Chapter 3 – Yet



He looked at her expectant eyes and he knew this was the time to confess everything, he wasn’t even sure why he was trying to hide. Right, the prodding Maypole in my pants.




With a sigh, Sookie extracted herself from his hold and the insistent Maypole poking her belly, “We’ll talk later.”


He nodded before she moved to make her way down the stairs. “Sookie?”


Her head turned, already down the first few steps, looking up expectantly, “Yeah?”


“I love you.”


The words hung heavy in the air, it was the first time he ever uttered those words aloud and meant them in a way he never had need for before. They were words he never had come to understand until her and now they made all the sense in the world.


She smiled before breathily returning. “I love you too.”


He watched with reverence from the top of the landing as she descended, floating down like an angel in this unknown home that seemed designed to feature the occupants at their most enticing in the natural light of the sun. A smile brighter than that once enemy in the sky graced his face as he whispered to himself with dumbfound realisation, “She loves me.”




“So, here?” Eric questioned, to which Viggo nodded affirmatively while mapping out the precise spot.


Eric shrugged. It was easy enough to slip the lengthy pole into the hole in the ground, splashing up a bit of water over Vigggo’s rain boots with a giggle as they went. He couldn’t help but smile at what was, no, would be, his son. Somehow it connected him to that relationship with his finally dead Maker, and only now came to understand the pride of it. Without much communication between them and an inherent trust from Viggo, he was hoisted up on his shoulders after which Eric levitated and together they attached the alternating colourful ribbons one by one.


“All right, mate?”


Eric looked down to find the miniature version of whom he expected by the accent, and while the leather jacket didn’t quite dip to the floor and the shade of hair was a more natural than platinum blonde, the resemblance was uncanny.


“Spike’s?” was questioned with a raise of the brow level.


“Just Spike,” he shrugged while fidgeting with his fists in the pockets of his jacket. “I hear our silence comes at a price. Like me dues now.”


“You really are like your father,” Eric remarked with a grin while he wondered who was mad enough to want to father a child with Spike and, worse, dress him like that. Probably Pam.


“TAKE IT BACK!” little Spike demanded with outrage before falling to a pout, fists suddenly out by the side of his body in threat. “Nothin’ like the old geezer.”


“Whatever you say,” Eric said with a shake of his head as he and Viggo landed on the grass. “What do you want?”


“Sleeve of Marlboro and a lighter,” he beamed up with sudden greed.


“Bit, are you off your rocker?!” a far more adult version of the child demanded with his sudden appearance.


“OK,” the little boy pouted. “I’ll settle for Marlboro Lights.”


“BIT!” Spike growled. “Get your spoiled little bum in the house! An’ don’t you dare breathe a word of this!”


“But, Uncle Spike!” he whined to little avail when, with a menacing glare of amber eyes and a shift of his demon visage, the little boy scampered off, defeated.


“Got any shrimp in your dimension, then?” Spike questioned Eric while he put Viggo to the ground who, in solidarity to this ‘new’ Eric, immediately chased after Little Spike to assure he would, indeed, keep his mouth shut.


Eric growled, towering his full height over the other vampire. “I’m not from another dimension.”


“Course you’re not,” he mocked before shiftily glancing behind him, ensuring none of the kids were around and with a contented sigh lit a cigarette, blowing the virgin breath of smoke towards Eric, grinning with the appearance of the face of distaste. “Really thought the party of platelets could keep their little gobs shut? I’ll give you two, three hours, tops, before their parents figure it out. Hope the other bits didn’t defraud you of too much.”


“Fuck,” Eric growled. Sookie’s never going to fuck me now.


“That’ll cost ya a pretty bit of dosh in this household. Your Sookie isn’t all that fond of the swearing round the bits, she’s been robbin` me blind, she has,” Spike grumbled while flicking away a bit of ash. “So, time travel then, any witches involved? Either that or a vengeance demon,” he mused aloud, “Did you piss off some bird?”


“There may have been a dead bird involved,” Eric conceded begrudgingly before regaling the last of his known whereabouts that involved a circle of witches and a reanimated dead pet bird.


“Necromancers?” Spike grit out with a shared disdain. “Worst of the lot they are, always gotta pay the price in the end. Always forget that bit. Selfish tots.”


“So the little Spike, he yours then?” Eric questioned when they had come to some mutual understanding with a hatred of all things magic.


“Lil` Spike?” he laughed. “Not likely, one of Pam’s bits. Just named after me. Slayer’s not interested in any of our own, yet.”


“You and a Slayer?”


“Yep, decided to keep the third one I bagged,” Spike beamed proudly, before amending, “Well, she decided to keep me really, after she showed up flaming mad round Christmas time screaming why I never told her I was still among the living dead. Your Christmas present that was, or, well, future you. Well nice of you.”


“How considerate,” Eric drawled insincerely.


“Yeah, you’re not half bad most of the time…”


“But a bit of a pussy,” Eric growled out in disgust.


“More of a domesticated cat, Viki.”


“Don’t call me Viki!”


“You’ll get used to it,” he teased. “Future you has.”


“I sincerely doubt it,” Eric returned with a glare much to Spike’s amusement. “So Sookie and I?”


“Lovely bird that is, even when she’s mad, got manners you don’t see oft these days,” Spike rambled on before a demanding scowl made him get to the point. “Yeah, you two, true love an` all that, don’t know why she puts up with you. She can do so much better than you.”


Spike suddenly found himself struggling to breathe the breaths he continued to always take unnecessarily with the strong chokehold on his neck as he was slammed into a tree. “SOOKIE IS MINE!”


The platinum blonde vampire struggled in his hold momentarily before, with a choice knee to the chest and an expert martial art movement, Eric was the one suddenly the one on his back. “Best not get too touchy, mate, with me or her,” Spike spoke with an eerie calm. “Whatever she is, she certainly isn’t yours. Haven’t earned the right to that goddess and saint on Earth.”


Yet,” Eric sighed with a hint of disappointment that the only Maypole inserted into a willing hole that day would be the one in the grassy field.


“Got it then, mate?” Spike spoke sternly before extending him an arm to get up. Eric ignored the gesture, but quickly found himself on his feet regardless. “Don’t go messing with future you’s relationship. Sookie’s not that kind of girl.”


“Yeah, she’s not,” Eric mumbled with disappointment and a begrudging respect. “So she organises this every year to teach the kids of my heritage?” he asked instead, wishing to change the conversation.


“HA! She really did knock the ego out of you!” Spike laughed while slapping him on the shoulder. “No, mate. This all for the faery kin, bunch of sun worshippers love celebrating the longest day of the year. Only day of the year I regret having a pretty little Slayer waiting at home for me, would love to gorge me a bit on one of those little Fae girls looking for a bit of a rough ‘n tumble with your resident vamp bad boy while they’re experimenting,” he grinned with a curled tongue behind his teeth with a waggle of his eyebrows. “Better yet, two.”


“Keep dreaming, Spike,” Willa giggled, catching the tail end of their conversation as they approached the edge of the lake where Niall and the other boys were building a large wood structure for the evening bonfire.


“`Nother Daughter, mate,” Spike whispered so lowly Eric had barely heard it, but thankfully in time to quickly stiffen the neck that was about to formally greet another unknown vampire in the ways of old. He looked at her awkwardly now, unsure whether to embrace her like he often would with Pam, kiss her, pat her on the back, or greet her otherwise that wouldn’t give him away. Fucking hell! Why do I have so many kids?


It was, however, one of those other kids who saved his fumbling as she jumped into Willa’s arms with a squeal. “Hiya, Eva!” Willa beamed with a soft nuzzle to her blonde hair, the prevalent nurture in her giving Eric instant confirmation of why he must have turned her. With a hint of sadness, he concluded the only reason he would turn such a gentle creature was for the absence of another. Nora was gone.


“Hep-V mate,” Spike explained moments later while they walked the perimeter of the lake together for more wood under Niall’s stern instructions who took the task of crafting the perfect bonfire very seriously. “You lost a lot, but you earned all of this from it too.”


Eric remained quiet for a while as they piled the wood in their arms in the partial shade, till suddenly the sun started to stand a little higher in the sky illuminating Eva and Viggo’s bright eyes with a startling beauty he hadn’t witnessed in quite some time. “Yeah, it is,” Eric agreed with the sight of ‘his’ two children who teetered along behind them in the distance. “It’s a lot.”




“Sorry I’m late,” he whispered in her ear while Sookie contentedly continued to nurse the youngest of the newly arrived triplets in her arms. “I’ll get the Maypole up for the kids in a second.”


She beamed up at him with a joy he hadn’t seen in quite some time as it was directed exclusively at him. “Thanks, honey,” she whispered, jutting out her lips that demanded a chaste kiss from him, which he was more than happy to oblige. “Now why couldn’t you just have acted like that this morning?”


“What do you mean this morning? I just apologised for not being here.”


“I knew it! You’re not well!” Sookie said with a confirmed worry. “I’m calling Dr. Ludwig!”


“I’m perfectly fine!” he denied. “The meeting ran late! It made more sense to pick up the stuff from Shreveport now instead of going back and forth twice. I sent you a text.”


Her brows furrowed before pulling the mobile phone she never really looked at much from a kitchen drawer to see the unopened text message blinking at her with a startle. “Wait! If you’re you…” she gasped before a sheer look of horror fell over her face. “Then who did I sleep with?”




A/N: *snickers* oh come on… you know this is going to be fun… and you know I love a cliffie…


This lazy writer will get to your previous comments soon… well soon-ish… but I still love seeing them! It appears I’m not the only one in the market for Vampire Barbie’s Secret Lair Dream House… get on it Mattel! Oh and the Danes and the witch burning was because on the 23rd of June they celebrate their Midsummer’s eve by tossing a witch on the bonfire… I believe it’s now a wooden or otherwise flammable figurine… but hey tradition and all that… I’m sure Eric would approve 😀


Thanks to msbuffy for making this all spiffy again!





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  1. Oops! Other Eric’s going to be in trouble now. This Eric might not like how Sookie put that last bit…”then who did I sleep with?”
    Hope he doesn’t mistake “sleep” for a euphemism for something else! 😋

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