Thanksgiving Fixin’s 17






“What about Gunnar?” Eric offered from his spent position with his ear resting to hear the beat of her heart as she continued to browse the pages of a book with a multitude of names.


“Big fat no, Mr. Regular Name,” Sookie vetoed instantly. “You have no idea what it is to be mocked for something you didn’t chose. Sookie, Cookie, Nookie… argh…”


“Those are all not bad things,” Eric grinned running his fingers sensuously over her body.


“Quit it!” she hissed out while swatting away his lingering hands. “You’ve proved the existence of your balls more than once tonight. Now is the time for the baby’s name… for once Stupid Sookie is ahead of us by being more prepared than we are. That is just too disturbing a thought to let stand.”


“People have been having babies for thousands of years,” he said soothingly kissing her angry little fingers with a small smirk. “We’ll figure it out.”


“We are not prescribing to the Eric Northman school of we’ll figure it out when we get there,” Sookie stated coolly. “Don’t think I’ve ever forgiven you for locking me up in your dungeon with no plan. Honestly how you made it this far with those impulses baffles me.”


The book in her hands was instantly grasped from her hands with a menacing growl as it was tossed unceremoniously across the room. “You bring it out in me,” he spoke evenly to her defiant glare. “Temptress that you are.”


“As if,” she huffed out. “You’re the one who did all the seducing and created just as much trouble as me. If you hadn’t gone all macho with the witches perhaps you would have walked out of that coven with your memories intact.”


“Maybe,” he shrugged not wishing to concede too much. “But then you would never have found me walking by the side of the road. The magic of the ordinary that will be our child would never have happened. Sometimes a gamble is worth the risk of losing everything. Sometimes you need to forget the experience of a thousand years to open up to that again. To recognise something as worthy as love again.”


“Is this what you have been telling yourself all these years?” she whispered as her fingers ran tenderly through his short hairs.


“I’ve been telling myself that for a lot longer but only you made me feel the necessity of it again,” he acknowledged. “I didn’t know how to love anymore till I wanted it. Had this child come about under different circumstances I’m not so sure I would have been the father Gunnar deserves.”


Sookie bristled a little again at the proposed name and presumption of the sex but chose to let slide when realising he was as scared as she with the prospect of suddenly becoming parents. “You’re going to be a great dad,” she said encouragingly. “There’s love in you for more than me.”


His shy smile hid among the sheets that covered her lower body as he kissed her empty stomach again, imagining what it would be like to see it filled with their child in what would only be an hour or so away.  “Are you ready?” he murmured softly as he sensed her trepidation about the upcoming night.


“I think so,” she returned absently before looking at his now confident eyes. “No, I know so. We’ll be fine, what we don’t know we’ll figure out along the way.”


He kissed her softly saving it to memory, the moment they were simply two for a while. “We have to get ready to leave if we want to make it there a little after sunset,” he informed with a slight regret that indicated the end of their evening and daylight tryst. After standing witness of her great grandfather’s and Pam’s exploits it had taken quite a lot of effort on Eric’s part to persuade her to partake into the expedition rediscovering his missing ball but  with a few choice licks and she was a quivering mess that remembered exactly where they had left off in a magical winter wonderland.


“Do you have anything I can wear?” Sookie requested as she nervously bit her lip. His thumb traced the bulging side with amusement.


“Always thought this shy part was attached to your humanity,” he mused. “You’re the one that covers the extremes.”


“You won’t miss me when I become her?


“You’re not going anywhere,” he returned confidently his fingers cupping her cheeks. “I always knew you were there, part of the whole.”


“You bring it out in me,” Sookie smiled with realisation. “She allowed me out with you.”


“I like to think we bring the best out in each other,” he smirked before speeding away and returning in seconds dangling a familiar dress from a rich velvet hanger that probably cost more than the dress ever did.


“You!” she accused with tears staining the corners of her eyes as her hands clasped the familiar white cotton fabric dotted with small red flowers. “I thought this was lost to that bitch maenad.”


“I saved it from the wreckage,” he informed smugly. “It’s been waiting for you ever since.”


“You never gave it to the other Sookie?”


“It somehow didn’t seem right anymore,” Eric replied simply warming her heart that even though he never rationally knew he was only dealing with Stupid Sookie that somehow instinctively he knew she wasn’t completely her.


“I don’t suppose you saved any underwear from the wreckage?” she asked for propriety’s sake.


“Nope.” When she petulantly crossed her arms with a huff he couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. “I thought you were the saucy one,” he teased while tossing her a towel.


They arrived a good half hour late as Fairy Sookie had taken on the challenge to show exactly how saucy she was during their joint shower. Thankfully the congregation consisting of Sookie’s loved ones and family had only just sat down toasting to the night when Eric, Pam and Niall walked into the lit up backyard. After some thought it was decided not to scare Stupid Sookie into labour at the sight of her mirror image so Fairy Sookie sat in the shadows of the trees with Dr. Ludwig who had been procured to look over pregnant Sookie until the baby was born. Eric had been happy to note that Human Sookie would have objected to the cost of it but Fairy Sookie had merely shrugged and agreed without argument.


At the sight of her great grandfather arriving with the extremely elegant Pamela Swynford de Beaufort on his arm accompanied by the illustrious Eric Northman had Stupid Sookie drop her glass of grape juice to the table staining the white tablecloth crimson. Nervous glances passed around the table but went completely unnoticed, like much did, by Sookie. With far too much spring in her step Sookie bounced over to the trio. Eric couldn’t help but beam at the sight of Sookie fully rounded with their child.


“Oh my gosh,” she gushed staring up into Eric with wide eyes one finger twirling in a lock of her hair. “I can’t believe ‘The Eric Northman’ is here at my little Thanksgiving Party. And you of course too Ms. Swynford de Beaufort, you always look so beautiful on TV.” Pam merely quirked her eyebrow up in question while Eric remained passively silent as he watched Stupid Sookie’s cheeks flush the same colour of the spilt tablecloth while she moved in closer into Eric, her hand trailing over his forearm as she demurely bit at her bottom lip, highly reminiscent of the Fairy that Eric had ravished not so long ago. It only caused Eric to be more confounded by the whole scene that was playing out in front of him.


Huskily she whispered hoping only he would overhear, “You know I heard rumours you live around here, feel free to drop in anytime.” To make her message even more suggestive and clear while trailing the outline of her enlarged breasts she spoke with a small moan, “And I mean anytime.”


“OH HELL NO!” Fairy Sookie screamed from the woods having overheard the entire conversation from her mind, her temper completely unbridled as Dr Ludwig desperately tried to stop her intent for a disaster course by latching on to her leg with little effect as the Fairy merely continued walking with the leech on her leg like it was a weightless infant holding on for dear life.


The long table full of people erupted in loud whispers and shock as they took in the second Sookie Stackhouse who yanked Eric firmly out of the pregnant one’s grasp. Ludwig quickly jumped off the Fairy Sookie train giving an unimpressed shrug to Niall’s glare. “I tried,” the doctor offered in a lacklustre explanation.


“What the hell is wrong with you? You giant ho bag slut!” Fairy Sookie shrieked before landing an extremely loud and hard slap across Stupid Sookie’s face, smacking all the lusty looks and thoughts out of her. The table and all onlookers fell to silence after a chorus of gasps with the sight and sound of the confrontation. Eric instantly had his arms around Fairy Sookie, locking her arms to her side in order to prevent her from doing any further damage, he simply couldn’t stomach the sight of any Sookie in pain. No matter which one, he loved them both. Tears escaped from Fairy Sookie’s eyes as she sensed it through their shared bond, her body slumping into his with the realisation that made her hurt and love him more all at the same time.


“Well that was anticlimactic,” Pam drawled out with the disappointment that the bitch smacking session was over so soon. “May I have go?” Niall gave her an admonishing look where her lip upturned in response.


Willa came to support the Stupid Sookie who was still stuck in a daze from her sudden assault and the one who had landed the blow. “What the hell is wrong with me?” Fairy Sookie whispered in her confinement.


“You were upset that your other half would come on to me,” Eric explained patiently.


“No not me,” Fairy Sookie voiced, “The other me. Her, she only knows you from TV. It’s like she never met you two before.”


Fairy Sookie wiggled herself from Eric’s arms assuring him she was calm and in control again, her hand reached out tenderly to caress the reddened cheek that she had induced on her other half. A slight wince was exhaled with the touch before Fairy Sookie sank into her mind. With a gasp she stepped back into Eric’s hard chest again.


“She’s been glamoured,” Fairy Sookie said, her eyes standing white with shock. “A lot. Like Ginger a lot.”


“You are certain of this?” Eric questioned, having simply always taken Sookie at her word that this was an impossibility, after finding her unresponsive the first night they met. He supposed that perhaps it was something only afforded to the Fairy inside of her.


Fairy Sookie nodded with conviction as the other her merely stared dumbfounded in gentle Willa’s arms. “Who the hell did this to her?” the Fairy demanded eying all the vampires present, her eyes resting a fraction longer on Pam.


“It was me Eric,” his child confessed in a whisper only the supernatural that were present could hear. Eric probed the severed tie that once bound her to him and found not an ounce of guilt for her actions. His hands were around her throat in an instant as he shoved her against the side of the house not caring that he broke several wooden boards in the process. It was taking every ounce of his well-honed restraint to not squeeze that smidgen harder at which her head would be dislodged from her body. His jaw was set tight as he gritted, “Explain.”






A/N # 17: In Pam’s defence I will say this, “Read carefully.” Stupid Sookie will now be known as Pregnant Sookie as she really is a bit of a victim in all this too… got any issues take it up with Bill 😉 this is my supernatural soap opera after all…. 


 My entry for Gyllene’s HEA contest, Intervention, was once meant to be a Thanksgiving Fixin’s feel free to check it out here.


I am still entertaining requests/prompts for these fixin’s. If they spark my imagination I’ll write it and credit you. So if you have something in mind or simply have an idea for the identity of the mystery man at the head of the table or something else leave it behind in the comment section below. Or simply rant about the final season… my associative brain picks up plenty of ideas from that alone 😀




36 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s 17

      1. 🙂 LOL! Well, Sookie was acting more stupid in Season 7 than any other season. It was like a contest between the writers to see who could make her look the most stupid! It’s only fiction. I like Fairy Sookie so much more anyway.


        1. Not what I meant… you’ll figure it out with the next installment unless you feel like bribing me…

          Just read the notice on the dream team and I’m so glad to hear you’re now officially cancer free! Go celebrate! Oh and the writers and betas are great and all… but that goes without saying 🙂

          As for our dearly departing Stupid Sookie I’m still entertaining the idea of the Fuckin’ Sookie contest with absolutely no lemons allowed… 😀

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          1. Hmm…You’ll have to email me about that one.

            Thanks! It’s official, and all I have to do is go back every 6 months for a check up! Believe me, I celebrate every day!!

            Yes, you’re all great and I can’t wait to get started! This will be fun with all of these creative minds together!

            OK, what can I use to bribe you? You’ll have to let me know in an email. I don’t want to let every one know what I’d pimp myself out for! 🙂


            1. I’m not very bribe-able now that I think about it… I’m also impossible to get presents for so I usually just end up with flowers and a wad of cash 😀 I’m not allowed to profit from this anyway so my point is horribly moot… I would offer the next chapter for beta-ing as fair trade but I’m not sending you anything till I know you’re arm is of the non aching variety… a little hint then? Someone in the comment section on the announcement post read carefully…

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              1. Send whatever you like, sweetie! I would be honored to ‘beta’ your work! My arm is much better, and I know when to stop now, and not overdo it!


              2. You know, I’m not very bribe-able either. If I want something, I go out & get it. Believe me, there wasn’t any way you would have profited, other than to join the ranks of the ingrates and get in line for the spaghetti sauce which, in his honor, will now be called “Niall’s sauce,” all because of you! LOL!


                1. Ah you’re like me you buy the shit you want and just get on with it. Such a nice system don’t you think?

                  You know I would have been bribe-able for Niall sauce, I should have thought of that… but now I already gave it partially away… For some reason that name makes me think the sauce is mildly hallucinogenic 😉

                  I’ll send you some fixin’s to beta when I have a couple banked, I’m getting really tired of finding the mistakes after I post them since I just haven”t allocated them the editing time they deserve.


                  1. Great! I’ll look forward to gettin’ the Fixins’! Love ’em!

                    I put no mushrooms or other hallucinogenics in my Niall sauce. Those days are LONG gone! They were fun though… 🙂

                    I’m sure it would have made it to you in one of those freeze-dried packs! LOL! I’ll add to you a virtual list, how’s that? :0


                    1. I live in the land of hallucinogenics so I’m expecting to pop up around every corner 😉 but it would explain so much about Niall… or at least about the writers when they were writing the last couple of seasons…

                      I shall wear my virtual badge as virtual ingrate with pride, trust me I need a lot of virtual sauce to keep Niall happy and fed. Now for some lovely Italian to supply me with the pasta and I’m all set 😀


                    2. Ah, yes. I did forget that. Haven’t even seen those things in over 30 years. Fun while they lasted though… Too true, that would explain a good deal, but I swear nothing like that ever happened with the groups I was with. We just laughed! A LOT!

                      A virtual ingrate? BWAHHHHH!!! You haven’t earned that yet, but if you want to join them, I’ll add you! LOL! 🙂 When you find that lovely Italian to supply with you with pasta, tell him to send his father over here! 🙂


                    3. I have had to sit through many foreign exchanges students and their foray into glassy eyes and giggles, not quite Niall though…

                      My mistake, I thought only the ingrates got the sauce I shall try harder? At what I’m not quite sure… When I was thinking lovely Italian I was thinking more along the lines of a not so sweet old lady who churns out the best handmade pasta by hand… who knows maybe her unmarried son still lives with her I can send him over? They’re terrible mama’s boys though so be prepared…


                    4. The ingrates do, so you can be official one! No, you don’t want to know what they do. Just think ingrate. No, I was thinking like the father who can cook the Italian food like some of the older ones here! I’m married 8 years tomorrow to a mama’s boy, the second one I married. What the hell is wrong with me?


                    5. Lot’s to celebrate then this week! Mama’s boys know how to get in line so there’s that working for them, saves you all that training time… just have to make sure the mama is out of the picture 😉

                      With the Italians I know it’s always the Nonna or the Mamma that cooks and only when there’s lot’s of company will the older men move their ass and do something…. maybe it’s a regional thing. I’ll let you know when I find my pasta supplier.


                    6. Oh yeah, this time, she’s out of the picture. Yeah, I grew up around many Italians who had their Nonnas living with them and they always did the Sunday meals. Their fathers did a good deal of the cooking too though. They were always cooking!

                      I imagine you wandering the winding cobblestone streets of Italy’s smaller towns, looking for your pasta supplier… LMAO!!! 🙂

                      Leave Niall at home!


                    7. Cobblestones and heels? I don’t think so… I can throw a rock in a random direction and hit a decent pasta maker in Italy, even the Chinese restaurants serve pasta and pizza there, which is weird on so many levels… I’m actually not too bad at making it myself it’s just a lot of hassle so I only allow for it when I pretend to be the good little Italian housewife and the rest of the year I do as all the other Italians and use the dry goods, which are still really good.


                    8. Cobblestones & heels aren’t good, no, no, no! Good way to break an ankle! I actually find it pretty easy to make. I still can’t get used to cooking for two. I come from a huge family, then had to feed kids who never stopped eating, and now it’s just us. Thus the ingrates getting the extras. How nice that you pretend to be a good little Italian housewife! I’m sure your hubby appreciates that! My hubby just appreciates food! He has his favorites, but being such a big guy, he’ll eat damn near anything I make. Poor thing.


                    9. I’ve become used to cooking for two but I can’t stand to cook for myself so if I find myself alone on certain nights I will just drag someone in even if it’s a random neighbour, I need the social aspect of it or it just doesn’t taste the same… The key word is pretend here because it lasts for but a few hours and I leave someone else to deal with mess of it 😉 I’m not actually married, don’t think I ever will be… don’t really see the point, the only ones that do around here get divorced within years while the rest of us who live the no pressure life of living together chug along just fine… I call my father the ashtray/garbage can because he’ll eat anything inedible, sometimes I think me and my discerning tastes would benefit from such an indiscriminate POV but then my nose merely wrinkles at the thought.

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                    10. Never say never to getting married! My husband said he was never going to get married. I swore I’d never get married again. After living together for over a year, and being together for almost 7 years, he proposed! Color me shocked! I think it helped that I went away for a week… I had 21 years between marriages. My eldest daughter gave me away & was my maid of honor. It was a great wedding because no one ever thought it would happen! That was 8 years ago today, and was really one of the happiest days of my life, and his too! We’re still honeymooning, still laughing, and our fights just get downright silly. I’m glad I took the chance!

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  1. Well you left us with a nice cliffie! I guess I know why Pam did this. After all the times Sookie rejected her Master Pam didn’t want him to be hurt again! I understand that but I guess Eric won’t….I’m anxious for more .Take care


  2. I can’t imagine how Pam could glamor her, unless Stupid Sookie was more susceptible. Looks like Pam might be in trouble. More, please. I hope Stupid Sookie isn’t actually married to that guy.


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