In Memoriam Series -COMPLETE-

1st place


 In Memoriam


 When the nicest thoughts Sookie ever heard disappear as suddenly as they came, her life is turned upside down. She finds herself entombed in a world about him whilst never exchanging but a few words with the man she never got to meet. Fighting to keep his memory intact the enigma she knew as Eric Northman suddenly comes to life.

E/S – AU – Rated M – One-shot




Memento Mori


Companion piece to In Memoriam from Eric’s point of view.

 E/S – AU – Rated M – One-shot




From Time Immemorial


The follow up to the Winning one shot from Sephrenia’s Writing Challenge’s In Memoriam and its companion piece Momento Mori. The story continues after a decade apart but a constant in each other’s minds Eric and Sookie can finally make a fresh start but it will never be easy for a newly turned vampire and a telepath when everything that surrounds them threatens to fall apart.

E/S – AU– MPOV- Rated M – Multi Chapter story




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