Thanksgiving Fixin’s Series -COMPLETE-


Thanksgiving Fixin’s Series

Starting as little snippets the Thanksgiving Fixin’s grew into something much more and then the more started accumulating so a reading order is advised:

The original one shots were titled Thanksgiving Fixin’s and are numbered #1-13 which are stand alone pieces. When I wrote #14 a little chapter was added to it, then another and another until this grew into a story of its own; Thanksgiving Fixin’s: Everything and More. After it was finished this outtake spurted some outtakes of its own, the order of the outtakes for EAM are as follows; Fangsgiwin`, Into the Black, Meet Me Under the Stars, A Midsommar Night’s Dream.

Everything and More can be read without knowledge of Fixin’s 1-13 but the EAM outtakes will make little sense without reading Everything and More (Fixin’s #14-38) and should be read in the order mentioned above.

See also:


A separate one shot that got entered into a competition but could be considered a Fixin in the vein of Fixin’s #1-13.

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