and they lived happily ever after. The End… Lead to Love – Set III

…because quite frankly; I’m frightened to death at the thought of what would happen to me if it didn’t end on that note, thankfully I’m never that cliche about it but hopefully you’ll still enjoy this final chapter. Let me know your thoughts because they have been very interesting on this piece.

Special thanks to msbuffy for seeing this through its edits (and minor post changes) and putting up with my prolonged period of annoyed staring at it because I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when it was done 😉






Note: I noticed shortly after posting I forgot to allow comments on the chapter page, so if you’re here to notify me of that; it’s already been fixed and you can leave comments on the page.

New Short: Lead to Love – Prologue

I mentioned in my last post I had a little short prepared and I just posted the prologue. This four part short story was written over the summer holidays, it sparked my interest after reading an article about a questionnaire in The New York Times that came forth from research done by psychologist Arthur Aron who succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory with 36 questions, though it’s used as an exercise for existing relationships too for various reasons. There’s theory to back it all up and in my mind the rational part of Eric would be attracted to that along with eliciting some responses from an unruly Sookie that weren’t coerced from him for a change, at least seemingly. I did always feel a lot could have been solved in CH’s world if these two just had a good chat now and then, so I forced them to talk. Description and links below, hope you all like it and let me know your thoughts!




Armed with a trusty set of questions Eric goes to confront Sookie and insist they talk out whatever seems to be between them. Could be considered canon (except I’m not much of a canon-fetishist so it won’t be accurate) and can be inserted anywhere from the moment Eric is aware of what happened during his period of amnesia. E/S – HEA – and all that other jazz…