Chapter 2 – Confession



“I’m Eric Northman’s son,” he replied with a set jaw Eric himself had sported on many Fangtasia promotional images, making all doubts of paternity dissipate in an instant.


“Can you tell me about him?” Eric asked, patting his knee, and inviting the boy to come to him before clarifying, “Your father?” Viggo bit at his bottom lip momentarily the way he’d often see Sookie do before coming to sit in his lap with a visible apprehension. Ours then.


“He’s my best friend,” he whispered while looking at the ground. “Where did he go?”


“I don’t know,” Eric confessed, feeling some remorse for the first time. Fucking Sookie was still his primary objective, but he did feel bad for the child who was suddenly without his father. “We’ll try to figure this out okay, so you can have your father back.” After I fuck Sookie.


“Ok,” he whispered.


“Now until I figure this out, you have to tell me how your Pappa would act so we don’t upset everybody else.”


Viggo nodded before he very precisely started to regale exactly how this other Eric would behave.


“I have to do what?” he demanded incredulously. What kind of pussy was this Eric Northman?


The little boy furrowed his brows wondering if he hadn’t pronounced something properly. So for clarity’s sake he repeated the last sentence again, “You have to get down on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness.”


Fuck no.




Sensing the approach of his very angry mother, Viggo instantly jumped off Eric’s lap to scamper off. “Get changed into your costume,” Sookie spoke evenly, trying hard not to project her anger at Eric at the sensitive little boy.


“Yes, Momma.”


She gave a soft kiss to the crown of his head before closing the bedroom door after him. Her telepathy assuring her everyone was at a safe distance, she slammed the blood-filled bottle on the side table next to him with a glare, not even sparing him a word, and letting another wave of hostility wash over him through the bond.


Well, fuck you too.


“Aren’t you gonna say something?” she demanded with an angry tap to her feet, arms defensively surrounding her chest.


Not anymore, I’m not.


Drink that and get that Maypole up!” she ground out.


“It’s up,” he grinned, gesturing to the tenting in his pants that had instantly re-emerged with her anger while pulling her right onto it.


“I hate you!” she screamed before shoving against his chest, and it hurt, badly, and not in a physical sense. No, something plummeted deeply inside him to the pit of his stomach. He felt awful, really awful.


What the fuck?


It had been her words, even though the tiny woman did pack a physical punch much like Pam, those three words wounded him. “Sorry,” he said, meaning every word of it for once. With a grimace, he opened the bottle of synthetic blood thinking that might somehow appease her. Surprisingly, the ‘New Blood Special Reserve’ didn’t taste as dreadful as he expected, rather it vaguely reminded him of what he had once anticipated Sookie would taste like.


She was still angry with him and briefly he reconsidered Viggo’s advice, but he had yet to sink that low. Knees would be staying firmly off the ground. “Just get Maypole up like you promised, and let the kids have a fun day. We’ll figure this out later.”


“Yeah, okay,” he returned with a severe nod. “I really am sorry.”


“I think that’s the first time today you actually meant it,” she said with a watery smile. “Just so you know, this doesn’t make us okay. Whatever it is you’re going through, get through it fast.”


He gave another nod before she turned to the windows still covered by the heavy curtains to let the sunlight in. An angry growl erupted from deep in his throat with his most lethal enemy coming to exposure, skirting to the far edges of the room instantly.


“Come here,” she said, beckoning him beside her in the sunshine. He loathed her in that moment, cruel as she was looking that beautiful in the shimmering light while sending out a reconciliatory message through the bond, comfort, her intent to kiss him, and to soothe relations.


“You’re a real tease, you know,” he seethed while still nervously clinging to the wall in fear of any errant sunshine.


“Why are you so angry?” she huffed before yanking the last set of curtains open, leaving him nowhere to hide and causing him to curse out in panic before speeding out into the hall that was engulfed in even brighter natural light than the bedroom.


This was not the way he had expected to go, but with nowhere left to hide he took in the bright sun, blinding in its presence.


“If you drink your medicine, you don’t burn,” a little voice said, Pinnie?, while all he could do was look on in stunned sensation that he wasn’t erupting into a mass of flames. “It’s a secret, we don’t tell. I won’t tell you’re not really my Uncle Eric.”

He finally managed to relax with the realisation that he was, indeed, for whatever reason, safe from the sun.


“What is that little secret going to cost me?” he posed with an amused smirk to the tiny teacup who held the perfect miniature version of Pam’s calculated face that always ended in severe damage to his personal finances.


Her tightly held lips quirked up with glee that her plan was working so well while she fiercely held her arms crossed in front of her body in a display of supposed authority. “I want the Vampire Barbie Secret Lair Dream House.”


Well, at least her demands are miniature in comparison to her mother.


“Get yourself two,” he grinned. “One for you and one for your sister.”


“She’s not my sister,” she informed with a roll of her eyes.


“Cousin, whatever,” Eric shrugged.


“Technically she’s my aunt and my cousin.”


We must be in Hotshot. It’s the only thing that makes sense.


“Daddy Niall made us a family tree for school,” Pinnie added. “Except we had to hand in another one.”


Niall? Pam had children with the fucking Prince of the Fae? How the fuck did that happen?


“Ordinary magic,” Pinnie quipped, reading the question off his face before popping away again.


“What’s wrong?” Sookie asked, severely out of breath in an effort to chase his vampire speed with her somewhat human one down the halls. “I’m worried about you.”


He looked down on her and if he could breathe, she’d render him useless in that moment along with the useless heart that would forget to beat. “You’re beautiful in the light of the sun.”


“Eric, you see me in the sun all the ti-”


He couldn’t stop himself, he had to kiss her. Perhaps he could make that work in this world where nothing made sense. She yielded with such ease in his arms, to his probing tongue and pliant mouth. Nothing like that other kiss they once shared when he thought his world would come to an end, incidentally, the only other time he had come to stand in the sun without burning up in an instant, prepared to meet true death with Russell by his side. The passion, however, was exactly the same, if not stronger, fuelled by the power of a man, or rather vampire, who just escaped the clutches of death.


Sookie inhaled greedily with panted breaths when he was forced to release her mouth, “Eric, you haven’t kissed me like that since…”


“My office in Fangtasia,” he grinned while tracing each and every contour in her face with his fingertips, mesmerised by the effect of the sun on it. “Moment I knew, that was the exact moment I knew this was more, that you were so much more, and you knew it too.”


“Yeah,” she smiled shyly, her face tinted with a different kind of flush, one even more pleasing than the red rage she sported earlier. “What’s with you, Eric? It’s like you act as if you’ve never seen me in the sun, that our kids, Pam’s kids, are strangers to you.”


He looked at her expectant eyes and he knew this was the time to confess everything, he wasn’t even sure why he was trying to hide. Right, the prodding Maypole in my pants.




With a sigh, Sookie extracted herself from his hold and the insistent Maypole poking her belly, “We’ll talk later.”


He nodded before she moved to make her way down the stairs. “Sookie?”


Her head turned, already down the first few steps, looking up expectantly, “Yeah?”


“I love you.”


The words hung heavy in the air, it was the first time he ever uttered those words aloud and meant them in a way he never had need for before. They were words he never had come to understand until her and now they made all the sense in the world.


She smiled before breathily returning. “I love you too.”


He watched with reverence from the top of the landing as she descended, floating down like an angel in this unknown home that seemed designed to feature the occupants at their most enticing in the natural light of the sun. A smile brighter than that once enemy in the sky graced his face as he whispered to himself with dumbfound realisation, “She loves me.”




A/N: Still enjoying this and wanting more? And is it wrong I want a Vampire Barbie Secret Lair Dream House too… Let me know below 😉


I’m having issues with the WP app (it’s f-ing up my phone since the most recent update) so I’ll respond to comments ASAP but thanks for leaving them on the previous chapter, I’ll get to them soon!
Thanks as ever to msbuffy, for the pasta sauce and the editing…



25 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Confession

    1. Glad to hear it! *snickers* Yes, I do enjoy a clueless Eric… They have their midsummer celebration on the 23rd with bonfires and somewhere it became tradition to burn witches, but I believe it’s slightly politically incorrect to do so these days and they do little wooden versions instead…


  1. I’m getting sad because I think this Eric is visiting and when the real Eric returns, this one will go back to wherever he came from and be sad and without Sookie.
    I hope that’s not what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loving that he is so confused with his life, curious why he doesn’t remember or he come from another realm…. looking forward to how he gets through this and i am sure with the help of the teacups…. ky

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s like that Eric got pulled from his time to this one. He sure is getting an education though. I do have a questions: Witch burning?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Danes have their midsummer celebration on the 23rd with bonfires and somewhere it became tradition to burn witches, but I believe it’s slightly politically incorrect to do so these days and they do little wooden versions instead…


  4. So he gets to remember in the most immediate way. That part is a gift and you write it so well! Then there’s the other part where he can’t remember first children things- poor Eric. Not so good!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I loved this chapter! Loved it during editing, and love it more when reading others’ reactions. It’s bittersweet. You only get the Vampire Secret Lair Barbie Dream House if I get one as well. Seeing as we have the Vampire Barbies, I see no reason why we should not get the Secret Lair – completely assembled! (Those things are a nightmare to DIY!)
    You are welcome as always, my Favored Ingrate, for pasta sauce, editing, or whatever venting we do in our chats about our crazy lives! Always a door open for you here if you ever come to the States! 🙂 Happy Summer!

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    1. I’ll do the assembly, I did that even as a kid when the parental units were about to give up after many expletives… I’d also try to pull them apart and redesign them… we’ll keep them in that bat cave of yours I’m not sure how that Barbie pink will go with the rest of my house…

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      1. I hated the assembly of all those tiny little things! Stepping on them in the middle of the night! Ayyy!!! That is one hideous color of pink. Went to Outer Banks one year to discover the house we rented looked exactly like a Barbie house. The girls loved it, didn’t want to leave. I should have left them there…


  6. I think its hilarious that the kids have figured out he’s not “their” Eric but they’ve decided to help him out anyway. I wonder how long he can go before the adults get a clue. Keep up the good work!!

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  7. I love it! Eric needs to come clean asap, with all the distractions it’ll be hard. The children know something’s wrong, but Pam and Sookie don’t… I wonder if the kids did something because they keep offering to keep Eric’s secret?That isn’t something that should be kept secret.

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  8. I have a feeling this Eric is in the wrong time/realm/verse. I hope Eric gets back to HIS Sookie. I also hope he learns something from this Sookie. Maybe he’ll be honest with his Sookie and let her know how he feels about her. *shrug* we can only wish!!!

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