Outtake – SQUEEZE



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“Don’t squeeze so hard.”


“Sorry,” he apologised, distancing himself too far from my body. “I sometimes forget the force of my vampire strength.”


“It’s okay,” I whispered pulling him in closer again where he immediately set to kiss my breasts with reverence in a proclamation of repentance for the inadvertent harm caused to them by his eager fingers.


I was exhausted, emotionally and physically, but I had wanted him desperately. Whether it was my desire or his I could not recall, but the moment we entered the bedroom it became clear that the bed was our destination and sleep could wait on us both. I had not allowed him to undress me and had demanded I got to shed him of his clothes instead. It only seemed fair after our quick interlude earlier that night that I got to see him naked for once.


He was a magnificent sight, not that I cared so much about that anymore as much as I had in the past when my eyes had first latched onto him, settling the initial allure. Now it was the least impressive thing about him. Despite that, I wanted to explore that body; the casing that contained the man I loved. The skin while not cool but rather tepid, heating under my touch. He enjoyed the feel of my teeth on his body, groaning particularly loud with a blunt bite. The male nipple, to me an otherwise uninteresting coloured piece of skin, responded like no other.


“Bite a little,” he pleaded and I had to hold back a snort in fear of it coming across as mocking of his desperation. I teased with my tongue instead, hands tracing down to graze at the pubic hairs that started to gather in greater concentrations to his most impressive parts. With my hand around it I still couldn’t fathom it, thankful that our first encounter had been in the relative dark for it might have shied me away from its size. It was different to what I had known in my limited experience, hiding with a piece of foreskin, and then only startling me more when it came to stand erect so prominently with its unsheathing.


When I did bite down on one nipple after an extended session of taunting, his cock jumped with excitement in my hand, his hips moving in on its own accord. My clothes were soon gone, how and when it happened I couldn’t recall, it was swift and my body responded to the sudden gust of cool air on it while Eric brought it to even greater heights with exploring hands, sometimes squeezing a little too hard.


He made up for it, in spades.  Descending with glee with his mouth down my body, when it felt my breasts were sore with his appreciation of them, my stomach was treated to his soft lips while hands traced my outer curves in appreciation. I didn’t understand his intent until those encompassing hands shifted me down the bed suddenly and I found my legs dangling over his shoulder while he kneeled and paid worship with his tongue. I lost count on the number of times I came from the invasion of that talented tongue, sometimes accompanied by his probing fingers finding points of pleasures I had no knowledge existed inside me. It was becoming too much and, despite my inability to even throw that out in a sentence, let alone a single word he knew through and, like the bastard he could be sometimes, he preened with pride and only upped the ante.


He sucked hard on my clit, nipping the slightest at the overly sensitised glans, his fingers teased up inside me and his other hand firmly pushed down the flat of his palm over the top of my mound, compacting the surge of pleasure throughout my core till it found itself in trembles at the extremities. I hated the descriptions of seeing stars, lights, and all the other inadequate metaphors that seemed unworthy of that experience, but I understood it then and while lost in that high, he struck like no other lover could, teasing the blood out of my thigh with sharp fangs. So gentle and loving, in stark contrast to the sudden assault it had been when I had forced him into my neck out of precaution.


My thoughts fell back to our conversation earlier as he took his nourishment from me, whether feeding something else would be like this. Sex had never been this giving to me and I doubted it had been for Eric either.


“Come back to me,” I whispered when his blood healed the exit points of mine. He smiled up before kissing me deeply with pride, he felt he had something to make up for, but if we were keeping score I was sorely lagging behind.


“Gods, the taste of you,” he moaned with appreciation into my mouth when we settled up further along the bed. To which taste he was referring to I didn’t know, either one made me slightly embarrassed about it, the same way it had whenever Pam would drop a similar hint when it was my time of the month.


“Want you inside of me again.” His eyes twinkled when I voiced that desire and by the state of him he had been waiting eagerly for that moment, the purple colouring making his cock almost appear angry at the both of us for leaving him out for so long.


“I’ll make it last this time,” he promised to my ear. I laughed then, comfortable with the fact he wouldn’t be offended. His intent was so serious, in his face and through the bond. I trusted him completely to fulfil that promise and so much more, and I didn’t shy away from telling him that moments before the head of his cock started to part my folds. It may have been punishment or gratitude, I was unsure, when instead of entering me he teased my clit with the head causing me to mewl nonsensically as if he were already setting testament to my spoken assumptions.


Eric filled my up like no other, but it was the weight of him that made me so utterly content to have his body surround mine, my hands latching on to his biceps. Then moving inside me, in and out, in a rhythm borne to torment me while I desperately squeezed around him to keep him in, never wanting him to leave me.


“Don’t squeeze so hard,” he chuckled, causing me to swat his chest but laughing right along with him. He grabbed the injuring hand and placed it on his ass making me wonder why I hadn’t thought of venturing there to encourage his movements. It forced my back into an arch, and I strangled out a scream as he hitched further up inside me, his pelvis colliding into my clit with a more powerful thrust.


“You like that,” he spoke low from his throat, carrying that self-satisfied grin that only in a weak moment such as this I would confess to liking. His hand held my back in place, in its slightly contorted position, while my splayed out legs moved further up the strength of his thighs, clinging on to him when he started to pump into me shallowly with force and speed, convincing me he was killing me whenever he alternated the direct assault on my clit with a swirl of his hips that stirred my insides. His mouth was on my neck, suckling at the protruding vein, taunting with the promise of a bite that never came.


“UNH!” It was about as elegant I could get in that moment when all my body wanted to do was crawl into his, never wanting this to end.


He laughed.




Fucking asshole.


The man could fuck though, there was little deniability in that and he was building to something I never experienced before, hitting into hidden depths till it stopped and surged. Releasing me of it all in waves while I clung on to him, the rhythm continuing, easing slightly with the flutter of my insides while I chanted his name in praise. Surely it had to end and he would come inside me but that announcing swelling remained absent, I could barely see him through the sweat soaked strands of my hair that obscured his face above me. It was a miracle I remembered to breathe.


He was still hard when he pulled out of me, while my insides seemed to have settled and fallen to sore. I whimpered at the loss and his pride as expressed through that still triumphantly erect cock, bloomed to the surface. Its evil cousin, the single elevated brow, dared question if I wanted more. Though I didn’t think it was possible to sustain more pleasure, I rose to the challenge and initiated one of my own, “Make love to me.”


There he was again, vibrating inside of me without the hard determination or the special skills. They had been wonderful and earth shattering but it didn’t compare to this, where our eyes had constantly sought each other in frenzy, now they didn’t even dare blink for the possibility of losing this connection. The movements were simple, familiar, we kissed softly in between. Rewarding ourselves for opportunities lost that would never have resulted in this. This perfection that settled us and brought us in tune, and it lasted for as long as we cared it to, words unnecessary to experience it all. He spilled and I received.


It was simple. I loved him. He loved me.


We were an us now.



A/N: Thanks to msbuffy again she knows why and what for…


So short and sweet, were you all going to kill me if I had deprived you of this, well Eric would he had something to set right 😉 Thoughts?




21 thoughts on “Outtake – SQUEEZE

  1. Oh, yes, there would have been angry villagers with torches and pitchforks if you hadn’t listened to Eric and shared this! Lol

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Eric can be very determined, I’m sure he would have thought about it and somehow let us know he wasn’t a two-minute man! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww…. That was adorably hot… There are few stories I can think of (mostly AHs with a nerd/shy Eric) where Eric would utter the words “I’ll make it last this time,” in the middle of a love-making session… I’ve mentioned this before but I love this variation of an Eric who is vampire but not the hardened 1,000 year old…. he is a baby-vamp although man-sized and clearly able to rock Sookie’s world… I love their easy banter and how comfortable they are with each other… I have the feeling they are going to need these moments of peace and togetherness as the supernatural world around them implodes…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Eric sort of alternates in this, sometimes a little lost or unsure but still enjoying his vampy status. As for the rest… ehm, ehm… no comment?


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