Thanksgiving Fixin’s 23






“Great-granddaughter,” Niall smiled contentedly as he woke from his previous high, lifting his head from the edge of the tub. It was only then that he noticed the telling scent of a fully ripened Fae amniotic sac that lay discharged to the floor. In an instant he launched himself from the tub, rising to full height. With utter disregard for modesty, his blood drenched body stood in display to all, the crimson liquid dripping down and showcasing all his impressive parts in full Technicolor glory. Through the horrific sight Sookie and Eric didn’t notice the great anticipating smile he carried while exclaiming, “The babies are coming!”


“It’s like Billith all over again,” Sookie spoke through clenched teeth as she willed away the rising nausea that surfaced with the sight.


“Is it wrong that I want to be the one dissolving into a puddle?” Eric returned as both their gazes were locked on the naked body belonging to the Prince of the Fae, unable to remove them from view even if they tried. It was simply impossible to look away.


“Right there with you,” Sookie gulped, completely ignoring that her body had just announced upcoming labour.


Pam covered the choice piece of meat from Niall’s body with a towel, which finally allowed some oxygen to return to Sookie’s brain.


“The babies!” she shrieked with sudden realisation to what was coming. Sookie turned on her heels in panic only to crash into Eric’s arms. “Is everyone just naked around me?” she groaned, though not as disgusted than when it had concerned her-great grandfather, finding herself colliding with more bare skin.


“Well we’re not naked,” Pam purred with a leer. “Yet.”


She is not to be near me in any shape or form from now until the babies are born,” Sookie whispered into Eric’s ears with a discernible hiss.


“Agreed,” Eric replied holding her tightly. “Pamela.”


A mere recalcitrant huff was given in answer but a stern look and a submissive hanging of her head gave notice of Pam’s understanding.


With all the gentleness in the world Eric carefully led Sookie to the room that was specifically setup for the upcoming delivery, cautious to avoid the  empty new blood cans that seemed to be littered everywhere as the contents had seemingly been placed in the Jacuzzi tub. Dr Ludwig stood impatiently tapping her feet on the raised platform still in her green scrubs and covered by a matching colour of goo from her previous patient.


“Let’s have a look at you then,” she spoke sternly as Eric placed her conscientiously on the examining table. The Doctor uttered a few harrumphs and some choice words that were understood by none before she glared at both of them while snapping off the tight rubber gloves. “As expected I’m here far too soon, you’re barely dilated to 4 centimetres. I’ll return in a couple of hours.”


Before Eric could scream out his protests Dr Ludwig had sensibly popped herself away.




“Hold still Pamela,” Niall admonished as her ankles wiggled over his shoulders.


“You try standing still when you’re turned upside down.”


“You’re a vampire, who can fly,” he pointed out patiently. “Hold still now or it will all spill.”


“Niall-” Eric spoke distractedly as he entered into the sickeningly bubble-gum-pink bedroom. His stomach protested for the second time that day, making him seriously consider if there was some remnant of bile left in his system, as he took in the sight of his naked progeny hanging upside down like a funnel and her fairy prince lover about to tip a can of spaghetti between her thighs.


“Yes, Eric?” he returned indulgently.


“I-” the Viking stammered. “Do I want to know?”


“You told me to keep her busy so she wouldn’t run out into the sun during her fairy high,” Niall said pointedly. “This is us keeping busy. It’s well past my breakfast time.”


“I’m perfectly capable of holding my liquor,” Pam informed with a slight slur, still somewhat insulted at Eric’s lack of confidence in her after taking her fill from Niall’s delectable narrow veins. “My fairy didn’t fall to glittery pieces unlike some fumbling boyish Viking.”


“Whatever,” Eric returned shaking his head in a vain attempt to erase the memory of this current scene from his mind. He didn’t know why he still tried, it hadn’t worked all the other times. “Ludwig popped out claiming Sookie’s not ready to give birth yet. Get her back.”


Niall barked out in laughter at the miffed vampire. “You think I have any say to Ludwig’s movements?”


“You’re the fucking Prince of the fucking Fairy Realm,” Eric seethed. “If anyone can get her back it’s you.”


“Calm down Eric,” Niall returned patiently. “If Ludwig says she’s not in active labour then she’s not in active labour. Keep Sookie and yourself calm.”


“And do what?” he demanded hotly.


“And wait,” Niall shrugged. “Babies come when they want to come. Unlike this little cold cut of meat,” he spoke with a slap to Pam’s elevated thigh.


“Is that all I am to you Niall?” Pam whined. “Carpaccio?”


“Precious?” Niall cooed. “Is that what you think? Come here.” While swallowing his revulsion Eric swiftly departed from the room, uttering some long forgotten curse words from his native tongue as Niall pulled Pam in for a searing kiss while she determinedly clenched her thighs to prevent seepage.




“What happened with Niall?” Sookie requested softly while caressing the swell of her stomach as she took in the storm that was clouded all over Eric’s face.


“You don’t want to know.”


“Worse than discovering your great-grandfather has a third leg for a penis?” Sookie cringed remembering how the ample towel barely covered the appendage.


“Explains his penchant for baggy pants,” Eric replied with a grimace. “But yes, worse.”


“Tell me.”


“No,” Eric replied as he came to lay beside her on the bed. His hand came to meet hers as they softly caressed the babies that were taking all the time in the world to appear. “You don’t want to know.”


“I need the distraction,” Sookie pouted, an enticing sight that was immediately kissed away.


“Trust me, you don’t want this distraction,” he sighed. “I think I finally understand my father now.”


“Only took you a thousand years,” she jested. “Tell me about him then.”


“He was always reprimanding me that there was more to life than what lay between a woman’s thighs.”


“Sounds like you,” Sookie teased with a blush that tinted from her cheeks to her chest as memories of the previous night flooded back. “Don’t think you ever got over that affliction.”


“Trust me, I’m cured.”




“Hiya Sookie,” Willa spoke into the softly lit room. “How are you feeling?”


“I’m doing okay,” she whispered as another contraction travelled though her.


“Is it painful?”


“No just uncomfortable,” Sookie answered. “Not as bad as everyone’s mind makes it out to be. A fairy perk I guess. What’s Eric up to?”


“Screaming at Dr Ludwig’s assistant about every complication that you can possibly incur while she remains absent,” Willa chuckled. “He’s very overprotective of you and the babies.”


“It’ll be a bit of an adjustment,” Sookie acknowledged. “Hopefully he’ll ease up soon.”


“It’s nice to see he cares so much,” Willa offered.


“He’ll care and protect for you just the same, you know that right?”


“I know that now,” she replied. “We had a good talk.”


Sookie hummed contentedly before another little tremor ran through her body. When releasing a small moan she instantly flared red with embarrassment as she recognised the impending minor orgasm that was about to hit her. Clenching her thighs tightly she bit down harshly on her bottom lip before gritting out, “Get Eric! NOW!”


Willa barely managed to get up before he was by her side shoving his youngest progeny out the door screaming over the phone, “Yes FUCKING NOW! Make that FUCKING hobbit appear now!”


“You rang?” the hobbit in question intoned.




“And she thinks we’re inappropriate,” Pam huffed out as she scrambled through the different options for Niall’s dress. “She should be entering the moaning Olympics with those wails. Gold medal material right there.”


Niall merely chuckled as he regarded himself in the mirror, he had to admit that despite his feeble protest to this makeover lark, he was looking very much dapper. The hair was definitely an improvement with its golden hue. “Pamela dear, do you think you can do something about these?” he asked fondling the twin incision marks. “As enjoyable as it was, I can’t exactly start advertising that.”


“Are you embarrassed to be with me?” Pam demanded hotly while jutting an accusing finger to his chest.


“Of course not, Precious,” he returned dotingly, kissing her forehead from his elevated stance on the round posing podium. He paused briefly as an exceptionally loud scream reverberated throughout Eric’s expansive home. “The Prince of the Fairy Realm can’t exactly walk around looking like a common fangbanger. Now can he?”


“I guess,” she pouted in return to which he pulled at her rounded cheeks till she displayed a meagre smile. “I kind of liked proclaiming you to the world at large as mine,” Pam noted melancholically as she moved her bloodied fingers over the marks, watching them disappear under her ministration.


“There are other ways to do that young Pamela,” he grinned.


“If you say so,” the vampiress returned as she helped the prince into his linen suit jacket that sat over the white and blue marine striped sweater that highlighted the blue in his eyes. Another exaggerated scream indicating orgasmic bliss reached their supernaturally sensitive ears. This one was, however, accompanied by the wail of new born life. Sparks travelled between Niall’s fingers as another member was added to his familial line.  “We have our first little sparkplug then?” Pam questioned with a single arched brow.


“Indeed,” Niall grinned proudly displaying the bright blue light between his fingers. “An exceptionally strong one.”


“Well my Maker does know how to make them,” Pam informed smugly.


“Indeed he does,” he conceded with a proud smile as she continued to fidget with the collar of his shirt. “Couldn’t have picked better myself.”


A soft kiss was placed against her lips as he pulled her body into his caressing softly over the curve of her hips. “Niall darling, what did you have in mind?”


“Huh?” he answered distractedly as he eagerly awaited the telling sounds that would announce the arrival of baby number two.


“The other ways to proclaim you as mine.”


“Already done my dear,” Niall replied with a discernible hint of self-satisfaction as his hand roamed further over her body coming to finally rest on her waist.


The loudest scream so far was heard, testing the drums of everyone’s ears in the house.


“What was that?” Sookie panted out as her body primed itself for another jolt of pleasure. Her concentration had, however, been lost when the opposing scream had travelled in their direction from the other side of the house. Undisturbed by it all their firstborn lay contentedly over its mother’s stomach while the gentle calloused hands of his father traced its spine chartering the short little breaths as astonishingly blue eyes gazed out at the world for the first time. Eric had heard the scream in its deafening quality with ease but he had some difficulty trying to discern through the multitude of words spat out at high speeds to understand exactly what was said.


“What?” Sookie asked with concern as Eric’s face seemed to pale to an impossibly white shade right before the next orgasmic wave pushed at their youngest child to enter a newfound realm. Despite the suddenness of the upcoming surge she managed to stifle the moan as her concern remained directed at Eric.


“It appears,” he swallowed with an audible gulp. “It appears, Pam is with child.”




A/N: …and that children is why you must always use protection when having crazy spaghetti sex with fairy princes… Despite my disturbing feelings to the Niall/Pam ship, I did not kill him like many of you feared. Some saw through my ruse and I was surprised no one went with a turning theory, that would have been my guess. I guess it helped that some of the Rutger Hauer fans informed me he used to be a covetable golden boy. To prove just that see the results of Pam’s makeover below… Baby number two is still to come and well inevitably Pam’s…


From Time Immemorial Chapter 15 is here




26 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s 23

  1. Oh god! this chapter was so fucking awesome! Thanks for not killing Naill ! Now I can sleep well without nightmares about Pam taking his poor life! I guess they should have used condoms! I didn’t see that one coming! Now I can imagine how many things PAM WILL BUY for Pam Jr. I’m so so anxious for more! when is the next update? P.S. so happy for the Sookie doesn’t have walk around like a duck anymore!


    1. Niall lives! So happy you can sleep again 🙂 Hey it’s my soap opera, I didn’t even see that coming until I wrote it and nearly keeled over at the thought of a pregnant Pam… Yes there will be lots of shopping done by Pam and who knows maybe she’s blessed with multiples too and might actually run out of unending funds… Hurray! Half of the twins are here, the next one is due to arrive in a day or two, I hope to get it out while I’m gone it just depends how far I get with my editing on BOTV and GD today.


  2. I always loved Rutger Hauer. One of my fave movies of all time is Lady Hawke which he starred in with Michelle Pheiffer and a very young Matthew Broderick.
    Great fixin 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Besides noble Rutger as the cursed knight Navarre in Ladyhawke, try scary Rutger as android Roy in Blade Runner, and surly Rutger as a antisocial naturalist in A Breed Apart. He’s always been yummy to me.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I still snicker at the thought of pregnant Pam, though the alliteration should have called for it much sooner 😉 I have to say despite his brief appearances Rutger Hauer as Niall has given me tons of inspiration. More than SVM Niall ever did, so it wasn’t a complete waste in my book…


  3. That was wonderful. I wish we could have orgasmic babies the fairy way. And, yeah, Rutger Hauer was hot when he was younger. He’s still got it as an old guy.


    1. Glad you like, apparently one can orgasm while giving birth but I imagine that would be hugely embarrassing and the pain is still there… *grumbles* I’m getting round to the RH appeal and annoyingly men do tend to age better than women and some just seem to get better with age…


    1. LOL me too and I wrote it! I’ll have to see how far I stretch out Pam’s pregnancy… this story seems to develop and continue by my weird imagination on a day by day basis but it should really come to an end at some point….


  4. So much fun…but what images…upside down Pam with spaghetti…yuck!!! But I am more excited about imagining Pam as a Mum that Sookie cause Sookie’s a natural. Can’t wait to see what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My eyes are still hurting thanks to Niall and Pam… spaghetti has never been the same…

      Pam as a Mum is more fun because Sookie is expected to be the natural, plus we also missed out on Sookie’s pregnancy so I get to do some of those things with Pam. This will most likely be my one and only baby fic so I’m milking it for as much as I can, so why not Pam? 🙂 It seemed a ‘natural’ progression with the outlandish ways of their relationship even though it took me by surprise too when I wrote it.


  5. Pam is with child!!! Niall also likes playing with fire… I do like that he has serious powers (and a make over) unlike the ineffective fool he was made to be on TB…

    Liked by 1 person

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