Chapter 11 – You



From Time Immemorial Reference Page



“Don’t let pride be your downfall,” I countered and I saw a modicum of acceptance travel across her eyes. She nodded her head as I admitted, “I let it be mine tonight and there was no prize in my conduct. I’m sorry.”


“Are you sorry for what you did or that I was a witness to it?” she asked my chest. It was the first time I ever sensed true insecurity in her about me. My actions had shattered an image she had built up from the intricacies of my human mind. My fingers nudged her chin towards mine again. I wanted to look her in the eyes when I answered.


“Both,” I said truthfully and conveyed it through every pore of my body. “Officially I owe him no apology but he will have one. I don’t approve of his behaviour around you but my reaction was excessive.”


She nodded with satisfaction before she answered, “That’s all I needed to hear.”


Our heads turned collectively to the ceiling of the night sky once more. After the silence lasted longer than I cared for I asked, “What are you thinking?”


“I think we should have sex.”






As if no time had passed a hardbound book rested on my bare back and my maker’s face rested slightly above my rear as he read to me aloud. His taste in literature had changed since the last time we lay like this. Shakespeare had been traded for Hollinghurst*. One hand turned the pages as the other explored the depths of my folds. It was a torture only the hands of my maker could bring me. Sweet release would be hours away. I didn’t care, the journey was worth far more than the destination.


He was the man who introduced me into the pleasure of carnal delights when my body still carried more than the temperature of the room, discarding me of the membrane proclaiming an innocence I never possessed. My skin flushed with heat then as his cool body settled the fever that ran rampant inside of me. Every coupling between us has been chasing the initiation of that one since. Tonight was no different.


He placed a soft kiss on my tail bone as he finished another chapter. The book fell closed, heavy with its own weight. The tip of his nose trailed the sensitised skin of my spine, another kiss was placed at the base of my neck. I whimpered at the consecutive loss of his fingers inside me before I was quieted with his seeking tongue in my mouth. It was a preferential invasion I happily laid siege to.


“I have missed this my humlebi,” Kristian mumbled between the soft kisses that embraced the skin of my jaw. I could only agree with affirmative mewls as his body encompassed over mine. His touch was as gentle as it was firm. The appendage that would otherwise offend me on any other man writhed over my backside wetting my appetite. Nothing with him would come this easy and tonight would be no different.


I happily followed where he would lead, the burden of eternal responsibility lying elsewhere for but a few hours. Yet my mind was still digesting the events of the night as he turned our bodies to their sides.


“What do I do Kristian?” I sighed as my maker’s caressing hand explored the expanse of my stomach. His teasing fingers hovered over my sex before he pulled the support of his body from mine rolling me onto my back. A smile he only reserved for me graced his face as he looked down into my eyes. I was already getting ready to laugh in anticipation of the answer.


“You open your legs and let me in,” he smirked. It was a glorious sight to witness again, it had been too many years between us. I couldn’t help but brush away at the long strands of hair that fell over his brow. It was a futile movement, it wasn’t long enough to stay put behind his ears without a stiff product. “You don’t even have to move.”


I hid my amusement in my face as I played along in our amateur dramatic society of two. “You really think I would forget how to do that?” I insinuated with an arched brow. His lips quickly trailed the contours of the delicate hairs pulled in tension in pursuit of the movement.


“I have heard only women grace your fine linens these days,” Kristian whispered as his kisses followed around my eye socket and down my cheeks.


“My queendom Kristian,” I retorted with an irritation that would never truly be there for my maker.


“Let me take care of you and the rest will care for itself,” he soothed with the same gentleness of his fingertips that trailed over the fine hairs of my skin barely touching but sensitising with great intensity. Despite his rugged looks his hands were soft. Swords had been wielded with fine leather gloves and labour had never indented them as human or vampire. They were filled with strength but to me they would always be tender in their exploration. With his weakening of my defences I was no longer able to act and the show we were performing fell away like the curtains of hair framing his face. The hesitation and uncertainty of the moment surrounding us was clearly legible on my face. His deep blue eyes sought out my own as he ascertained what ailed my mind. “You thought I only came to admire the little Fae?”


“You wouldn’t be the first,” I returned with a weak smile. My eyes had started to water, something they only ever seemed able to do in the presence of this man. Only with him could I let go and release the tension that built up inside me and I had been dangerously close to my breaking point. The impact of the events finally crashed down on me in a relentless wave. I shook with pain and grief as he held me securely encompassed in his arms. I felt like a newborn once more, awake to sensations I could no longer control, my body screaming in every corner of my cognizance. Kristian didn’t pacify it with the false sense of comfort he could send through our bond, he let me feel everything as it searched for an outlet.


I screamed at a deafening tone till the chords that defined my vocals expired from use. My silent tears became sobs as I quivered my trembling form in his steady grasp. He rocked me in his arms feeling everything as I felt it. All I could sense from him was his love and admiration for me. Kristian didn’t take my pain, he merely shared it. He kissed the tracks of my tears away one by one. I sought his lips to selfishly rest on my own as they shamelessly expressed the need I felt for him. His mouth returned to a smile as the heaviness of the mood was slowly expelled from around us.


“Pamela,” he breathed out as we both felt myself returning to a state of calm and a vague contentment. I gave him a full smile in return, one I hid away for years only to be released in return to another. To this other. It was solely held in reserve for the two of us and it was a knowledge we both accepted and held dear.


A gold necklace appeared around my neck with a large diamond pendant that rested between my bare breasts. The metal was cool while my skin was still warmed from his touches. I didn’t need to look to know it was flawless and completely abiding to my discerning tastes. I stood up from the bed regardless and walked over to the large mirror in my dressing room.


The dull sheen in my eyes had lifted but they hardly shone as brightly as the brilliant hanging from my neck. It didn’t surprise me he remembered my preference of pink gold over the standard yellow. Neither one of us had the ability to forget, our every experience or the other. I looked down while my fingers trailed the fragile chain that scooped down before my own wondering hands were met with another set.


One hand snaked round my waist as the other continued to fondle at my breast, the sensitive nipple cruelly left ignored. My eyes lifted their attention from the sparkling gem that rested near my heart to lock with the man whose gaze was captivated with my reflection.


“Such a pretty thing for my pretty one,” he said with a softness that was foreign even to me. The image of the two of us staring back was undeniably one of beauty, one that spoke of eternity where our encounters were always brief. “There are none that compare to you, humlebi.”


I knew he meant it, I had yet to catch him caught in a lie. There was no necessity for me to act coy when we both knew I never was and never would be that. “It’s beautiful Kristian,” I replied warmly as the heat started to grow inside me. His fingers probed once more as he parted my outer lips to reveal the protruding pink glans to our collective reflection. The female anatomy was a sight of splendour we relished in with equal vigour, his hungry gaze easily matched my own.


“It reminded me of this,” he said as his other hand joined the fray parting me wider to the mirror. Two free fingers tapped at my clit intermittently at a speed which I only managed to register when I cried out in shock with the sudden invasion of it. His hands held me steady into his strongly built chest as my flailing legs were lifted from the solid ground. I clenched with need as my sex lay splayed out before me. The tip of his erection stood standing firm underneath collecting the natural lubricant as it fell beneath me.


I squeezed my thighs together desperate for the friction he was denying me, crossing my ankles as his hands let up the tight hold he had on me. My arms moved behind me as I hung from his neck as his arm held me suspended in the air by the waist. He rocked his throbbing cock back and forth slowly in the slippery passage created between my thighs. The other hand that had remained free rubbed lazy circles around my clit anchoring me to him as we both observed the closeness of our near joining in the reflection of the mirror.


“Let me taste you,” I requested in a whisper as I saw the pre-cum start to weep out of his slit. He didn’t disconnect our movement as he continued to ignore my words. So I begged by pleading his name.


“No,” he answered so sternly that it pricked tears into the corners of my eyes. “I’m here to take care of you, not the other way round.” His adjusted gentle tone kept the wetness confined but his rocking movement stopped as soon as a small climax caught me out of breath. With a minor shake in my legs I was set onto the floor again as he turned me round to face him and a tender kiss was placed on my lips. “What would you like?” he asked with a kind and encouraging smile.


“You,” was the simplest answer I could give and he would know exactly what it meant. In a movement we had made many times before my legs lifted around his waist as he held me up by the soft of my behind. My arms rested atop his strong shoulders as I inhaled his scent in the crook of his neck. His fingers explored a little in the ridge of my now parted cheeks but I knew he’d go no further tonight. It was in memory of our first night that this performance would repeat.


My back hit the cool starch of the linens as I demurely parted my thighs at an innocent stance. Well as innocent as I ever was able. Pooling black, his eyes raked the sight of my body looking for a change or difference he would never find. Our bodies were exactly the same as then. The only the thing that ever changed with the times was the stance of our hairs.


Open mouth kisses travelled from my feet down my inner thigh, he only stopped to nuzzle the soft curls of hair that lay in between inhaling the scent of me and him. A draft of cool air ran over my glistening sex as it was emitted from his lungs. It shivered my body in anticipatory delight of the sensations only this man could ever bring. The kisses ventured up again till he reached the pinnacle at my knee where our eyes locked in a firm hold.


“You,” I whispered omitting the two preceding words neither of us would ever admit to holding for the other. Love was an unspoken and crippling thing and there was no I, only an ‘us’. He positioned his body between my thighs as his hands trailed down the sides of my body dipping into the singed waist a human lifetime of corsets had fashioned.


“Just breathe and exhale,” he said softly. Kristian had repeated the line he had spoken to a flustered version of me when it was still necessary for my survival to do just that. I would never be flustered again after that night. His tone was almost accusing as he finished his previous sentence up with, “You.”


My lips pursed in amusement as I acted the petulant child to the stern disciplinarian. Instead of punishment I received a rewarding kiss clearing my face of any disobedience as his tongue fought mine. We had gone on for hours like this in the past neither one of us refusing to concede. Only the sun would ultimately force our rest and we would continue to battle immediately upon rising. Tonight was different. Like he said, he came to take care of me and I would let him.


It came without warning just as it had then but I didn’t gasp this time as he inched inside of me. I knew what to expect as he edged along the engorging walls that flooded out to greet the former victor of these nether lands.  We fit just like that, barely a millimetre left between us and we shook in satisfaction as we reacquainted ourselves with the sensation of it. He set a languid pace as he murmured sweet nothings to my ears between pecks and blunt bites. Our reunion wasn’t complete without him seeking out all the spots that drove me to that impending edge, close but never quite there.


A silent truce travelled between us and his hands immediately grabbed underneath my body seeking the full globes of my ass lifting me onto his now kneeling legs. In response my ankles locked behind his neck before he started to pound away. We had stopped portraying what we once were and verged into the territory of how we fucked since our time apart. I screamed again though the sounds of slapping skins. This time not in agony but in a continual stream of pleasure, only curses were able to leave my mouth in rare moments of comprehension. He only grinned in satisfaction as the expletives reached his ears, my filthy mouth had remained unchanged throughout the centuries as his cock throbbed in approval with each one as he continued to batter away. The heavy pendant of my necklace bounced from breast to breast between small leaps into the air, scenting it with my blood as it scratched away delicately at my skin.


A string of orgasms set off as he leaned forward forcing himself as deeply as possible. I clenched, aggressively strangling his cock in a hold even his strength would find hard to match. “Fuck,” he groaned as the whites of his eyes flashed wide, his pupils falling back into his skull. While holding back what he almost threatened to spill with great effort I took advantage of his momentary weakening of defences and had him on his back the pulsating movement of my walls massaging the length of him as he continued to withhold his own completion from me.


The determination was clearly expressed in the fire of my eyes and the strength I called from every muscle in my body as I aggressively rode him closer to climax. Even as I moved his hands to squeeze at my breasts he didn’t relent and I despised the kindness that resided in his eyes. It was no use fighting him he would always best me in the end. Exhausted I slumped on to his chest and expelled the air he told me to take and release, “Kristian… You.”


With that white flag we found ourselves on our sides as he moved against me again stroking out the last of the sensations inside of me. My hands fisted into the short hairs on his scalp as disoriented lips sought each other as if seeking absolution. A nostalgic gasp escaped me and fell into the cavern of his mouth as the last thrill my body was able to release, wracked through every nerve of my system. I died just like I did then and he came with me sinking his fangs into my neck. Only in this moment did I miss the beats of my heart as I wanted to feel it slow down into nothing again. Instead of warm soil covering us both for three nights it was the heavy down duvet that cocooned us into a world of our own.


“You’d think I’d forget the night we first met?” he whispered in our newly founded dark realm. I fondled the diamond in between my fingers understanding its sudden appearance. There was no sense in trying to cover up my moment of forgetfulness. Technically I hadn’t forgotten, I simply stood unknown of the date in circumstance of all that had gathered around us. Any other year and the party three nights from now would have surpassed the one that preceded it. This night had always been for the two of us. My sin was pardoned with a tender kiss to my forehead, scaring away the frown that had settled there.


“I remember that night often,” Kristian said longingly with a raw honesty I didn’t heard from him often.   “When I caught the spirit of your wild eyes across the room and I knew you were not meant for humanity.”


“You told me I didn’t belong there,” I alleged as my fingers whisked away at dark blond hairs on his chest. My wandering hand was stilled with his as he took the tips and kissed them one by one.


“You didn’t,” Kristian returned as he kissed down to my inner wrist. He inhaled my scent as it emanated strong on that particular spot. “You were overdressed.”


“You can only ever be underdressed,” I huffed out in defence, remembering the elaborate gown that was indeed better suited to a Royal Gala rather than the bourgeois party we were both attending.


His hand closed over the pendant as he chuckled, “Only you, min lille humlebi, could be overdressed in bed.”


“You,” I intoned with a menace I failed to back up, “are the one who dressed me with this tonight.”


“Should I take it off,” Kristian threatened playfully as he held the clasp in between his fingers. I growled darkly in return at which he chuckled, “I knew you would like it.”


“I do,” I returned with a softness that would only ever be reserved for him. “I’m sorry I don’t have anything to give in return.” My apology fell on deaf ears as he silenced my lips with his own.


“When are you going to learn,” he admonished. “You are a gift to me. No fortune I can amass will ever be able to repay what I found in you.”


“Don’t,” I warned pulling myself from his encompassing embrace. I left the warmth of the bed for the cool air and soon found myself running my fingers through the luxurious silks of my nightgowns.


“The light blue one,” the deep voice recommended from behind me. It had arrived on my doorstep exactly one year ago, the tags still attached. Our arms reached out for the identical gown at the same time. He held the soft satin hanger quicker than I, spinning me round in the process. “Arms,” he instructed to which I raised them up in accordance. The lightweight fabric fluttered down around my body cooling my heated skin. He raised my chin to his and he waited till I kissed him in apology for my earlier disregard. There was no hesitation on my account, my lips were always drawn to his mouth whatever expression they held.


On his guiding hand we returned to the bed. He sat against the headboard while I sat on the edge brushing out my hairs knowing his eyes followed every movement I made.


“How’s Katarzyna?” I asked after his housekeeper who for much of her life has been his live in mistress. I don’t know what their relationship is now, she retreats to his other home whenever I have visited. I only met her just the once. She’s probably old now, I would have heard about it if she had died.


“Her memory is failing. I think it won’t be long till Sofia takes her in permanently,” he replied. Kristian never spoke of her with much warmth, I don’t know if it was for my benefit or that he really felt little for her. He never had asked permission to feed her his blood, not that Aelia would grant that. I didn’t like to think so but he did indeed care for her but it came with an expiration date. Detachment had already set in with her physical deterioration.


“How is my sister?” I asked of Sofia, Katarzyna’s natural daughter, who had been raised as Kristian’s human child. Her I had met on every visit and I had to admit she was amusing for a breather.


“Putting us all to shame with her mind,” he grinned like a true father. I knew his affection of her wouldn’t expire with her death like it already had with Katarzyna. Then again their liking wasn’t based on mere attraction.


“The usual then,” I returned as he lifted the covers up for me to slide in beside him. His arm pulled me close as I handed him the hardbound volume again. “Finish what you started.”


My head rested on his bare chest as he found the page he last left. A soft kiss was placed on my forehead before our eyes started raking the pages for the words. I remained silent while the raw timbre of his voice reverted back to the eloquent upper class enunciation of the night when we first met.


It suited the tone of the novel that described the remnants of my past in a modern era. There wasn’t a moment in my new existence that I regretted being taken from it. When Kristian noticed I had stopped listening to the words and only stared at the movement of his mouth his brow quirked up as he asked, “What?”


There was only one answer I could give to that.







A/N: As I warned last week the expectations of the follow up of Sookie’s statement were not to be taken too literal. So I hoped you enjoyed this little insight into Pam and her maker’s complex relationship. We’ll be back with Sookie and Eric next week and you will see what she really meant to say then with her proposition.


*Hollinghurst: Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty is probably one of the most beautiful novels I have read in a long while, I sort of missed the initial hype and probably would have been too young to appreciate it at the time anyhow but it’s simply one of those books that’s a joy to read despite the fact that little happens on the pages. It felt suitable in this scene and feel free to further ignore my evangelism on literature.


Since last week four new fixin’s have been added find them here.


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15 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – You

    1. Thanks. I really enjoyed writing this one, their relationship isn’t conventional and Pam isn’t the most approachable so I wanted a maker for her that got under her skin and could rival Eric as her maker in other stories…

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  1. Loved this chapter! I like the fact that Pam has a different maker in this story…in that way you can explore the multi-faceted of Pam’s can change her in many ways and I appreciate that ! Looking forward for more…Take care


    1. Yes it’s really interesting to explore that maker child relationship because it feels to strange to do it between Pam and Eric when Sookie’s involved… I like giving Pam some more dimension so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed that 🙂


  2. It’s clever to give Pam a maker who is not Eric since Eric’s greatest love is normally expected to be given to Sookie so that tends to detract for the love he can have for his Child… Here Eric can devote himself fully to Sookie while Pam gets this unconditional love from her Maker the equally dishy Kristian…


    1. That maker-child bond has to be so complex to navigate, it’s always intrigued me. CH sort of waved it off by making Pam a lesbian but you’re right with an E/S relationship in the story we sort of always have to disregard Pam and Eric’s past or make her out to be this jilted ex who comes between them continually. Kristian is indeed equally easy on the eyes so I doubt Pam is complaining in this fic…

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