Meet Me Under the Stars



A Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More Outtake: Christmas Northman style. The giant family decides to visit Eric’s birth grounds for the holidays. Hijinks ensue.

E/S – P/N – Post Fangsgiwin’

Part I – Sveeden

Part II – Santa

Part III – Tomte

One thought on “Meet Me Under the Stars

  1. […] I have a bit of a new tale for you but it’s connected to something of old. A happy Midsommar, Summer Solstice, Midsummer, etc. to all that celebrate this longest day of the year. We tend to have long and dark winters so us Northern Europeans have a certain affinity with this day even though it’s often celebrated on different dates. It was this upcoming holiday that cross breaded with a bizarre visual find that had my muse pushing (read: an Eric who wouldn’t shut up about his Maypole) a new outtake for the Fixin’s family out from Everything and More. This follows the Christmas outtake Meet Me Under the Stars. […]


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