Chapter 22 – Fucked Up Royally



From Time Immemorial Reference Page



“If your granddaddy wants to see me, he better get his ass down here because I sure as hell am not going to go see him!” Eric contentedly growled behind me to reassert my threat as I grabbed the cheapest tiara ever sold and placed it firmly atop my head, my own rage at that prospect being further fuelled by his. “I’m the Queen of the FUCKING bayou! He better come down and pay his respects before he decides to kidnap me away from the people I love!”


The sudden brashness had even startled me in the moment, however, it had taken me less than a second to decide my course of actions, if even that, when I captured the fleeting thoughts in Oren’s mind. He had pitied me; I would be nothing more than a carrier of future heirs not allowed to settle on a mate till a pregnancy was fully carried through.


“Princess, what have you done?” Oren said, aghast at the sight before him as I personified his derailed mission with spilt blood. “You are the last female of your line; we cannot afford to lose you.”


“You never had me,” I returned with annoyance that I hope spoke of warning. “So you never lost me.”


“We will return,” Oren replied stoically with a bow before the group of shadows seemed to dissolve into thin air.


“Pamela,” Kristian admonished as the mutual exchange between her and Jason seemed to last longer than necessary, and pain seemed to be transforming into a form of unadulterated pleasure. A moan was emitted before she caught on to her Maker’s disapproval, and she quickly released him and set to healing the roughly struck wound.


“Jesus, Pam,” my brother sighed out with a hint of annoyance as he desperately tried to hide the wet stain that had erupted in his pants. Having to live with him in close quarters through his over-productive teenage years thankfully left me unfazed at the sight of it. “At least wine and dine a man before you decide to fuck him from behind with your fangs.”





We all looked towards Aelia to see if we had done well under circumstances or fucked up royally. I was betting on the latter. Her face was impassive to us, stillness reigning in its stead. From Godric all I could feel was pride, but I supposed it was for Sookie who had acted without thought, securing both her and Jason to our House, sticking with the devil she knew. There was a slight trepidation humming through the connection to Sookie, however; there wasn’t a hint of regret or remorse to what she had enacted. There was an echo of pain still residing from the sudden thrust of my fangs into her delicate skin. My saliva had healed the wounds but not salved the pain. While everyone else continued their silent standoff, I retreated with Sookie into our personal bubble that was the nearly formed bond spreading the healing coagulant of my blood over the ugliest fang marks I had ever left behind. It wasn’t a pretty first for us both, but it was certainly a memorable one.


“Thank you,” she whispered when the pain subsided. I could give a fuck about the tension in the room anymore or the reason why they were here, I crashed my lips to hers, heralding us into a world of our own. She writhed up against me in response while the feel of the other’s blood finally settled into our nervous veins, our desires strangely in tune.


“Stop,” Aelia commanded with a thunderous boom silencing us all again. Reluctantly Sookie and I disengaged any further activities, mercifully so, I was seconds away from ripping the clothes off both our bodies. I set the childish tiara straight on Sookie’s head while we shared a secret smile over it. She might consider herself the Queen of the Bayou, but I had always considered her the Queen of my Heart.


“The last of your line,” my Grandest Sire directed at the two Stackhouse siblings though it was more an aloud musing than anything else.


“One such as Oren should have married into royalty and had many children,” Aelia continued while we awaited her final verdict. He hid it well, but Kristian was the most nervous of us all, unlike me. Pam had no permission to feed her blood to Jason and she had done so openly in front of the Head of our House though the repercussion could be severe; final death. “The last of your line and they did not know of you.”


Her impressive stature continued to pace up and down the short length of the room while her eyes settled anywhere but on us before placing herself on the oversized armchair directly across from Sookie and I.


“You did well by our House, Sookie,” she finally concluded. “It is imperative that when Prince of the Realm arrives that you demonstrate your immunity to our glamour. You made this decision for you and your brother.” Sookie nodded in agreement before her nervous eyes travelled to follow Aelia’s gaze that was now looking at her only known blood relative. Aelia moved slowly, creaking the boards of the floor with every intent step. Sookie had described her brother as blissfully oblivious and that description seemed rather accurate in the moment; he was seemingly more concerned with locating the miraculously healed marks on his skin than the powerful being that was heading straight towards him with determination.


“Hey, pretty lady,” Jason spoke excitedly, bouncing the brows on his forehead when he finally took notice. Aelia laughed heartily at the adjective; I was certain that thousands of men had wept at her feet for her to take notice of them, worshipping her for the innate beauty she carried with little effort. It was probably the first time in her existence that she had been called ‘pretty’, the friendlier cousin of gorgeous that had little to do with said worship and adoration. She studied him closely cupping his face in her hands before placing a soft kiss on his lips.


“Welcome to the family,” Aelia finally spoke reverently with a nod.


“Sure, whatever,” Jason replied with a small shrug, the gravity of the occasion escaping him as if he was kissed by truly ancient creature on a daily basis, giving Sookie a questioning glance in the process. In turn Kristian and Pam physically relaxed with our Grandest Sire’s words of approval and clemency.


“How long do we have?” Sookie asked of Aelia, who reasserted her penetrating gaze towards us again. “I’d like to be more prepared if more of them are coming.”


As far as I was concerned their disruptive arrival gave them no right to any of Sookie’s hospitality, but I feared the gracious hostess would never die down in her, even when uninvited guests didn’t reciprocate the same level of respect.


“It could be minutes or weeks,” Aelia returned while she took her seat again. “I’m anticipating sooner rather than later.”


“Come on,” My hand reached out in offer when sensing Sookie’s nerves at expecting a distant relative that she had quite possibly insulted with angered words. No one stopped us when we entered the kitchen and closed the door on them all. Sookie stared blankly, taking inventory of the contents of her fridge while I quickly filled the dishwasher with any spare dishes I could find and initiated the program despite it only being half full.


“Eric?” Sookie questioned with need from the same position where I had left her. I didn’t hesitate to scoop her up into my arms and with more speed than I had anticipated landed us in the breakfast nook. She giggled slightly as we bounced with my body’s impact on the soft bench. “What do you offer as refreshments to a faery prince?”


“Nothing with lemons,” I offered with my limited knowledge while I peppered her worried face with soft kisses. I realised that in our newly found bond I would be more of a slave to her emotions than I ever experienced with my maker as I fervently tried to settle her face into the genteel smile that started our night.


“Pam will probably demand a wardrobe change,” she sighed while her fingers traced the crusted blood that had stained the white fabric. “You’re ok with this, right?”


“As long as we’re together,” I whispered into her ear while I held her as if I would be mad for getting exactly what I wanted. “A warning would have been nice though.”


“You and me, never simple, remember?” she teased while extracting herself from where I had held her closely to my chest. My fingers ran through the soft tendrils of her hair in an attempt to keep her near but her legs were already reaching for the floor. Sookie leaned in for a kiss resting her forehead against mine in the aftermath while we both dampened down our desires to consummate our newfound bond in the most traditional of ways. Kristian’s lessons of lacing my blood with a calculated intent had gone right out the window; love and adoration had instantly been replaced by lust the moment her delicate fae laced blood hit my palate. As a result we were both horny, extremely so, in a house filled with keen supernatural hearing.


“Only your taste in crowns,” I replied which brought out a greater smile than I had been pushing for. It was amazing to feel her light emotions that ran alongside it through the bond and into me. Godric had always closely monitored our connection, often shutting me out in the process. Only in rare moments of praise would I be allowed into his side, and it paled in comparison to this live wire I shared with Sookie.


“Look what I found,” Pam announced gleefully as she sashayed herself into the kitchen holding up another awful looking tiara and a sash announcing the winner of the Queen of the Bayou 2013. I knew Pam was resourceful but this startled me in its expediency, however; Sookie’s overwhelming embarrassment flooding the bond made me realise there was more to it than Pam’s efficient lackeys.


“Put that away, Pam,” Sookie tried to discourage while running her out of the kitchen with no avail.


“And not relive that particular moment of glory,” she grinned, donning the gaudy crown and sash as her own. “That was one of the best nights of my unlife.”


“You’re embarrassing me in front of Eric,” Sookie whispered with a heated hiss, before she managed to hide the framed picture Pam had dug up with the trophies. Sookie was obviously not herself in the photo, drunk or very close to getting there. Heights at our advantage, Pam handed it to me without interference from below and all I could do was grin at the lovely sight. The inhibition in her smile was so disarming I forgot to pay attention when it was easily grasped out of my hands by the outraged owner. Before I could even manage to compliment her on the win and alleviate her embarrassment she had already run up the stairs with a harsh bang of the door.


Pam feigned innocence, but it did little to convince us both before she made a pointed glance up the stairs. “I’ll distract the others,” she whispered at a low enough volume for just the two of us. She gave a knowing wink before attempting to usher out the small congregation towards the water line of the lake.


I knocked tentatively on the old wood she hid behind, sensing and smelling the tears that were escaping her. It had little to do with the discovery that she had indeed been crowned Queen of the Bayou on a drunken night in a seedy bar. She was completely overwhelmed, and neither she nor I could determine whether my presence was wanted or not.


“Come in,” It was a whisper, nothing more, that allowed me entrance into the darkened room. She sat crying in front of a vanity in the faint light wiping away the last of her tears. “How can you be so calm?”


I kissed the bare round of her shoulder softly where the light of the moon reflected and brought out the pieces of her, highlighting the soft contours. “Always am,” I answered without much thought. “Always calm in an emergency.”


Her gaze in the mirror moved round to find me, her small fingers traced me in the darkness carefully, igniting this newly established thing between us once more, buzzing, humming, pulling.


“I need that,” she whispered, her eyes moving swiftly back and forth in their inability to focus on the source of mine in the dark, before hands clutched on the shirt Pam had picked out and pulling my mouth to hers. The bond that was swimming all over the place settled with her back on the small bench she had sat on. My body covered hers on the precarious balance of furniture, her skirts lifted while a thigh settled over me, locking my groin to her core, denim brushing against her brusquely with an excitement I hadn’t experienced since my dick first started commanding the preoccupation of my time.




Then she fucking smiled, pleased and beside herself with the effect she had on me. I had to breathe, pant harshly, my body had no use for the added oxygen but it invaded my senses regardless while strangling the desperate groan of a horny teenager. Her eager hands had to be stilled when she tried to unbuckle me. “Can’t. Over in two minutes.”


She giggled at my embarrassment, sensing it through the bond which made me take immediate note that Godric better teach me how to shut her out and soon. Her amusement only grew when I groaned with her thrust into me, egging me on. “I mean it,” was strangled out but even to my ears it wasn’t cohesive or convincing.


“Don’t care,” she whispered, fingers sneaking their way underneath my stalling ones, exposing bare skin to the air. “Two minutes is more than we ever had. Rather have two minutes than nothing at all.”


Her blunt teeth nipped at my jaw, coaxing me further out of my protective stance. I let her have her way, like I probably would from this point onwards, prioritising her happiness over mine because that had now come to define my happiness. Not so selfless in the end, I suppose, but that was never a claim I could uphold as mine. Sookie, however; yeah, fucking mine now.


“Didn’t quite imagine it like this.”


“Thousand thread count sheets, candles everywhere,” she snorted, mocking the cliché that admittedly had been the running scenario for this first time in my mind. I’d do everything right, a worshipping tongue that would bring her to countless orgasms before I’d ever contemplate myself and my own desire. When I would finally enter her after she begged me to in desperate need, the heavens would open and we would be complete, striking fangs and blunt teeth would release the blood that formed the bond that now drove us insane. As ever, our plans, good intentions, and whatever else we might kindly ask of bitches named Fate and Chance, had been overwritten by circumstance; reduced to the fumbling and nerves of two minors losing their virginity in a haze of ill co-ordinated moves.


“Bucket of cool champagne in the corner,” I added to her painted picture. “Rose petals scattered everywhere. Chocolate covered strawberries, anything else you would like?”


She giggled again, not out of nerves but genuine joy, while deftly releasing me from my denim cage. Fuck, it hurt! It wanted a release and the nearness of unfamiliar hot hands moving with similar desperation weren’t helping and I had to move them away again before I spurted all over her, undoubtedly causing her to giggle again. There was only so much embarrassment I was willing to endure.


Another breath. Another time unneeded, air was inhaled through the teeth held tensely on my bottom lip. I fell on my haunches in an attempt to gain calm when her excitement had come to assault mine through the bond again. The sight before me was a treat; splayed out tan legs, scrap of lace in between, hands travelled up the undersides of her skirt while I wiggled my jeans further down as her upper body followed with hands in the air coaxing her heating body from the ruined dress.


Despite the darkness I saw it well, the delicate lace that hid the last of her before her breasts sprang free in front of me.


Another painful groan; blood soared through my cock no longer whispering its need, balls tightening in warning. Fuck, it really was going to be over before I ever made it inside.




More laboured breaths, both of ours, rendered speechless.


“Sookie!” The knock was more incessant now where it had gone unheard by us before. “What’s the password on your laptop?”


Thank fuck for Jason Stackhouse! The worst of my need deflated with the male bimbo allowing me to sample the bounty in front of me. I grinned with deep satisfaction when her nipple hit the roof of my mouth with a moan that was far too high-pitched to be mine.




My tongue swirled on its twin while she ingested the next moan, her nipple happily hardening with the lavishing attention.


“Go away!” she yelled, throwing one of her shoes at the door in warning.


“God damnit! Pam’s blood makes me want to buy shoes alright! Give me the fucking password or I’ll come in there and noogie it out of you!”


“The same as the alarm!” she screamed out with a strangle, a satisfyingly well-aimed swipe caused her to push my head down further, away from the sensitised breasts so I could explore the soft expanse of her stomach instead with tender kisses. “Capital F! Fuck!” The last word was strangled out and never meant for Jason. By the sounds of his disappearing footsteps were never heard by him while my tongue struck gold through the fabric of her panties. Her body fell back on the narrow bench again, legs hanging limply off either side. Panties were removed leaving her bare where I was still mostly dressed, my cock and ass exposed to the cool air and wanting her borrowed heat now.


“I can’t wait any longer,” we spoke at the same time and it was less than a second after that I had her pulled down over my kneeling body, my cock imbedded deeply inside alleviating the worst of its pains, and her arms hanging over me in a tight hold where we aligned chest to chest. All rational thought was lost to us both from the moment we started to tentatively move against one another, feeling out the others rhythm, while my hands grazed over every bare expanse of skin it could before settling on the flesh of her ass making their intent known they never wanted to move elsewhere. Unless her tits were offering, my hands had yet to determine a favourite.


“Fuck, you feel good,” she moaned while I could barely make out a coherent word, let alone a sentence that voiced my agreement as she alternated needy kisses between blunt bites against my neck. Fuck! She was killing me, and otherwise would surely be the death of me. Never had it felt like this, dead or alive, and I had sampled enough to know. Fuck, this was right.


It was swift, over almost before it started. I managed two minutes with a few seconds to spare. Unworthy of the occasion, but it was as she said more than we had ever had and somehow that satisfied the longing of ages. She was a little tighter than most, I was a little larger. She didn’t orgasm. I did. I apologised profusely and she informed me she could care less and our newly formed bond confirmed as much. My pride, however; ensured she got off three times with a torture of fingers, fangs and tongue. Was it the most impressive orgasm I ever had? No, neither one of us cared for we were together now, panting hot breaths of aftermath as one of two hearts tried to find a steady beat while we lay on the creaky wooden floor with a house full of guests below. Judging by Jason’s interruption Pam’s attempts at distraction were apparently not as successful as I had hoped.


“What are you thinking?” she asked, eyes finding wonder in the direction of the ceiling. “First time I ever wanted to know what happens inside someone’s mind and now I can’t.”


I held her closely, stealing a bit of her warmth and offering her some with my still present clothes, the tips of my fingers tracing every bare swell and valley in an effort to commit it all to memory. What for I wasn’t sure, we had just consummated forever as far as I was concerned.


“I love you doesn’t seem to cover it anymore.”


The sparkle in her eyes found me again, even more alluring with the shade of darkness that surrounded her. Years had gone by and that sparkle pulled me in once more, to something that had nothing to do with the satisfying way my cock had driven into her with a feverish madness, how my hands had held onto everything soft, or where fingertips had gently caressed and teased out the knots that had formed in her hair. She was beautiful in my mind, maybe not always in hers, but it wasn’t what had drawn me in. Not then, not now. This openness, unguarded warmth, which was uniquely her. She only grew more beautiful with a smile and when she spoke these words, her voice still raspy from stifling her screams and moans, “It’s enough.”



A/N: Thanks as ever to msbuffy whose basement I will probably be hiding out in during the WTF! storm that I will inevitably cause with this… in my defence I never intended this line to be thereMy pride, however; ensured she got off three times with a torture of fingers, fangs and tongue. and nearly killed it in the editing again but I felt bad for Sookie… Eric will make up for that and more I swear…  Yes it was fumbly and messy but that suited this storyline, and personified them as a couple; it’s never been smooth sailing and despite their careful planning it all goes to crock anyhow. For Sookie it’s enough but I bet you all want more… feel free to tell (or yell) at me all about it!


Still mad? What about Jason and his urge to obsessively buy shoes… come on I know you enjoyed that 😉



34 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – Fucked Up Royally

  1. I loved it! That is how it usually happens. Just because they are supes doesn’t mean they are lotharios! I loved how excited he was. That is a high form of flattery, especially if he made sure she had hers, too!

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  2. i loved it, i laughed and i ached right along with them. to want to be one and have a house full of guests was definitely interesting, but they did it none the less, it might not have been special but they will always remember it. . and i loved loved loved Jason in wanting to buy shoes, BRAVO….. KY

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  3. I don’t know what you’re hiding from. I thought it was beautiful. Fumbly and funny and sweet and two minutes of sexy! 😉😉 I’m quite sure Eric will make up for it next time 💋❤️💋❤️
    Jason was…well…Jason. Funny and inappropriate and oblivious. 😄

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    1. Shhh, I’m hiding from the smutterati who will lynch me for not perpetuating the myth that Eric’s penis size is anything smaller than the Chrysler building and has a stamina unparalleled by any other being on this earth….

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      1. OMG. Laughing like a hyena here. You made me snort my coffee through my nose. I soooo agree with how a lot of ffs portray Erics “manhood.” It’s ridiculous really.
        But I had to laugh at “chrysler building” 😄😄😄😄😄😋😋😋😈😈😈

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  4. I don’t think the warning this time was warranted…
    That was an awesome (and VERY satisfying) chapter and… in real life… early sex is not the stuff of dreams if I remember my teen years correctly… And in this story with Eric being a newborn vamp, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise… It is somewhat refreshing to have an Eric without a thousand years of sexual expertise (which is hardly ever mentioned as a factor in Sookie’s insecurity with him but geez…)
    I do love your Jason… #shoes #shoes #shoes!!! His integration into the family is likely to suffer some teething problems… I think he may need direct coaching from Aelia… He won’t know what hit him and probably the ‘pretty lady’ won’t know what hit her either….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Oh” Sookie moaned breathily with lots of little huffs and mewls. “Teach me Eric.” … That is usually the part where I run screaming in the other direction… Yes Eric and his thousand years of experience would definitely intimidate someone relatively inexperienced like Sookie and she would probably be a little skeeved out about the extent of that past… but since it is highly encouraged in fanfic land to continue this narrative anything deviating from it has me biting my nails and in hiding… unnecessarily it seems this time but the digs are highly comfortable so it’s not all bad…. Jason is hilarious but a pain to write since he alternates between idiot and accidental genius but I like roping him and Pam into the stories because they’re far more entertaining and don’t worry about Jason and the Aurelie household, he just needs to be housebroken and he’ll be a-okay…

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      1. Yep, writing funny characters is a lot harder than drama… hence so many tv comedies failing… so if you find it tough… you are not alone…
        Geez you and me both running away from those storylines and the classic variation into BDSM territory (not that there is anything wrong with that provided all consensual etc etc but gosh is that device overused)…
        Love your stories – i hope i say it enough… Often wait to read 2 or 3 chaps in one but faithful follower of all of them eventually…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh thank you! Please shout it out loudly because for some reason everyone seems convinced that the Sookie needs a sex education narrative (or that ridiculous highly popular former twi-crap) is what readers are begging for… I’m highly appreciative of you as a reviewer (hey you are all allowed favourite writers so I’m allowed favourite reviewers 😉 ) and you’re probably better off stacking the chapters I think my work suits that better than the chapter per chapter formula anyhow.


    1. What is this chafing you speak off? Sookie has this magical unending river of moisture dripping between her thighs that never runs dry and Eric informs me vampires do not chafe…

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