Thanksgiving Fixin’s 25






“Are you sure about this Pam?” Sookie asked while she caressed the hair on her eldest baby softly against her chest.


“This is what I want, and I want it now,” the vampire in question returned in exasperation, annoyed at having to answer the same question over and over again.


“Go ahead then,” Sookie instructed to her great-grandfather who stood at the helm of the exhumed grave while she leaned in to Eric who held their softly snoring son tightly to his chest in the matching carrier.


“It’ll be alright,” Eric soothed as he wrapped his free arm around the rest of his family. Sookie gave a reluctant nod before he kissed the crown of her head.


“Per your wishes my dear,” Niall said with a gleam in his eyes before he let the strength of his Fae magic descend into the empty coffin. “She must bleed now.”


“Happy to oblige,” Pam grinned as she instantly tore into Jessica’s delicate bone white flesh and squeezed it out harshly in the intended spot.


“Where am I?’ came the strangled voice from down below.


“Welcome back,” Pam purred contentedly. “Bill Compton, it has been awhile. We have catching up to do, you and I.”


Wearily Bill stood up from his grave peering out to see a whimpering Jessica by Pam’s elegantly shoed feet. “Jessica, you saved me from eternity in hell,” he breathed out in gratitude though his progeny could only feign little of the same excitement toward her Maker.


“I thought they were more selective down there,” Pam noted dryly while the silver tipped pump on her right foot quickly jutted out to kick Bill in the forehead forcing him to fall down again with a loud cackle. “We’re not here to save you Bill, just to show you what you’re missing. You’ll go right back to where you came when we’re done.”


“What is the meaning of this?” Bill demanded with full affront.


“It’s my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and my V-day all wrapped into one,” Pam explained matter-of-factly.


“V-day?” Bill questioned with a note of confusion.


“Vampire birthday,” she scoffed. “The night the most magnificent being in this world turned me.”


“I’m surprised you can still see clearly with how far your head is stuck up his ass,” Bill scoffed angrily.


“Really, Bill?” Pam drawled. “Can’t even come up with a new tag line? You’ve had all that time to waste away and that’s the best you can come up with?”


“I owe you no explanations, whore!” he spat back. While Niall had happily indulged his Pamela to run the show, there was no bone in his magnificent body that would let that comment go unnoticed. Bill scrambled in fear at the sudden appearance of the almighty Prince of the Fae when he pulled him up out of the grave and was left dangling in the air in the fairy’s tight grasp. His human features grew sharp as frighteningly long fangs distended from his gums, causing Eric to self-consciously measure out his own shorter fangs in comparison.


“You dare speak to the mother of my children like that,” Niall seethed, his thumb pressing hard into the larynx. “Apologise. Now!”


“I apologise,” the Civil War veteran wheezed out instantly, though no one present was convinced that the apology was sincere and rather uttered out of pure strategy of survival. The fury in Niall’s eyes made him briefly reconsider before he amended with more cause, “I am deeply sorry for my words, Pamela.”


“Slight improvement,” Niall replied before letting him crash to the hard ground. “But I still don’t like you and I never will.”


“If you permit,” Bill addressed to the clear point of authority. “Your Highness, you are aware a vampire cannot procreate in the traditional sense.”


“Guess again,” the blonde vampiress smiled maliciously when she showed off the small bump on her stomach in profile. Unlike Sookie, Pam’s pregnancy seemed to progress much in the same speed of that of an ordinary Fae causing her to show in mere days. “And I’m not the only one.”


Bill stuttered over his response until his eyes fell on the blonde couple and their two new born babes. “Sookie?”


“Yes, Bill,” she replied rather coolly, surprising herself in her emotional distance from the man she once considered her first love.


“You are a mother now?”


“No,” Sookie answered. “I was to be a mother long ago and you stole that from me and from Eric.”


“I did no such thing!” he returned indignantly.


“Yes, you did,” Sookie continued in the same business-like tone as the Fae in her came to the forefront. “Remember that little deal you made with Marnie? Where you asked one of your men to shoot me so you could complete the spell by feeding me your enchanted blood, binding me to you?” Bill gulped audibly unsure how smart it was to lie to some of the most powerful creatures of the Supernatural world so instead he hung his head submissively before daring to look up again.


“Remember me?” Sookie asked as her features almost changed physically to match those of her great-grandfather. “I’m the Fae you banished from my being so that you could have the sweet and easily manipulated human side. You couldn’t accept being a vampire so I wasn’t allowed to be Fae, you fucking asshole!” Sookie’s eyes had flared to the same heated shade as Niall’s as a bolt of her light was flung at him, decimating the tiny testicles she had until that point always found a comical sight. Now they were just amusing in their sudden disappearance, not to mention Bill’s horror at finding them missing with the jolt of pain. “Years I had to spend in this graveyard waiting till your stupid manipulating blood left our system, leaving my human counterpart at the mercy of your idiot progeny, ruining not only my life but Eric’s in the process.”


“It’s where you belonged, you fucking Fairy,” Bill seethed. “Claudine showed me the way. It’s why I demanded you give up your light to me; it would have turned me human and separated the two of you by stealing your life essence, killing you in the process. You had no place in my sweet Sookie’s life, you don’t belong. Look at you with those, those abominations! I was doing you a favour!”


Eric flew out in outrage but before he managed to reach the surly vampire, he was already a miserable pile of goo by Sookie’s hand as her light had painfully ignited into his chest.


“Shit,” she breathed out before looking towards her great-grandfather while tears started brimming in her eyes. “Asshole got what he wanted; he stole the Fae out of me.”


“Whoever told you that old wives’ tale?” Niall asked with amusement.


“You did!”


“Right,” he remembered vaguely. “That applied when you were separated from your Fae counterpart. The vampire wasn’t misinformed on that.”


“Oh,” Sookie smiled happily. “Okay then, sorry I cut your punishment for Jessica short, Pam.”


“Asshole deserved it,” she shrugged. “But I do feel a little dissatisfied.”


“As long as she’s still able to bleed we can keep doing this over and over again,” Niall offered while pointing at a crying Jessica. “We can all have a turn.”


Pam’s eyes lit up more brightly than ever before with that announcement as she encouraged Niall to do exactly that.


“Eric, no!” Sookie shrieked as she felt his intent clearly trickle through their bond.


“Come on,” Eric pleaded while placing the wooden toothpick in Viggo’s tiny hand who grasped onto it instinctively. “There’s a good boy, hold on tight.”


“Eric, our son is not killing Bill!”


“He wanted to die. He’s going to die. He’s already dead,” Eric answered distractedly while encouraging his son to mimic a stabbing motion. “He’s not harming anyone. Not really.”


“You’ll be harming me,” Sookie whispered, the hurt clearly palpable to him in a myriad of ways.


“Very well,” Eric sighed regrettably as he pulled the toothpick from his reluctant son, who seemed quite pleased with the prospect of taking out the dark haired vampire who had upset his mother. Suddenly Eric felt the blonde hairs on his behind scorch to a crisp after he uttered the words, “Soft human heart,” a tone too loud.


“Sorry,” he quickly amended offering along a chaste kiss to Sookie’s lips.


“Who’s up next?” Pam drawled as Bill returned reconstituted again, looking suitably shocked to have to endure another round. Hell was looking suddenly more bearable than what he was to experience here again. With a shake of her head, Sookie left them to it as she took her two babies inside, fearing they had been exposed enough for one night. They were never meant to see such violence but Bill calling her little miracles abominations had unearthed an anger and power she never experienced before and for that she could feel little shame. She was determined that when it came to her to children no one would stand in her way.


Isolde helped Sookie get the two snoozing children back into their respective travel carriers as she took in her former home. She wandered from room to room until she stopped in her former bedroom that had been set up for one child. She had painted it an ambiguous pastel green when she wanted to remain unaware of the sex. Her telepathy could usually determine the gender but with her own child she had not been able to until they emerged as twins in her womb.


“Sookie?” Eric asked after her as she seemed lost in thought in the unused nursery, staring out the window across the cemetery towards the Compton mansion.


“Hey,” she responded with a short delay while she took in his tall and bloodied form when turning her head. “What are you doing here?”


“Cleaning up,” he offered, showing off the bloodied hands that had happily ripped Bill Compton into the smallest pieces possible before succumbing to another satisfying pool of Bill goo.


“Oh,” she nodded with a hint of aloofness before returning her gaze back out of the window seat. Eric made quick work of cleaning himself before taking a seat beside her and taking her hands in his. “You’re not going back?”


“No,” he answered finding the hint of sadness that glazed her eyes. “Killing Bill is surprisingly anti-climactic. Once was enough.”


“I wish I could say the same,” Sookie sighed.


“What’s wrong älskling?” he whispered, pulling her chin up so she couldn’t hide from him.


“I just feel so stupid,” she confessed. “No matter what, Bill gets me to do what he wants. Whether I’m whole or apart.”


“No, you acted like a mother,” Eric corrected. “There is no shame in that. Only honour.” She smiled tightly finding it hard to admit that perhaps Eric was more right than wrong with that observation. “We are blessed with two beautiful children but they belonged to the Supernatural world from the womb. There will be times when it is us against the world and it is our instinct that will have them defending them with our very lives. There is nothing stupid about that.”


“I know,” she returned not finding an argument to the contrary. “I wish it could be simpler for them.”


“You mean that Viggo is at least of age before he kills his first vampire?”


“Preferably,” Sookie snorted.


“Do you wish they had your sheltered upbringing?” Eric asked carefully. “Not knowing what or who they truly are until the first opportunist exploits them?”


Sookie sat silently just staring at Eric’s blue eyes that were now undeniably the ones of his daughter. “If I had a choice then I think I would have preferred to know from day one,” she finally answered after remembering all the struggles of her childhood and the strain it had caused her parents’ marriage. “Will they be long?”


“I fear they hardly started,” Eric replied. “They haven’t even gotten to Jessica’s punishment yet. Want to go home?”


She smiled at him, happy that he knew exactly what she needed, a quiet night in with their children. “Yeah, let’s go home.”


A/N: Special thanks to msbuffy again for her wonderful beta skills.


For any of you who were following the story Deviations by ON3LoV3 and suddenly found it missing, it was removed most likely due to plagiarism of the story After by Anna Todd, which is a One Direction fanfic on Wattpad. I never read the story beyond its first chapters but I still had an up to date copy of it in my app’s library and wanted to offer that to readers or the author in case it got pulled for content, but I soon discovered that Deviations was a copy of After. I made a side by side comparison and I’m pretty sure it got pulled for good reason. For those who want to continue on with the story the corresponding chapter to where Deviations was at is around chapter 140 in After2. I believe the entire story is complete and it’s free to read on Wattpad. The You Want Blood awards have been informed of the incident as Deviations won a prize there.


Back to this story… Bill got killed. Again. Yeah! This was specially done for suzyq591suzy and redjane12. As one forgot that Bill was already dead and hoped to see him die again and the other just wanted to kill Bill again and again. What can I say, I was happy to oblige along with Niall. We’ll get to kill him again soon when it’s time for Jessica’s punishment. It will be a few days, I know you’re all excited that these come quick and fast but I’m on holiday and I want to enjoy that free time and my early morning was already consumed by the above plagiarism. Look no cliffies this week… I’ll post a chapter of Galatea’s Descent early next week but probably without the next fixin’…




15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s 25

  1. Thanks for this spectacular update! Yes FINALLY BILL GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!! On TB his final death was so so OOC Brian Buckner made Bill die as a “martyr ” giving up the chance to cure himself so Sookie could have a chance to have a “normal” life! AN ENDING SO INSANE that after two months people are still complaining about the bitter taste that Finale left… Hopefully Naill Pam and others have their fun in killing Bill for a very long time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got really annoyed with Buckner’s paralleling Bill’s death to Godric’s … They were so different and Bill’s actual death was extremely anticlimactic… Glad to hear you liked this 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, shit! That was a story I really loved! Goddamn what the hell is wrong with people?? Thanks for letting us know!
    Loved the killing of Bill over and over again. I never thought about him going to hell– I bet he never did either. Too funny. Glad Eric knew what she needed. Though having his baby get his first kill with a toothpick is kinda adorable- disturbing, but adorable.
    Hope you get to relax on your holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Probably was just a teenager who didn’t think too much about it, ownership is a very loose concept with that generation.

      Hell should be Bill’s natural habitat, in my mind he’s right next to Hitler getting his daily pineapple up his ass… (I don’t remember what movie that’s from but I remember that) I’m still deciding whether Eric will sneak Viggo in for his first kill, I mean he’s Eric’s son it’s going to happen eventually and Bill makes great target practice.

      Thanks I am relaxing already, this was ready to go so I figured may as well share it despite the absence of GD. You’re just going to have to wait a little longer on the next one but it’s not a bad place to be left behind 😉

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  3. Thank you Thank you I really enjoyed reading about him dying again. I hope to remember he stays dead this time. Viggo should get to stake him I like that Eric pointed out to Sookie about not knowing and what it did to her. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill will be dead and reanimated for awhile, it’s all part of Jessica’s punishment… so remember that he’s semi-alive for now 😉 If you have a special request for a gruesome death I’m sure I could incorporate that too… I’m still deciding on whether I let Eric sneak Viggo in and use Bill for target practice or not… it sounds very enticing…


  4. Great chapter. Love the repeated “kill Bill” moments 😉
    I followed that “Deviations” too. Bummer to hear it’s a plagiarised story. I don’t know how they think they’ll get away with it when so many people read multiple genre fanfics 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Personally I couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters on account of grammar, spelling mistakes and numbers posing as letters but I can understand the intrigue the story created with its plot lines. I’ve had many people PM me on today asking permission to read the original, I don’t know how I became the authority on that but it’s crappy that readers who enjoyed that story now feel complicit in on3lov3’s questionable behaviour. The scary thing is they got away with it for nearly 9 months of regular updates, that’s a long period of time and it’s drawn my focus to the Wattpad community. It caters to young adults mostly and I honestly won’t be surprised to find it riddled with plagirised works, I know it’s known for distributing pirated works of legitimate authors thankfully the SVM/TB stories are limited on there.

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  5. killing him over and over is just and seems right, the only abomination is Bill Compton and looking forward to the punishment and seeing Pam going through childbirth, loving it. KY

    PS. i am all caught up on all of them. KY

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill just like’s the ‘a-word’ (abomination) because he’s such an a-hole. You caught up quick, very impressive. I think the only thing you haven’t read is this it’s a silly little parody of the previous plagiarism scandal but I don’t really advertise it among the rest of my stories, it’s just a post. I’m told it’s still funny even if you don’t know the details of the scandal.


  6. yay!!! bill’s dead!!!
    yay!!! bill’s dead!!!
    yay!!! bill’s dead!!!
    yay!!! bill’s dead!!!
    yay!!! bill’s dead!!!
    again and again….

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