One Shots


Something about Us

When the end isn’t the end, a story about the ones you leave behind. Slightly sappy and sentimental but it’s Christmas so I’m allowing for it just the once. (Despite mentions of Christmas, not holiday themed)

Inspired by a comment by estrella75 and since it’s her birthday today it feels even more appropriate to gift to her – AU

the challenge

The Challenge

Entry for the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fanfiction contest: in the age of Ancient Greece the chosen tributes battle it out for glory, honour and their lives against the mythical Minotaur and each other. Left to her own devices a prim and proper Faery Princess forges an unlikely alliance with an unusual vampire, things will never be the same…

E/S – AU – One-shot



Sometimes being with a vampire can get a little chilly…

Total crack with a hint of spaghetti… I blame Meridian


Thanksgiving Fixin’s

Post ‘Thank You’ snippets that I put into my announcement pages for various stories to fix the TB finale into something all the more pleasant.  A collection of very short and sweet chasers.



What started as a Thanksgiving Fixin’ turned into a one-shot entry for Gyllene’s HEA contest. Four years after Bill’s death the veneer of Sookie’s HEA as portrayed on TB falls to pieces as she is confronted by some hard truths by the ones she loves. Fortunately a helpful Viking helps her see the light out of the shroud of darkness Bill left behind.

E/S – HEA – One-shot



The Doctor is in

Silly little one shot to celebrate my fanfic b-day. Dr Ludwig healer to all expands her practice to include the feeble minds of the addled supernatural setting them straight with her no nonsense attitude. No character is spared her scrutiny and she writes a few wrongs right in this post DEA verse.  

E/S- Rated M for language – LPOV – One shot

1st place

In Memorium

When the nicest thoughts Sookie ever heard disappear as suddenly as they came, her life is turned upside down. She finds herself entombed in a world about him whilst never exchanging but a few words with the man she never got to meet. Fighting to keep his memory intact the enigma she knew as Eric Northman suddenly comes to life.

E/S – AU – Rated M – One-shot


Memento Mori


Companion piece to In Memorium from Eric’s point of view.

 E/S – AU – Rated M – One-shot

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