Thanksgiving Fixin’s 36






“I, Niall Brigant take thee, Pamela Swynford de Beaufort, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health.” The Prince of the Fae smiled happily during the recitation before quickly adding, “As long as there’s spaghetti.”


“You may now kiss the bride,” Dr Ludwig informed after fastening their hands with a piece of string in the old Fae tradition while the crowd whispered and tittered over the unusual vows where Pam had noticeably refused to recite the for poorer part.


“What do you say, Precious? Shall we give them something to talk about?” he murmured against Pam’s lips where his mischievous eyes found hers brimming with equal mirth. A mere raise of her eyebrows was given as consent before she found herself dipped low with a voracious fairy digging deep into the depths of her mouth with his probing tongue. The onlookers shifted somewhat uncomfortably in their chairs at the overt display which was finally interrupted by Pinnie after a good few minutes, who with a mere whimper demanded some undivided attention of her own.


“Better get to that, Toots,” the little doctor slash wedding officiate informed while slapping the vampiress’ ass in the direction of her child. “Don’t want two giant stain marks on your pretty white dress, now do you?” she said when finding herself at the end of a menacing glare while simultaneously making circular motions around her breasts.


“No child of mine is going to ruin my wedding dress,” Pam scoffed derisively. With extra measure, she glared at the small assembly of infants in warning. “I’m duct taped to within an inch of my life. There will be no leakage.”


“And I can’t wait to unwrap that particular present,” Niall hummed happily in her ear.


“I don’t know why I bother to wear nice things around you,” she scolded while taking the little girl in her arms who instantly stilled and peered curiously at the large gathered crowd.


“Because you love me,” he stated simply before planting a kiss on both his fussy girls. Both replied with a non-committal noise that didn’t affirm nor confirm that particular statement. “Shall we?” her husband asked, gesturing towards the aisle to walk down as a married couple. Pam glanced carefully at the people surrounding them, easily finding the eyes of her Maker and the little faery telepath beside him.


“I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Swynford de Beaufort – Brigant, blah blah blah,” Ludwig announced to the crowd from her perched position on the gazebo before demanding gruffly, “Where’s the bar?”


“Congratulations,” Eric whispered before placing a soft kiss to his progeny’s forehead while Sookie appeared to be doing all the leaking Ludwig warned about in several places at once. “Sookie assures me these are ‘happy’ tears,” he gestured helplessly.


“Just don’t get them anywhere near my dress,” she warned before handing Pinnie off to her Maker whose little arms were happily reaching out towards him.


“It was so beautiful,” Sookie spoke softly, wiping away the tears from the corners of her expertly made up eyes.


“Of course,” Pam replied unimpressed. “It’s my wedding, what else would it be?”


“Come on, dear,” Niall chuckled steering her away from the emotional set to walk back down the aisle, greeting the important set of characters to be greeted at such an event. Pam incidentally exchanged a nod with rare acquaintances who had come to gawk at the most-talked about event of the supernatural world.


“Shit,” Pam complained when they reached the quiet of the house. “I’m going to start sprouting a leak soon; the little fuckers want to eat again.”


“I’ll be happy to help, dearie,” Niall grinned, his nimble fingers already releasing her from the confines of her dress.


“OUT!” Pam screamed as she felt the urgency to need to feed the children that were being rushed over to her by Isolde and the hired help.  A flummoxed Niall was unceremoniously shoved out, the fastening around their hands broken instantly before the vampiress ripped the waterproofing measure from her body and had a needy babe latch onto each breast.


“You knew what you were marrying,” Eric grinned as he and Sookie passed him in the hall where he paced aimlessly. He shrugged slightly with a small smile as they continued to calmly make their way to their own children so they too could be fed and seen to.


“Wouldn’t trade her for the world,” Niall returned with amusement while knocking on the door hoping to gain entrance again.




“You okay, ducks?” Spike asked a seemingly lost-looking Willa. She continued to look around anxiously making sure everything was where it should be.


“I can’t help but feel anxious that something’s amiss,” she confessed nervously.


“Always trus` those instincts, Luv,” Spike instructed as he followed her gaze to anything that could be going wrong. By all appearances everything was in the right place as the crowd was slowly moved into the reception structure that had been built especially in the same style as the gazebo. In perfect coordination drinks and appetisers were carried round.


Jason was doing his best with his charm to direct everyone in the right direction while sneakily swiping a taste of cake from the back here and there, hoping that no one would notice until Lafayette intervened.


“That it?” Spike questioned.


Willa shook her head sadly, “No.”




“Want to stay in for a bit?” Eric asked when he was finally released from the formal morning coat, and wasn’t relishing the prospect of swapping it out for the slim cut tuxedo Pam had dictated to be worn next.


“Viggo’s being a little restless,” Sookie observed while she tried to suss the child after his feeding. Meanwhile Eva happily tittered on the large bed of her parents reaching her arms out for her father. He didn’t hesitate to pick the little bundle up and hold her to his chest as he settled down beside Sookie.


“Something wrong?” he questioned with worry in his voice as Viggo continued to fuss. Sookie eventually got up to bob the infant while peering out the window into the dark woods that surrounded the large mansion casting out her mental net to detect any interlopers.


“I don’t sense anything,” Sookie shrugged. “Viggo thinks otherwise.”


Eric soon joined her, using his superior night vision to rake every moving leaf of the forest. “It’s probably nothing,” Eric whispered soothingly before a knock on their door announced their required presence at the reception.



“You’re quite the dancer, Mrs. Brigant,” Niall whispered into her ear.


“You’re not so bad yourself, Mr. Swynford de Beaufort,” she grinned as he twirled her out in full display of the crowd.


“Mine,” he spoke with delight as she returned into his arms again, his hand moving possessively over her ass to cradle her to him.


“I believe you were mine first,” she teased while nipping at his neck playfully with blunt teeth.


“Only because I let you,” he groaned eagerly making a particular excitement known by gyrating his hips into her core causing her to moan rather loudly.




“Mother!” Niall spoke suddenly with embarrassment, putting some respectable distance between the two of them instantly as he fell under the scrutinised gaze of the ancient and impeccably dressed regal woman. “Meet Pamela,” he said sheepishly.


“Ma`am,” Pam nodded politely not knowing where the random woman had suddenly come from.


The ancient faery regarded her daughter-in-law carefully, holding her face tightly by the jaw while discerning every little pore and mark on her eternally youthful face. Her gloved thumbs pulled away at her lips to inspect Pam’s teeth as if she were livestock while the old widow Brigant mumbled in the language of the Fae.


“Kneel,” she finally demanded after she finished fingering the cloth of her party dress with an unspoken snide remark.


“Emer!” Niall exclaimed, coming to the defence of his new wife only causing the crowd to congregate around them and Eric to appear instantly by Pam’s side with the sudden sighting of the uninvited guest.


“Northman,” she grinned with a knowing smile in greeting before turning her face to Niall. Her satin gloved hand ran soothingly over his cheek in the same manner it had since he was a young child. “Do not worry, dear boy, I approve of this match. I simply wish to bestow a gift on your bride, with your permissions, of course.” She glanced from her son’s set of eyes to Eric’s intermittently before both gave a brief nod at which Pamela promptly fell to her knees, bowing her head respectfully.


“Welcome to the family, dear,” Emer announced ceremoniously while placing the crown from her own head upon Pam. “The Realm has a new Consort now. I relinquish my position in favour of her.”


“Mother,” Niall exclaimed, slightly gobsmacked as the crowd applauded and cheered. “You honour us.”


She gave an uninterested shrug before turning her attention to the father of the bride, “It seemed the right thing to do. Care to dance? Show them the old folks still know what’s what.”


“Happy to oblige, Madam,” Eric returned before sending Sookie an assuring glance that all was well. Viggo remained restless regardless of the crowd’s excitement slowly dying down as his father took the old matron’s hand and guided her to a freed up space on the dance floor.


“You are being most generous with my Pamela,” Eric noted politely as the orchestra started up again.


“It appears so,” she returned monotonously not revealing a hint of an emotion reminding Eric much of Pam’s cold and heartless demeanour. “You have tied our families quite successfully.”


“I was not aware,” he replied vaguely with some apology over leaving Sookie to her lot the past four years in the same manner as Niall.


“Until recently,” she nodded sagely. “You abided by Sookie’s supposed wishes at a cost to yourself, there are not many who know that sacrifice and live it consciously. You must excuse my son’s inactivity, he can only ever do one thing at a time. How he managed to keep your Pamela around for longer than five minutes is beyond me.”


“I think she likes her men malleable,” Eric chuckled as they observed Pam chastising Niall for missing an unimportant misstep in their dance.


“Wise woman,” Emer noted with a smirk. “He’ll keep her occupied for quite some time before he’s fully formed. Luckily they have the advantage of time.”


“Indeed,” he agreed catching Sookie’s worried eyes again.


“Bring me to my newest kin already,” the statuesque faery demanded as she followed his glance and felt the familiar spark of her line. Eric nodded curtly before guiding her to Sookie and their two children.


“Aren’t they just darling,” she gushed ignoring Sookie in favour of the children who instantly sought out the uncharacteristically kind woman. She touched each of their noses with an index finger that lit up with the movement.


“What did you do?” Sookie questioned with worry.


Emer looked up at the anxious mother with a genteel smile before placing her finger on her great-great-granddaughter’s nose as well, causing the electricity to cackle loudly in the air. “I am sharing my light,” she shrugged. “I have plenty to go around.”


It was only due to the fact that her children seemed happy and content that Sookie calmed down enough. However, Viggo soon became restless again, and Emer instantly alerted and started to scan the crowd. “Who dare disturb this union?” she seethed before her eyes sought the culprit. Despite the supernatural senses of all those around, none had caught it in time as the feral form of a wisp of a woman collided into Jason and his thieving fingers that had continued to stealthily poke away at the cake.


In the distance, the tell-tale hysterical scream that could only belong to Ginger could be heard pushing at the tolerance of the supernaturals’ hearing present. The warning came too late for as she ran towards the festivities, they had already been disturbed and as the panting waitress approached she found the cake had already toppled covering Jason and the assailant in the remnants of it, fistfuls were hungrily brought to her mouth till she recognised the person she had straddled in the process.


“Jason,” she whispered, her sticky hands tracing the lines of his face carefully as if he were unreal.


“Sarah?” he questioned sceptically of the dirt-ridden woman whose blonde hair had faded into a mousy brown.


A feral growl escaped her throat as her sharpened nails clutched his head towards her and his widely gaping mouth was invaded by her greedy tongue.


Momentarily shocked all Jason could think was, ‘mmm cake.’




A/N: Thanks to MsBuffy as ever for her superior editing skills. In case you missed it through all the holiday cheer I posted two outtakes for this verse where the kids are a couple of years older on Thanksgiving Day where the kids put on an adorably cute performance in Fangsgiwin` and experience shopping vampire style on Black Friday with Pam and Spike in Into the Black.


6 Months to Live Chapter 19 is here.



6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fixin’s 36

  1. Oh this was just lovely…Everything is wonderful as long there are spaghetti as Naill will say!
    Loved Naill’s mother Emer I wonder how old is she?
    Emer shared her light with Sookie’s kids such an honour!
    Is Eric’s and Sookie ‘s wedding next?
    Until the next update take care.

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    1. Spaghetti is the binding glue in this fic after all… Niall’s mom would have to be pretty old and I guess, older than Warlow probably. Though I think if I stick to strict canon she died in Warlow’s attack of their village. *shrugs* I’m never one for canon anyhow. I’m steering well clear of an E/S wedding, others have done it plenty. I don’t really know what I would have to add to it. They have Thanksgiving as ‘their’ day, that’s enough for me.

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    1. Gotta love Jason and his cake 😀 and what kind of wedding would it be without a screaming Ginger and feral Sarah? This is what Pam gets for not turning them into her bridesmaids…

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