Thanksgiving Fixin’s 16





A/N: It should probably be noted that I apologise in advance for what reading this might do to your poor minds…




“Wait, does that mean if Eric had just stuck around in Shreveport instead of running round the world for that New Blood business of his this could have been resolved years ago?” Sookie suddenly questioned waking flames to old fires.


“The Northman is a very hard man to track down,” Niall replied carefully.


“Tell me about it,” Pam groaned in memory of her own re-enactment of ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’ with a rather elusive Viking vampire.


“I think my efforts should have been better spent in pursuit of you,” Niall hinted suggestively at Pam who carried an appreciative grin, welcoming his advances.


“Gross!” Sookie cried out with the thought of her great grandfather seriously pursuing Pam. She had merely taken it as role playing on both their accounts before but now that it seemed a real possibility her stomach churned at the thought of Pam becoming her great grandmother.


An apologetic hand soothed her over her thigh accompanied by a whispered sorry as guilt flooded their bond over what Eric’s inadvertent absence had caused.


“You didn’t know,” Sookie returned softly as she identified the self-inflicting pain. “Would you have believed him anyhow?”


“I don’t know,” he confessed honestly. “Had he promised me another chance with you I think I would have gambled with the possibility regardless.”


She nodded appreciatively reserving her anger for another more idiotic individual. Frustratingly she had found it very difficult to remain mad at Eric, where she missed his typifying arrogance she knew he hadn’t lied when he told Idiot Sookie that he was more with his memories. There were changes in him that she could appreciate and perhaps with her in his life those qualities may never have emerged.


There was no old and new Eric Northman, he simply was and it gave her the confidence that no matter what, he would accept the two Sookie Stackhouses as one who was simply more. “You know I’m actually glad that she let you go, now I have you all to myself.”


He kissed the temple of her head softly while absent-mindedly rubbing the flat of her stomach revelling in the thought that soon it would be filled with a child they had both instantly taken ownership of from the moment they heard it was theirs. The word ‘Mine’ that seemed so intrinsic to all vampiric relations seemed paltry now, when there was such a concept of ‘theirs’ and ‘ours’. Eric held a small smirk as they sensed the same thing through the bond, “I guess we both had to suffer in our time apart.”


“I think you got the worst end of the deal,” Sookie sighed as she considered the completely unpredictable nature of Idiot Sookie. “Sorry.”


“What do you have to be sorry for?” Eric asked with confusing missing the intent in her words.


“For this,” she answered before Eric was overcome with a stinging sensation on his cheek and felt the residual pain flow through the flatly held palm of her hand as a satisfying slap rang through the air. Only to be followed by another and another with every reason she could unearth from her mind. “Fucking flesh of marble! Asshole! For leaving me alone to wonder round a cemetery for years! For thinking Idiot Sookie was the real me! For thinking sunbathing unprotected on some mountain top is a smart idea! For being so damn noble all the time!”


Niall and Pam chuckled at the sight and sounds of Fairy Sookie’s practice round on Eric, when all her anger over the situation finally dissipated her chest heaved heavily from the exertion before she started to replace the slaps with tender kisses to the near pink flesh of his cheek. “For caring for everyone but yourself. For never giving up hope when I was abducted by Queen Mab. For looking after the people I care for through no obligation of your own. For risking your life at every turn so others have a chance to become as old as you. For thawing that thousand year old heart of yours when you thought you were incapable of doing so. For the simplicity of your dying wish to be a kiss from me.”


At her last words Pam quickly tugged Niall up who grumbled discontentedly at his interruption of dinner and entertainment. Having to suffer through their loving displays of affection for two consecutive nights had Pam at her limit, only with the promise of more pasta in the kitchen did Niall perk up just in time for the two not to stand witness to a re-enactment of a kiss that had defined Eric and Sookie’s beginnings.


“I’m sorry for Idiot Sookie,” she whispered when air had finally caught her lungs during a reprieve of the joint sensation of lips and tongues. “You should totally get to slap her too.”


“She may not be you,” he returned thoughtfully. “But she’s still a part of you. I don’t think I can hate her, no matter how much she hurt me. I don’t think I can ever hurt the woman carrying my child either.”


“You’re probably right,” Sookie pouted, naturally the amorous vampire couldn’t let that sight go without a nibble of her jutted out lip before it was swallowed into another deepened kiss. “Eric I don’t want to wait anymore.”


“Let’s get you downstairs,” he grinned lasciviously.


“Eric, Stop!” she shrieked reminding him of the more innocent girl that had once fearlessly walked into his bar and dared to sass him. Begrudgingly his intended movement to take her and ravish every inch of skin on her body came to an immediate halt, although his impatience with the situation was clearly legible on his confused face. “I don’t want to wait till she gives birth to our child. We made it,” Sookie continued as her eyes rolled with her next sentence. “All three of us. So I want to give birth to our baby.”


“I’d like that,” Eric whispered huskily into her ear. “You know it’s a nice thought that we are three now and there will be three again soon.”


“I just pray to god our baby inherits nothing from that unintelligible bitch.”


“Pamela has her flaws but I still love her for them,” Eric offered consolingly with the thought that they might actually end up with a Stupid Sookie for a child.


“You’re a better man than me,” Sookie groaned with the prospect. “But hey she’ll be at least a half of you. She can never be that stupid.”


“Don’t be ridiculous, we’re obviously having a boy,” he scoffed.


Obviously,” she retorted with palpable sarcasm, before she could utter more contempt for his assumption her fired lips were tempered by his cool mouth as they both came to the realisation that no matter what the sex of the baby would be, they would celebrate it for the magic being that it was. Ordinary or extraordinary. Even if it turned out to have a box of rocks for a brain.


“Shall we go ask Niall now to reunite us?” she enquired after standing up to go back inside.


“Can we wait until tomorrow,” Eric requested after some thought.


“Now you want to wait?”


“I’ve always wanted to crash that Thanksgiving feast that she refuses to invite me to every year,” he offered sheepishly.


“That’s it Eric Northman tonight I’m helping you relocate your balls,” Sookie spoke with determination while cupping the afore mentioned objects, to which he growled excitedly. “But you do have a point, let her bloated ass do all the cooking this year.”


“Excellent,” he grinned as he was already mentally mapping out how they could fill the hours in between. They moved back to the kitchen in search of her great grandfather, Sookie shuffling her feet at high speeds with impatience as Eric stalked behind her, leisurely taking in the view of her rear. Unfortunately their distracted minds left them completely unprepared for the scene that they startled upon in the kitchen.


“EEEEEWWWW!” Sookie screamed in horror as she took in the sight of the brightly lit kitchen island where a naked Pam, bar a pair of red heels, was covered in spaghetti which the undisturbed Prince of the Fae was suckling languidly from her breasts. The couple remained completely unimpressed by their newfound audience, Pam cast them a dismissively waving hand, informing they would be with them in a minute while their jaws did their best not to drop completely to the floor. Sookie instantly shut the door on the spectacle, relieve washing over her as she was no longer able to hear the slurping and suckling noises that were coming from Niall’s mouth as he ate his fill.


“Next time we have to work on temperature control,” Niall informed Pam when they finally emerged from the kitchen fully clothed. The back of his hand wiped the corner of his mouth to remove the last remnants of red sauce. His lips, however, were still noticeably swollen from earlier activities. “I like my spaghetti and my woman warm,” he growled while catching her by the waist where he proceeded to bluntly bite at the curve of her neck.


“Only if you let me give you a makeover,” she purred in return. “The shoes can stay of course.”


Sookie and Eric both shifted uncomfortably on the sofa before Niall took notice of them again. “Right, I assume you are ready to merge with that brainless version of yours now.”


“We’d like to wait till tomorrow,” Sookie said meekly as she continued to stare at the pattern on the area rug as she tried fervently to bleach her own brain from the images of the night. She never considered the state of bliss that idiotic version of her must reside in as the world just stupidly passes you by.


“Let her cook that meal, very smart. But there better be spaghetti.”


“Oh yes,” Pam moaned with delight causing a chorus of opposing shudders to reverberate around the room.


In shock of the continued display Sookie clamped her hands fiercely to her face in some desperate attempt to make it all go away. A heavy paperback was tossed into her lap by her great grandfather that advised her to better read up on what to expect now that she would be expecting.


“Is there anything…” Sookie started still finding it hard to look Niall or Pam in the eyes where they were absolutely unapologetic about their exploits. “Pain management,” she finally managed to stutter out. “Can Eric’s blood do something for it, otherwise I want to be in a hospital and be as high as a kite.”


“Hasn’t anyone taught you anything about the way of the fae,” Niall chuckled, which only deepened in timbre when she hotly retorted a big fat no and quickly averted her eyes away again. “That baby’s going to feel as good coming out as it did when it was made. Perk of the fae.”


“Oh,” Sookie said in confusion. “Oh!” Her eyes were wide with the sudden realisation of what he meant.


“O indeed,” Pam leered with her eyebrows raised impossibly high as an appreciative hand travelled down Niall’s chest which puffed out proudly with the attention. “The big O.”


At Pamela’s further humiliation of Sookie her cheeks flushed red as an embarrassed heat overtook her body. Niall observed it with a hearty grin before he audibly whispered into the vampire beside him, “See Pamela that is the exact temperature you need to be for our next meal.”






A/N: So apologies again for that mental imagery… I haven’t decided yet whether I will continue this storyline or not over multiple fixin’s, I’ll think it over on the weekend. I still feel there needs to be a meeting of the Sookies but I don’t want to endlessly drag this single snippet out so we’ll see but the personalities in this have been very persistent including in their perversions, which I swear is all them…





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  1. if niall s being portrayed by rutger hauer i would totally let him eat spaghetti off my breasts! i remember him in his prime and thought he was as sexy as alex is now.


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