Thanksgiving Fixin’s 20




A/N: Special thanks to msbuffy once more for making this legible again 😉




“You’re not going to punish her!” Jessica demanded hotly with indignation.


“Shut it, fire crotch,” Pam sneered, while gagging her with one of Niall’s cans of spaghetti, which in her short intimate knowledge of her latest lover she had come to find littered all through those deep and baggy pockets of his costume. “Not bad,” she noted to Niall when he handed her a handkerchief of discernible quality and his neck tie to keep it all in place.


“You won’t just leave again?” Willa asked showing the first hint of insecurity all night.


“I’m not him,” he answered alluding to her deteriorated relationship with her birth father. “I left because of me, not because of you.”


A bloody tear ran from Willa’s eye swallowing the sob that threatened to accompany it. Eric’s thumb carefully wiped away the evidence of sadness from her cheek. “I’m not running from anything anymore,” her Maker offered. “You’re owed some reparations but don’t think there won’t be any repercussions for your behaviour these past few years. I will take you under my wing as I should have from the night you rose.”


“Ok,” she breathed out. “Can I apologise to the other Sookie first? I’d like to make it right.”


“How many times did you glamour her?”


“Just the once, I’m not very good at it,” she admitted. “It wiped away some memories of Bill and others in the process; I think Jessica has been trying to make her remember with her glamour.” The vampire in question struggled in her confines trying to refute Willa’s assumptions but few paid attention to her anymore. “Can I undo it?”


Eric gave a brief nod before signalling Pam to detain Jessica in the basement of King Bill’s former palace. Niall sauntered after his eldest progeny with a protesting Jessica fastened over her shoulder. Pam was far too gleeful about all the fun the new night promised, though he and Pam were mildly disappointed that they were expected to return to reunite the two Sookies. With detailed instructions, Eric explained the intricacies of the hold Willa’s glamour had caused in Pregnant Sookie’s mind and how to unwind it again. Seeing that it was a single act it was deemed safe.


Brigitte excused herself from the room when Willa came in, deciding to keep herself busy clearing away all the untouched food of the Thanksgiving feast while Jason attempted to make his personal contribution by eating away as much of it as possible. Fairy Sookie and Eric remained hovering outside the door to the bedroom as Willa approached the pregnant woman.


“Hi,” Sookie smiled softly at the brunette vampire who had become a supportive friend over the years. Of all the vampires in her life, Willa had always given her an unexplained comfort that the others failed to offer. “I told them you and Jessica didn’t mean any harm.”


“I did mean you harm,” Willa confessed. “Maybe Eric is more accurate. I didn’t want you to hurt as I did. If someone could have glamoured me to numb that pain, I would have wanted it, but it should have been your choice to make.”


Her brows furrowed in response, “Did Eric hurt me?”


“I don’t think so, not according to Fairy Sookie,” Willa offered as she softly petted her hand. “He loves you; well, both of you, I guess, I don’t think he’s ever leaving you behind.”


“I know he won’t,” Sookie smiled without a doubt in her empty mind. “They promised.”


“I hope someday you will be able to forgive me,” Willa whispered as she took hold her of eyes.


“I don’t understand,” she spoke nervously as her other half came to sit by her in comfort.


It’ll be okay,” Fairy Sookie spoke to her mentally as she tried to observe Willa letting go of the hold in Pregnant Sookie’s brain. “Eric,” Pregnant Sookie whimpered feeling the need for him instinctively. Carefully he came to sit on her other side in the bed he had shared with a full Sookie in his amnesia days.


“I’m here,” he whispered earning him a grateful smile.


Slowly, the web Willa tangled in her mind began to unravel as the fairy part of her externally monitored for any distress from her or the baby. She gave Willa an encouraging signal to continue as memories found themselves again, tears flowing down her face and hands clamping down on Eric.


Pregnant Sookie was left speechless by the barrage of memories as Dr Ludwig looked her over for any physical changes. Her eyes sought the haunting blue ones of Eric’s. “Leave us,” he requested, remembering just how assaulting the experience was to him when memories replaced previously empty pockets at rapid speeds.


“I remember,” Sookie whispered into his chest. “I remember you. I remember us. I’m so sorry.”


“You have nothing to apologise for,” he soothed.


“No,” she denied. “The way I treated you, that was all me.”


“It wasn’t only Willa,” Fairy Sookie spoke softly. “There were others, the traces are still there in your mind. We can’t predict how you would have acted had your mind been left intact.”


“Why would they do that?” Pregnant Sookie sniffed.


“They thought they knew you better than yourself.”


“Maybe without you there was some truth in that,” she spoke to her other half sheepishly. “Bill?”


“We don’t know,” Fairy Sookie shrugged. “Maybe. Probably.”


“He did something. I knew that after I got shot,” she said, rubbing over the slight scar that still resided there, now stretched out by her pregnant belly. “Everything that made sense didn’t anymore. I thought it was the blood. I never meant to hurt you Eric.”


“I know,” he returned, kissing the crown of her head. “I knew that all along.”


“Didn’t stop it from hurting, did it?”


“Drove me to a snowy mountain top in the high noon,” he chuckled in a self-deprecating manner.


“Don’t joke about that,” Pregnant Sookie admonished while swatting his chest. “Even without the bond or your blood, this feels right. I never should have let it slip through the cracks of my fingers.”


“Are we all ready?” Niall asked after a soft knock on the bedroom door. “You’re looking better already great-granddaughter,” he noted while taking in Pregnant Sookie’s eyes as they shone with a newfound clarity.


“I wish I could remember everything that was taken from me,” she returned with a small sigh.


“That can be arranged,” he replied smugly.


“Eric said it wasn’t possible,” Fairy Sookie interjected.


A low chuckle escaped Niall’s throat. “Your vampire may be old but that doesn’t necessarily make him wise and all-knowing, little one.” His hand caressed gently over Pregnant Sookie’s head, “Vampires are such messy creatures, leaving their traces behind everywhere. It is easy to undo.”


“Says the man who thinks a naked body is a perfectly fine food receptacle,” Fairy Sookie retorted with a roll of her eyes.


“Young Pamela is quite the dish,” Niall grinned grossing Fairy Sookie out again.


“Any chance you can make us all forget that sight?” she enquired with an unrelenting grimace as the memory continually invaded her mind.


“Yes, please?” Pregnant Sookie begged as she was vicariously assaulted through their shared telepathy.


“Dear Abby says there is nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality,” Pam informed defensively with her arms crossed. “That brief glimpse more than makes up for what I have had to endure with those ridiculous glances my Maker and you two have been throwing each other’s way all these years.”


“Pamela,” Eric growled out in warning, simultaneously wondering how he was going to manage three children all at once, the newborn most likely being the least taxing of the lot at this rate. He feared he might be the first vampire in history to start sprouting grey hairs.


“Was I wrong about her magical fairy vagina?” she countered petulantly, pointing at the magical creature growing inside her belly. A last warning glance silenced her completely as Niall gave her an encouraging smile.


“Follow the magic, Sookie,” he instructed to her Fairy half. “You can replicate this with the oaf on the lawn.”




“Whatever,” Niall shrugged disinterested. “Pay attention now.”


Fairy Sookie did as she was told observing how Niall mapped out all the external invasions and started pulling them apart with his light, allowing Pregnant Sookie to witness every moment of glamour as it was imposed on her. The three of them shuddered with the memory of veiny sex with Bill which, as Fairy Sookie had assumed, was initiated by Bill’s glamour. Though similar to Tara’s initial discovery, it had been an accidental and it was Pregnant Sookie’s inherent compassion that nursed Bill to the end.


“You should feed her some of her blood before the reunification,” Ludwig informed Eric before glancing at Fairy Sookie. “You, share some of your light. Her body remembers you but the baby is unfamiliar with your shared bond.”


Eric didn’t hesitate and soon the familiar crunch of fangs distending into flesh reverberated from the walls as Fairy Sookie summoned her light. Determined eyes matched each other as a wrist was brought to Pregnant Sookie’s mouth while Fairy Sookie’s light bathed over the life inside her womb. When the wound on Eric’s wrist closed, he pulled it away from a reluctant Sookie, Niall joined his light with Fairy Sookie’s and slowly her form disappeared and settled back into its former corporeal host. The white dress Fairy Sookie falling to the floor.


“Sookie?” Eric asked carefully. She gave him a bright smile as she finally felt like herself again; their shared bond returned as her Fairy counterpart emerged with an unprecedented presence, knocking him squarely in the chest.


“Eric?” she asked worry lacing her tone.


“I’m okay,” he returned as the bond settled itself in its former place now in full strength. “You?”


“Better than good,” Sookie replied as the Fae in her contentedly caressed the pregnant round of her stomach as she experienced the prelude to motherhood for the first time consciously.


“The baby?”


“Babies,” she corrected with a beaming smile as her telepathy found multiple whirring minds.


“Two?” Eric whispered in awe as he picked up the secondary heartbeat when he held his ear closely to her stomach.


“One of them better be named Pam,” her future namesake declared.


“The other one is definitely a Niall,” the Prince of the Fae supplemented as they both ignored the deathly glares of the parents to be.


A/N: I had been contemplating by doubling the baby count with the reunification and when redjane12 mentioned the possibility in a comment, as it was the way of the Fae, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on that one under the guise that two is better than one so thank her for that… I doubt I’ll get any complaints about more babies anyhow 😀








14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s 20

  1. Loved this ! Finally Fairy Sookie and Pregnant Sookie are “one”…as for the returned bond between Sookie and Eric! Oh twins how wonderful! Now Eric has a lot on his plate: two progenies and two newborn babies and of course Two Sookies all in “one” Gosh poor guy I don’t envy him…


    1. Well ‘seeing’ is a little hard to do, but I will write about some of it. Now that she’s carrying twins I assume the due date moved up a bit so no huge time jumps necessary 😉


    1. If we turn two Sookie Stackhouse to one we should at least get some change in that transaction right? Glad you liked it and of course she could be unglamoured, don’t think I could live with a perpetually stupid Sookie… we suffered quite enough of that on the show 😉


  2. Just catching up on this ‘story’ /’extended fixin’ and love that there are two babies!!! I really enjoyed that Idiot Sookie got redeemed as after all she was still part of Sookie…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was important to me that Eric appreciated both Sookies. Sookie fell in love with the amnesiac and vampire sheriff version of him so it’s only fair that it was the same. There were calls for coolly eliminating the idiot half but I couldn’t be that cruel… As for the two babies, I figured it always trumps the one 😉 … and it finally eliminated that stupid Spice Girls song ‘when two become one’ out of my head…

      Liked by 1 person

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