It’s Already Gone -COMPLETE-



 Because the thought of watching True Blood season 7 sounds about as enticing as watching Bill’s sideburns grow in. 10 connected one-shots. 10 farewells. 

Eric/Sookie HEA sort of…

E/S – AU– Rated M


 Complete .epub or .pdf here


Week 1




Alcide Herveaux



Week 2




Jessica Hamby



 Week 3




Sam Merlotte



Week 4




Bill Compton



Week 5




Lafayette Reynolds



Week 6


BN_06Citizens of Bon Temps


The Citizens of Bon Temps



Week 7




Tara Mae Thornton


Week 8




Jason Stackhouse


Week 9




Pamela Swynford de Beaufort



Week 10




Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse

19 thoughts on “It’s Already Gone -COMPLETE-

    1. Thanks, thought you might enjoy that. Bill’s own quote is probably also one of the most aptly suited ones I could find from him 😉


  1. Sam, his wife and unborn baby, all gone, so heartbreaking..I don’t think I’ll be sad about the next one though.


    1. Well unless the I heart Bill fan club comes round, I think it’ll be safe to say I don’t think anyone’s going to be sad with next week’s chapter.


    1. Yeah Jason is one of my faves too but I can’t kill Ginger over and over again as the last chapters… but he lived a good life in Sweden… promise.


    1. Aside from Eric (who I consider the starring feature even when relegated minimal face time) I have to say I enjoy the side characters most on TB, their storylines not so much… and yes there will be far fewer smiles around when Jason’s gone…


  2. NOT PAM! I’ll be sure to have the Kleenex at the ready. Whatever gets the best of Pam, would have to be epic.
    I agree that Jason has the best lines in the show, always cracks me up. Thanks for sharing. Blessings


    1. Sorry… she’s my fave too but she’ll go out the way she came in, with style… I really should have invested some money into Kleenex stock before posting this story, I could have made a fortune…


    1. is being difficult about replying to your review there so I’ll do it here… Yes Pam had a lovely long life playing dressup with semi-smelly teacups and she went out with a bang fully in control of life and death. Of all the TB characters she probably remained the most true to herself from beginning to end and that was a feat in itself considering the nature of the show.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I promised a non traditional happily ever after and in contrast to the last couple of chapters this was the easiest one to write, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I wasn’t going to spare the final two. It’ll make Pam’s decision make sense too…


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