The next button is now working… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 24!

An impatient person was complaining about the next button on chapter 23 but it’s in perfect working order now! The next chapter for Bonfire of the Vanities is up! Where did I last leave you? This time Jackie69 offered the perfect recap in the comments section: 
So is the Authority behind all this?
Do they want to get Sookie?
Is Tara fine and Is Talbot really still undead?
So many questions but I guess you won’t answer them won’t you?
Some answers are up and probably more questions will arise… be sure to pose them, since it saves me a bunch of time when making an announcement post 😉 Thanks Jackie!


Chapter 24 – Baby


Can I use the F-word? Oh well I just did… From Time Immemorial: Chapter 22!

The next chapter of From Time Immemorial is up and the word fuck and fucking is used a lot but don’t dampen those panties just yet you might come away a little… dissatisfied… like someone else this chapter… I’ll be hiding in msbuffy’s basement till it all blows over…



From Time Immemorial Chapter 22 – Fucked Up Royally

You were saying something about cliffs… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 23!

Cliffies be gone! The next chapter for Bonfire of the Vanities is up! Where did I last leave you? Well suzyq591suzy put it a lot better than me, with her permission I present to thee:
Right — I am coming to hunt you down leaving us hanging — Will Godric find Tara in time — will Eric find his maker in time and will the Dallas vamps take good care of Sookie. That is three cliffies you are a mean woman 😉
She’s probably right about the mean part… as for the rest… why don’t you go on and read…


Chapter 23 – Divide and Conquer


What are we five? Get your asses in here… From Time Immemorial: Chapter 21!


Right I’m not going to bother discussing this clique business because I have a big question mark hanging over my head what is the cause of all this like everybody else, maybe I’m the cause of it who knows (let me know if I am because I don’t make a hobby of unintentionally hurting people’s feelings)… let’s just try to move past this and look forward to something positive and cherish what great variation we have in our little fandom.

Saying that if you want in on the clique of the century feel free to join in on the new SVM/TB directory site venture, everyone is welcome!!! People have been extremely responsive, encouraging and excited by this idea. I have a long list of writers who have given their commitment to it already and reblogged the cause or I have simply taken your ‘like’ as an agreement. So there are still some to go and let’s be realistic not everyone is going to want to join and that’s perfectly fine but if you haven’t expressed your commitment yet or I have not identified you properly on Facebook with a reply let me know you’re on board so I have a way to contact you. Want to wait it out till it’s actually there, also perfectly fine. Sakshi and I have decided to give the go ahead with the test phase with the number of responses received so far. In the meantime I’ll be branching out and assembling a team of willing volunteers, an update on that will follow soon.


Yes there’s more to this than mindless rambling… the next chapter of From Time Immemorial is up I believe I left you all dangling from a nasty little cliff, so this time you’ll find out what actually happened that made Godric see red….



From Time Immemorial Chapter 21 – Royalty

New Year, new chapter… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 21

So the shiniest part of the New Year seems to already have faded away and resolutions have abandoned ship… anyhow I’m back to updating after a well deserved break. I haven’t made my mind up on a set schedule yet and am mindful of MsBuffy’s workload with that but I’ll try to update on at least two chapters a week, a few stories are winding down on my end and I’m still deciding on whether to expedite those or not so bear with me in the meantime.
The order will be as before BOTV, GD, 6MTL and FTI. There is something new in the works that emerged from my Christmas/New Year fics that is now titled the Ms/Mr Series and will be something completely different but it is still in its early stages. Hopefully more news on that soon. 
Onto the story at hand in case if it’s been too long the preceding Chapter 20 is here, that left us with an upset Sookie and a completely unaware Eric, a Godric at his lowest point and a mysterious cloaked figure visiting Russell and Pam.
I’m glad to be back in the swing of things and just a note to the new followers I hadn’t anticipated the influx of readers in my absence so I’m slightly behind with some of the comments but I’ll get to them when I can.


Chapter 21 – Trust


Warm up a little with From Time Immemorial: Chapter 19

Last chapter update on the multi chapter stories till January so enjoy, promise it’ll leave you in a good place. In case you miss my offerings of cookies in the last announcement post, I didn’t link the announcement to Galatea’s Descent properly so here’s the correct link for that just in case. In FTI Eric is prepping for his special moment with Sookie and I’ll fully admit that most of this chapter was inspired by this pic I found while trawling the Google images databank….

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Paul Bettany 2


Chapter 19 – Us

The end is here… Bonfire of the Vanities Chapter 20 and the end of the Fixin’s…

Final chapter of Part I of Bonfire of the Vanities is ready to read. Part II will start up again in January while I enjoy a bit of time off in between. It’s also truly the end of the never ending epilogue on the Fixin’s series. *sniff* There is a more extensive gratitude to MsBuffy in the lengthy A/N but I will stress it here again, she has been a lifesaver to my sanity these past few weeks so I can’t thank her enough for her work on this series. 
Enjoy in whatever order you like, links are at the bottom of each and here’s a recap for BOTV:
Pam found a kindred spirit in Logan the wolf while Russell tried to dissuade himself from thoughts that Talbot is not finally dead.


-Cecily was pushing Godric to his limit to get some sort of reaction from him, and continues to do so in this chapter.


Tara found herself in a precarious situation, which despite your guesses only Kleannhouse picked up on. She promised to share the cookies and clean up the crumbs…


-Lorena had a good torture session for letting the telepath escape her grasp courtesy of Niccolò


-Sookie and Eric enjoyed a nice ‘fairy sponge bath’ while Godric fell to his lowest point.




Chapter 20 – Empty




 Thanksgiving Fixin’s Outtake #38


From Time Immemorial: Chapter 18 and the penultimate fixin’…

We’re delving into poor Staci’s mind again but there’s some nice Eric and Sookie interaction too in the latest chapter for From Time Immemorial. I finished writing the epilogue and this is the second to last chapter on that so you will have to get your fix 😉 on that story in future outtakes after these last two chapters I’m afraid. Enjoy in whatever order you like, links to each chapter are at the bottom of the page as per usual.


Chapter 18 – Changes




Thanksgiving Fixin’s outtake #37