your point Pam?” Sookie asked with a slight irritation.


“There were more unhappy sots among those that married under the guise of love than those whose marriages were arranged.”


“This is not Victorian England Pam,” she said still bristled at Pam’s demoralising views on love.


“Says the person whose lived through it all and seen it happen many times over,” Pam replied sarcastically. “Things haven’t changed much when it comes to ‘feelings’,” she air quoted.


“Says the hundred plus cynic who has obviously never known love,” Sookie retorted.


“Who says I haven’t been in love. I just don’t restrict myself thinking it’s this one unique thing that falls onto your lap one day. Love is as much about allowing it for yourself as it is about receiving it. You can love someone for one night if you want to,” Pam said in a matter of fact tone. “You’re not even allowing for the possibility because you’re scared of being just like Sam, at the unrequited end of it.


”Eric’s a picky man. He sired me after all,” she continued while batting her eyelashes. “He cares for you more than most. If it were possible for him with anyone it would be you.”


“No,” Sookie shook her head with steel determination. “Things are dramatic enough as it is. I don’t see how we are all going to make it through the next few months if feelings get mixed up into it as well.”


“Well I don’t know how Eric’s going to make it through the next five months if you keep rejecting him,” Pam cackled. “But at least it will be entertaining to watch.”


Sookie just rolled her eyes in annoyance.


“You know you’re awfully defensive about all this Sookie. If it’s really nothing you should just kiss him and be done with it,” Pam supplied.


“What exactly is that going to achieve, Pam?”


“Removes the ‘what if’ from the equation. No one lies in a kiss especially when a fairy’s involved,” she shrugged.


“I’ll take it under advisement,” Sookie replied hoping this topic was coming to an end real soon.


“It works for me either way, sweet cheeks,” Pam said. “Though that healing of yours was an experience. Fancy trying it on me?” The accompanying leer was quite disconcerting to Sookie.


“I’ll consider it if you ever get injured,” she said non-committedly.


“Shame,” she replied. “I’m off to Fangtasia. Tomorrow we’re starting on you in heels. The barbecue is only two weeks away.”


Pam bid her goodbye and Sookie ate a small meal before Eric joined her upon his arrival.


“So Pam informed you of the barbecue,” Eric said nursing another vile bag of blood. “I agree with Pam it’s a good test case, albeit an all vampire crowd. How are your dancing skills?”


“As good as Vivien Leigh’s,” she replied with a certain amount of pride. “It’s part of a Southern Belle’s upbringing after all.”


“Well then we’ll just have to practice together,” he said pleased at the sight of her excited eyes. “It’s been a while since I had use for formal dances. Fangtasia is closed tomorrow we’ll practice there.”


“Pam thinks we should kiss,” she blurted out not sure where it had come from.


He cocked his brow at her in confusion as she blushed profusely for her unintended slip.


“Pam thinks everyone should kiss,” Eric remarked dryly alleviating some of her embaressment. “Especially her ass.”


“She thinks it will alleviate the tension.” ‘Or intensify it’ she thought.


“Sookie I want your body, your blood,” he said. But not my heart, she sighed to herself. “A kiss isn’t going to alleviate that it’s only going to make it worse. Now I will gladly kiss you, we’ve already established I’m a masochist,” he smirked. “But it’s hardly going to change anything. At least not on my part.”


“You’re right,” she agreed deciding it was high time to get off this accidental conversation. “What’s on the lesson plan tonight?”


“Incidentally, vampire marriage among the royals and other such power relations amongst the supernatural.”


A/N: For those of you who haven’t seen it yet: in celebration of my fanfic birthday this past Wednesday I wrote a silly little one shot called The Doctor is in that has Dr Ludwig setting right some of the wrongs of CH’s dead ever after. Please check it out if you like.








16 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Recalibrate

  1. I know there is build up, but I was so hoping Sookie would kiss him. I like how they are being more open with each other. Also that Eric took the time to train her. I think she should consider Pam’s words about Eric’s feelings.


    1. Build up is the name of my cruel game… sorry. Kisses will come but Sookie needs to take stock of herself and what her feelings are. She’s a little wreckless with everything but her heart, you’ll find out why at some point in the future. I’ve always viewed Eric as a good guy despite outward appearances, you don’t guard yourself that much unless the hurt cuts that deep whenever it is inflicted. Eric and Sookie are much the same in that regard he just happens to be the first to lay down his defenses.


  2. That was excellent! Although I was really hoping for a a little kissy poo action. Lol! can’t wait for more.


    1. I’m quite fond of the insane… just read my Dr Ludwig one-shot to confirm that… My Russell is a bit of a mix up of the two because I was also really fond of Talbot.


  3. Pam’s being the voice of reason…well that’s scary…
    Yeah Sookie just get over with it… it’s only a kiss!
    looking forward to Russell’s barbecue.

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