Thanksgiving Fixin’s 24






“That’ll be number two,” Dr Ludwig declared as another tiny wail announced the next arrival of new life. The doctor placed the newborn beside its elder sibling, rubbing its back brusquely to encourage its little lungs. “Just a bit of clean-up and proud papa over there can cut the cords.”


A moment was spent watching their second child open their eyes to the world, showcasing the same shade of soulful chocolate brown like its mother. Despite Sookie’s desperation for a lungful of breath, Eric couldn’t help but to steal her lips as they gazed upon the two little miracles that they had created between them.


“Ready?” Dr Ludwig inquired to which Sookie answered with a nod.


With a final push, the last of the afterbirth was expelled from Sookie’s body that hummed and glowed with the aftermath of a thoroughly satisfying Fairy birth. “Need a cigarette, Hon?”


“That’s quite alright,” Sookie spoke in embarrassment, masking Eric’s growl.


“You’re up, Papa!” Ludwig informed to Eric who instantly lowered his incisors.


“Put those fangs away, Viking!” the tiny doctor scowled as she thrust the sterilised shears into his hands. “We’ll do this bit the human way.”


“Like this?” Eric asked nervously as he fumbled with the small surgical scissors.


“Were you a weakling as a human?” Ludwig scowled as she clamped down on his hand hard, and snipped the clamped cord neatly. “Do you have names yet?” the doctor requested while she started placing the first cord in a container preparing it to be sent to Pathology per the Prince of the Realm’s strict instructions.


“This is Eva Hillevi Lis Northman,” Eric spoke proudly of his firstborn daughter kissing the slightly damp soft hairs on her head that he recognised as the same shade as her mother’s. A contented sigh escaped the infant’s mouth in between her snores with the cool touch of her father. Sookie beamed equally proud as together they regarded the small bundle of joy that becoming ‘one’ had created. They were equally pleased that the name they had finally decided on seemed to suit the small baby girl who had come into this world, head first with a loud scream.


“Next!” the doctor demanded impatiently.


Eric quickly swatted away the doctor’s interfering hands while he cut the second cord that connected his son to its mother. Eric’s hand lingered tenderly over the unruly hair in the nape of his youngest’s neck with a similar light shade of blonde to his. With the sudden sensation, the small arm instantly reached over to cover the swaddled back of his sister in protection. “Truly his father’s son,” Sookie observed with a watery smile.


“As long as they have their mother’s fighting spirit and heart,” he whispered against her lips as thumbs caressed away the happy tears that fell. Though he understood their meaning now, he still did not like the sight of them.


“Does the young man have a name?” Ludwig demanded while tapping her pen to her clipboard incessantly.


“Viggo Hemming Northman,” Sookie spoke softly while she watched her children contentedly snooze on her deflating stomach, a perfect little entity of two.


“Very well,” the doctor returned while scribbling away. “I will return shortly, unless you want for me to stitch the small tears when I return, you can have your vampire heal you up; though if he’s unwilling I have some vampire blood in stock.”


Eric’s resounding growl gave answer enough before the doctor popped away to Niall’s lab. He didn’t hesitate to run bloodied fingers through her folds until he declared her fully healed once more.  “How do you feel my Sookie?” he asked gently after resuming his former position beside her with both hands running over the two small forms of newfound life.


“Happy, elated, content and a little tired. I could eat,” she returned with a shrug. “You?” Sookie requested as she ran her hands over the dried blood that had trickled out of his nose and ears all day.


“Not quite sure if I dare dream this is real,” he answered truthfully and she indulgently pinched his arm to confirm he was fully awake causing him to chuckle. “Didn’t think I could love you more until now. Thank you, Sookie Stackhouse.”


“I believe it takes two, Eric,” Sookie replied as she rested her head against his shoulder. “I should be thanking you. We should probably thank Niall for keeping these two safe all this time too.”


“I suppose,” Eric spoke begrudgingly.


They sat in silence for a good long while bonding to their children. A knock on the door announced the doctor’s return now followed by a friendlier looking nurse. Ludwig instantly came to scrutinise the vampire’s handiwork and sterilised the area for good measure. “Take it easy on your fairy, Viking. No matter how much blood you pour down that throat, she needs her rest. Isolde here will help you through the first few days and nights.”


“Let’s give these two their first bath,” the nurse said brightly while she reached for the children who instinctively clung onto the fabrics of their mother and father’s clothes. “Not quite ready to leave mom and dad yet,” Isolde tittered at the tiny twosome, “Perhaps you will join us?” she proposed to Sookie and Eric.


“Please,” Sookie answered even though she wondered how she would stand upright.


“I’ll come set up the baths beside the bed,” Isolde informed. “Are you okay for visitors? There’s quite a crowd waiting.”


“Just immediate family for now,” Eric answered before Sookie invited in the whole town to disturb their little enclave of bliss. Her petulant protest was quickly kissed away as Isolde departed from the room with a chuckle.


“What is she?” Sookie asked Ludwig thinking it too rude to ask the nurse directly.


“Elfling,” Ludwig informed without much care. “Natural nurturers,” she supplemented before lowering her voice, “Completely inedible to vampires.”


Sookie giggled at the thought, there wasn’t a suspicious bone in her of any possible infidelity as she observed the adoring gaze of the vampire beside her. “You think this is for your benefit?” Ludwig feigned while cocking her head. “Do you know how difficult it is to keep your staff from being eaten all the time with injured Supes?”


“She seems very sweet,” Sookie offered politely before they were interrupted by Jason and Brigette carrying in two small plastic bath tubs and their respective stands. Sookie’s eyes lit up instantly at the sight of her brother who beamed proudly at his little sister and the two newborn additions to their family that for so long only seemed to be dwindling in numbers.


“They’re so small,” Jason said remembering just how little babies were. “Were ours ever this small?” he asked addressing his wife who simply smiled indulgently, a well-practiced response when it came to her husband.  “Congrats, sis,” he smiled warmly before kissing her forehead.


“Thanks, Jase,” she whispered back. “Meet Viggo and Eva.”


“They’re beautiful,” Brigette supplied while Jason looked on dumbfounded as Isolde entered the room with two buckets full of warm soapy water.


“Where are Pam and Niall?” Sookie asked suddenly, having expected them to come bolting through the door with her brother and his wife. For all the importance with which Pam had been anticipating the upcoming birth, Sookie figured Pam would be the first one in with racks of clothing options for her babies.


“They’re duking it out on the lawn,” Jason spoke with a stifled chuckle. “Them two have been going at it for hours.”


“I take it Pam has not responded well to her newfound condition?” Eric asked rhetorically with a cocked brow that still proceeded to make Jason nervous years after taking the ancient vampire’s blood.


“Niall seems to think they’re having a fun game of dodge and chase,” Brigette answered. “She’s been anxious to be seen by Dr Ludwig so I’m sure she’ll be in soon.”


“Speak of the devil,” Eric noted dryly as his eldest progeny arrived looking terribly flustered. If he hadn’t been able to tell by her unusually dishevelled appearance, Eric could have easily discerned from her scent alone that she was freshly fucked by the Prince of the Fae, who followed in looking suitably smug. “I hear congratulations are in order.”


Pam’s nostrils flared as her wild eyes sought out the doctor, completely ignoring the sight of her new siblings. “You,” she fumed pointing angrily at Ludwig. “Will remove this abomination from me right now!”


“Good luck with that, Toots,” the doctor returned, completely unimpressed by the vampiress’ aggressive demands. “You’re vampire, anything I remove will just regenerate.”


“Told you,” Niall whispered huskily into her ear from behind as his hand gently caressed over her stomach. A frustrated scream was expelled from her lungs before mumbling a demand of a second opinion. She swiftly departed the room in search of her chosen outfits for the babies, thinking fashion was the best choice of distraction in a crisis.


“Ready?” Isolde requested as the tiny baths stood ready for the two infants. Sookie gave a nod as she and Eric both carefully tended to a child each and moved over to the side of the bed. The two cried a little at being separated but quickly quieted with their parents’ presence and the warmth of the water.


“I can see the family resemblance,” Brigette giggled when she watched Eric wash Viggo’s impressive manhood causing the vampire to beam proudly at the compliment.


“Definitely a Stackhouse,” Jason piped in before Eric could claim the honour to his own name, while Jason happily remembered that particularly proud moment when their own son was born.


“Brigant is more accurate,” Niall informed with a scrutinised glance. “Definitely a Brigant that one.”


“Oh indeed,” Isolde agreed with an implied expertise while Ludwig let out a small grunt that seemed to suggest her concurrence.


Eric suppressed the growl he desperately wanted to expel as Sookie’s hand came to soothe him, however, it did little to take away the insecurity he felt for the first time in his existence. The self-satisfied looks on Sookie’s male relatives grated to no end causing him to nearly rub a little too aggressively with the soft towel against the delicate skin of his newborn son. He quickly helped Sookie get comfortable back into the bed and placed the twins in their previous positions as they continued the close skin to skin contact. Her hand tenderly caressed his cheek sensing his distress, “Perhaps you should see to Pam,” she whispered, Eric gave a brief nod in agreement before kissing the crowns of the three most important beings in his existence.


“Jason, can you help me?” he requested, motioning towards the door carrying one of the used baths toward the bathroom across the hall.


“Sure, man,” Jason responded, following suit with the other bath.


As soon as the tubs were emptied out Eric instantly shoved Jason against the door before he lowly commanded, “Drop your pants and show me your dick.”


“You’re usually a little more tender about this,” Jason grumbled as he fumbled with the buckle. “You know with the romancing.”


“Excuse me?” Eric demanded with a cocked brow that had Jason trembling with anticipation and involuntarily had his tongue jutting out in anticipation.


“You’re usually so considerate, Lover,” Jason whispered before moving in for a kiss but before reaching Eric’s lips his body was slammed harshly into the wood of the door. He whimpered out a contented moan, “A little roughhousing, you know I love it when you do that.”


“For fuck’s sake,” Eric growled yanking down Jason’s pants in one swift move jutting his erection out roughly out of his underwear. Eric gulped silently at the sight as he was forced to admit that for the first time in his life he didn’t measure up in that particular department.


“Fucking Fairies!” he spat out as he angrily departed the room leaving a befuddled Jason behind whose softening member was quickly tucked away with the mortification that this was not one of those dreams. “Fucking Fairies and their giant fairy dicks,” Eric grumbled on until he distractedly collided into Pam in the hall.


“Exactly!” Pam exclaimed hotly as tears sprung from her bleeding eyes. Eric didn’t hesitate to pull her into an embrace as she continued to sob into the crook of his neck. “You so owe me for all this bullshit, Eric!”


“There, there,” he cooed completely forgetting about his own irritations. “Tell you what, Pam. You get to decide on Jessica’s punishment.”


“Willa too?” she pouted unconvincingly as glee had quickly taken over for her momentary misery.


“You’ll have to run it by me first,” he sighed after a moment of contemplation. “You have free reign on Jessica though.”


“Excellent,” she purred with utter contentment. “Now show me to my mini Pam.”




A/N: I know it was all very sweet till I started making fun of Eric’s manhood. Don’t worry it’s still gracious and plentiful, fatherhood is just making our favourite Viking a little unsteady on his feet so I like playing up his insecurities while Pam is trying to grasp impending motherhood…   

Special thanks to msbuffy again who managed to Beta this in record time 🙂

Bonfire of the Vanities chapter 17 is here.




29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s 24

    1. Yes special punishment for Jessica, it will be special… Since I’m on the cruel train I’m going with human birth for Pam, but she’s a vampire so her pain threshold should be higher….


  1. So hilarious…Pam doesn’t want the baby and the teasing of Eric’s manhood was so comical…and Jason! Gosh he thought it was a dream!….Loving ” Passions” more and more… Another soon please!? Take care

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well seeing that Eric’s manhood grows to mythical proportions on a lot of fanfics I figure he can take the hit for once. I blame it all on Sookie and Eric having to witness Niall getting out of the tub in the last fixin’ where they both couldn’t look away from the third leg dangling between Niall’s legs… I’ll try and get another one out this weekend but I am officially away this extended weekend… so no promises 😉


    1. They were supposed to be little snippets of around 500 words… that lasted one day now they average between 1500-2000 *sigh*, I’m so thankful for msbuffy fixing all my mistakes… but glad to hear you like my little soap opera that bounces off the entire emotional spectrum. My seriousness doesn’t always listen when I tell it to stay out of the way, so you end up getting a bit of everything in this fic…. what should I contemplate for after this, a spaghetti themed PWP with Pam and Niall? 😉


  2. Jason thinking it was a dream is hilarious. He’s so freaking dumb! Eric’s command of drop your pants and show me your dick- lol! I didn’t understand at first that that’s why he was upset– because he thought he didn’t measure up. So funny. There is such a thing as too big so maybe Eric’s dick is just fine. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to be Goldicocks and say Eric’s dick is ‘just right’, in the last installment Sookie made mention that when they saw Niall in his full naked glory that he had a third leg for a penis, so that’s where Eric’s insecurity started and since young fathers tend to be a little overwhelmed I figure it’s fun to exaggerate any anxiety of Eric’s at the moment… and yes there is such a thing as too big but it’s all relative, I don’t know if you ever saw Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, but their ‘Huge Vagina’ bit still continues to crack me up 😀


    1. I was rather tepid about the Eric/Jason scene, mostly its awkward placement and complete lack of necessity as well as the show’s preference of showing that over an actual loving M/M relationship… but it’s great fodder for my fixin’s like a lot of other things that annoyed me… and since Eric grows to mythical proportions in a lot of fanfics he can take the hit of not measuring up this one time… trust me when I tell you he’s just fine in that department 😀


  3. That was most excellent. Poor Eric. Sookie will get him over feeling small. Jason is funny as always. Pam has a lot of adjustments to make. Love the update.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Had to scratch my head a bit till I realised you were on an earlier chapter, yes those Jason/Eric blood dreams provide for oodles of fun. Yeah yeah babies, they’re sooo cute 😉

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s fine I’m the laziest reviewer in the world when it comes to other people’s stuff. I’ve decided it’s a quality and not a quantity thing. Well that’s what I delude myself with to excuse the inherent laziness… the like button is my new best friend 😀

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