Thanksgiving Fixin’s 8-10






The last of Sookie’s guests had departed into the night while she cleared away the remnants of the gathering that had taken place. Her kitchen was a bomb site and as nice as it was for her new neighbour to deep fry the turkey she shuddered with the thought of having to clean the spilled grease all over her porch. Brett was a tough friend to sell to the rest of Bon Temps but it couldn’t be helped that he had been the one to buy the repossessed Compton estate. Bill apparently forgot to mention that he was living off of advances of his next books that he never wrote and within weeks of his death Jessica was evicted without pardon. So Sookie always made sure to be extra nice and affectionate to the newcomer but the rest of the community had yet to warm to the softly spoken man.


A gust of wind swept at her thighs billowing the skirt of her dress, her mood instantly lifted with the sensation. “You’re here!” she exclaimed with glee not expecting the sight of him this early.


Without words and an admonishing look he removed the stack of plates from her arms as she shyly looked away with the guilt over breaking the promise that she would not exert herself too much tonight. Eric pulled her into his arms wrapping his body round the two most important beating hearts in his life humming contentedly. “I made it out as fast as I could. I know tonight is important to you, it’s not every year you celebrate Thanksgiving on Halloween night.”


“Thank you,” she smiled before demanding a hello kiss which she quickly received as did her bulging belly. “Remind me next time I’m pregnant to stop trying to rearrange holidays because the actual day is your scheduled C-section.”


“I think I already told you this before,” he smirked smugly. “Sorry I missed the dinner here but Halloween without vampires is like Christmas without Santa.”


“I know,” Sookie said with a small sigh as she followed him into their home. “But at least you made it for the party at Bellefleur’s. Did you bring your costume?”


“I’m a vampire,” Eric responded dryly. “This is my costume.”


“Things are just that easy for you aren’t they?”


“As long as they’re easy with you,” he smiled and placed a soft kiss to her forehead. “Ready to go?”




“Something’s off,” Sookie said as Eric helped her out of their car outside of Bellefleur’s.


“Magic,” Eric acknowledged while directing her to the entrance.


“Holly always says the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest on Halloween.”


Sookie grabbed onto Eric tightly when they entered in the smoky and dimly lit room. The reflections of the disco ball scattered around the room along to the sounds of the seventies. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” Eric grinned as they took in the people around them in full disco regalia. Mysteriously they too had changed into such costume once they had crossed the threshold.


“Eric look!” Sookie said with great excitement as she spotted a couple doing the hustle. The woman was breath-taking in her prime where Sookie had only ever seen the mature beauty of it. “It’s Gran and…”


“Godric,” Eric supplied in equal shock. In the excitement of their shared dance neither one noticed the blonde couple staring with the jaws hanging low at the sight before them but before neither one could utter a word before an ancient vampire had sidled in and stolen Sookie away for a dance.


“My my Ms Stackhouse I see you finally found your way to your Viking,” Russell grinned with delight. “Little cardamom bun in the oven and all. Took you long enough.”


“Well there were always these old and insane vampires trying to kill us all the time,” she quipped back. “I see you have your Talbot back.”


“Yes,” he grinned following her gaze to the corner of the room where his progeny blew them both a kiss which Russell returned before dropping his voice to a whisper, “Please just don’t tell him about Steve, such a tender heart my Talbot. We only just made up.”


Sookie nodded in agreement and soon felt a strong hand resting on her shoulder, “Mind if I cut in?” a familiar husky voice spoke.


“Alcide,” Sookie sighed as she turned around immediately falling into his familiar embrace. His bare chest was just as warm and comforting as she remembered but the body glitter was new. As was what could only be described as a pornstache. “I’m so sorry.”


“Don’t cry honeybun,” he soothed. “It’s all good. You got what you wanted. I’m happy you are where you are now. Even with Eric.”


“But you died,” she sobbed softly. “Because of me.”


“Don’t get me wrong,” Alcide offered. “It was a shock to the system at first but I’m in a better place. I’m not worried about what I am anymore. I just am…”


“You’re an angel,” Sookie said with sudden realisation only taking in the white wings protruding from his back in that moment. She had vaguely taken in the feather halo over his head as a costume but now she saw he was the real deal.


“We prefer Guardians,” he smirked. “Little more manly don’t you think? I already put in the paperwork for the little one in there.” In response to his declaration the baby inside her happily kicked through her stomach lining against the strong muscle of his hand.


“You were always too good for this world,” Sookie sighed as her eyes travelled to a corner of the bar where she saw Eric happily reunite with his maker and vampire sister. By the looks of it the teasing of the soon to be father had already begun. Her eyes finally rested on a radiant brunette carrying similar, yet daintier, versions of the white feathered wings behind the slowly dancing shapes of Terry and Arlene. “Ava,” Alcide informed with the face of a man who was clearly smitten. Sookie could only smile wide with recognition of what that meant for him before she was carried away by the persistent hand of her Gran.


They passed a table where Bill Compton sat with his wife and children eating a family meal. He sat at the head engaging the children into telling him a story. A brief look of recognition passed between Sookie and her first love and in that moment Sookie understood the man who sat there was one she had never got to meet. As much as he had tried he had never been this human with her. This was the man he had always sought and she had only ever seen glimpses off. Understanding resided between them as he gave her a small nod as his hand clasped over that of his wife’s while Jessica, Hoyt and Maxine Fortenberry joined in at their table. Sookie smiled brightly at the sight and with a small wave disappeared from his view.


“Come on child,” Gran encouraged when Sookie’s eyes seemed to linger a little long on the small crowd that were living it up on the pool table. Lafayette, Jesus and Tara were surrounded by a writhing crowd grooving to ‘Le Freak’ as they were joined by Pam and Franklin Mott. Within seconds the latter was staked by the former. Her best friend gave her a wink and mouthed ‘love you’ before Gran carried her away through the heavy smoke to her final destination. Past the beaded curtains they descended into a sunken sofa where a tear stained Eric sat with a blonde couple and a young girl whose family resemblance could not be missed. “I thought it time we all met each other’s family,” Adele encouraged.


On the opposite couch sat her parents and grandfather Earl catching up with Jason, Bridgette and their kids. Eric reached for her hand pulling her into his lap as he introduced her to his parents.


“So this is the woman who managed to convince my son there was more to life than spending it between a women’s thighs,” Ulfrik jested.


“I fear there is little distracting him from that with this one,” Godric said with a wink to Sookie as he joined them causing her to blush profusely in front of her parents in law.


“Don’t listen to them,” Astrid spoke kindly. “There is nothing more pleasing than to see my Eric so happy with a woman he can love. It is to our great pride that you carry forth our name as will this child. We never thought we would see the day that he would be happily hitched.”


“Only took him a thousand years,” Eric’s father grumbled that was soon followed by a hearty laugh as he slapped his son’s back good naturedly. “But I see why he waited so long, truly no other woman would ever be able to tame our boy like you have. Now he knows what it is to share your heart.” With his last sentence a look travelled between him and his wife that spoke volumes to that testament.


Eric softly kissed Sookie’s temple while rubbing his hand over the life that bound the people in this room together in acknowledgement of that statement. Much of the night was spent talking, remembering their shared pasts as an assortment of people came and went till the sun started calling to attention. Tears marred faces with the necessary goodbyes before they made their way through the emptied bar. Sookie squeezed Eric’s hand as they looked upon the loved ones one last time in the space that spoke of the remnants of the party that had taken place. A few bodies rested their heavy heads in uncomfortable positions, near comatose with the intensity of the night. White powder sprinkled the floor among the scattered Polaroids portraying bright happy faces. The disco ball slowed to a halt as the last of the music died down. With the onset of silence Sookie and Eric reverted to the appearances they carried when they came in and the people waving them goodbye disappeared from view.


The ride home was silent as they tried to take in the unexpected experience. They hardly had a minute to spare before Eric had to speed down into the lower light tight level of their home. A quick kiss was shared before Sookie remembered she forgot her purse in the car. She found him ready and waiting for her in bed uploading all the pictures they had taken that night, thankful that the magic that had made the night possible could be registered in this manner. After freshening up and pulling on a nightgown she edged in beside him. He was staring at a photograph of his younger sister, a girl he only knew for mere months. Sookie closed the laptop and set it aside. She looked up at him as a look of understanding travelled between them both solving months of arguments as his hand rested atop the child that was restless inside her.


“Eyja,” she offered.


A small tear travelled down his eye upon hearing the name of his sister spoken with such warmth for the first time in a thousand years. A name whose memory had haunted him for so long. He nodded and confirmed, “Eyja.”





“We can’t keep doing this,” he sighed as he languidly traced along the curve of the spine with his expert fingers. “It’s not fair to me.”


“I know,” came the tired reply. “But this is too good. It’s…”


“unlike anything else?” he finished with a soft kiss to the corner of the mouth.


“Yeah.” The response was shy but all-encompassing of what travelled between them in these secret moments. “I didn’t know it could be like this.”


“I did,” Eric countered with a debilitating smirk while brushing away stray hairs to uncover those deep dark brown eyes. “Always did, always will.”


A deep exhale filled the silence in the room as lips started travelling all over his body, muscles rippling in the shade of the candle light and soon a firm hand encased his arousal. “I wish I knew how to quit you.”


“Uncle Jason!”


“Huh.” With the sudden startle Jason fell of the narrow bench he was sitting on as his two nieces tackled him with high pitched screams unleashing their freakishly strong hands on him as they engaged in their favourite activity of tickle monster. Per the precise instructions of their father they knew exactly where to attack, with a precision that had Jason flailing helplessly in the mud barely containing the contents of his bladder.


“Say UNCLE!” the two girls taunted with what Jason had termed the devil’s own grins which were an exact match of their father’s. One that had just manifested in the never ending dreams and had him weak at the knees with both generations of Northmans for different reasons.


“UNCLE, UNCLE,” Jason wheezed out. With far too much superior smugness the two girls waggled their identical eyebrows in victory while carrying smiles that showed far too much teeth to be comfortable. Jason swore those sets of tiny incisors were sharpened.


While Jason took in the waning sun he gathered up the terrible twosome and their baby brother and directed everyone indoors. He hadn’t given much thought what he would be thankful for this year but after looking after Sookie’s kids all day he was definitely thankful to be free of them tonight. Mercifully Bridgette had arrived home and taken charge of the baby as they rushed out the door nearly leaving one of the twins behind.


“Did you survive alright Jase?” Sookie asked knowing he fully fell apart with the care of her kids. Before she could receive an answer she was already scolding Elin and Emmy for jumping down the cubby again when they were supposed to carefully use the ladder.


“How does he do it sis?” Jason asked pointing at the dark haired man cooking the turkey in a hot pot of oil on the porch.


“I don’t know Jase, apparently there’s a whole art to deep frying the bird.”


“No I mean, how does he look after those kids without keeling over every day?”


“It’s his job,” Sookie shrugged while swatting away Jason’s wandering fingers that were headed for one of her pies. “He’s a nanny, when you’re around kids long enough you don’t think about it too much.  Don’t worry big brother you and Bridgette have 8 months to get used to it all. That’s plenty of time to practice with our set of rugrats.”


“Yeah right,” Jason mumbled as his attentions diverted back to the baked offerings in front of him while Sookie waddled outdoors with another set of finished dishes.


“Good evening lover,” Eric huskily whispered into the reddening shell of the ear while caressing a firm behind. “Miss me?”


“For fuck’s sake!” Jason yelled at his brother in law. “Would you just quit it? I wish I never told you about those dreams.”


“You said the f-word!” Emmy accused from her firmly wrapped position around one of her father’s legs looking every bit like her mother. “I’m telling Pa-am!” she squealed while running off to do exactly that, leaving Jason to groan at the repercussions that would bring.


“Daddy why does Uncle Jason want to quit you?” Elin asked as she slightly lifted her tired head up from its resting spot on Eric’s chest where he held her to his side.


“What makes you say that Prinsessan?” Eric asked his eldest daughter as he watched Jason squirm and redden further than he thought possible. “Was Uncle Jason saying weird things in his sleep again?”


“Yup,” she replied popping the ‘p’. The little girl beckoned her father’s ear close before she started whispering rather loudly all the embarrassing things she had overheard Jason mumble in his daydream.


“Really,” Eric leered at Jason as he took in the words his daughter spoke to him. Thankfully none of it was offensive enough for the girls to take issue with or take any understanding of for that matter. He kissed Elin softly on her forehead before setting her back on the floor and instructed, “Go help your mamma Prinsessan.”


“As you see Jason it’s very rewarding to be a good father,” Eric said while wrapping his arm around his brother in law’s shoulder who only proceeded to feel even more uncomfortable with the close touch. It was so entertaining to Eric he didn’t even bother to check in with the blood tie. “But if you keep having these feelings you should really just be honest with Bridgette. It’s not fair to me.”


“Eric leave him alone,” Sookie scolded upon taking in the familiar scene in her kitchen. “Jason, Pam is looking for you.”


Her brother’s Adam’s apple bobbed with the gulp he swallowed before deciding Pam was the better option when it came to choosing between torment from her to that of her maker’s.


“You’re not lying to me about still feeding him your blood are you?” Sookie demanded after kissing Eric hello.


I’m not feeding him my blood,” Eric replied honestly. “Can’t lie to you with the bond anyhow.” It just meant he was as creative with the truth like his fairy in-laws. So Pam drew a little blood and succeeded to spike Jason’s drinks now and then, it didn’t mean he was feeding Jason his blood. Sookie eyed him sceptically but decided to let it go as her mind became preoccupied with the elaborate preparations for the night.


“I still feel you’re not telling me the whole truth,” she said as he followed her out of the door carrying the last of the prepared dishes.


“All right, all right, I admit it I LIKE PINK! I FUCKING LOVE IT!” Jason screamed.


“Pamela Beaufort de Swynford you put him down right now!” Sookie warned as she took in the scene of her brother hanging from the tree like piñata as her two eldest girls whacked away at him with foam pool noodles and their super strength. Pam reluctantly let go of the rope that held Jason in a suspended position with a shrug. With a grunt Jason came crashing down on the soft ground where his nieces continued their assault.


“He said the F-word,” Pam gave as a weak defence.


“Twice,” Elin piped in halting her noodle attack for a mere moment for the occasion.


“Girls go inside and wash up,” Sookie instructed sternly before her hard gaze fell upon Pam who twitched slightly with the scrutiny. “You’re on clean up duty Pam.”


“But Mo-om!” the female vampire whined, knowing exactly what kind of reaction that would cause. Indeed the telepath’s head turned red with anger but instead of unleashing her own set of F-bombs she merely gave a look to Eric that held a clear directive.


“Pamela,” he said sternly to which her hijinks immediately ceased. “Jason is not a toy.”


“Ok,” she pouted but as soon as Sookie’s back was turned he gave her an approving wink.


“I felt that!” Sookie instantly accused while spinning on her heels. “Eric Northman you better not be encouraging this so help me god I will zap you!”


“Yes dear,” Eric said meekly while Pam cackled loudly at her maker’s submission before speeding away out of range. With that compliance Sookie marched back to the giant table to greet the first of their guests ignoring the disorder for the night.


Eric helped his brother in law off the ground steadying his slightly dazed form. “What are you feeding those kids man,” Jason groaned as he tenderly rubbed at the multiple sore spots all over his body. “Like fu-… effing line-backers those two.”


“Exactly the same thing we feed you,” Eric grinned knowingly.




# 10


Sookie was exhausted from the night. It had been really nice of Lafayette and James to hire her the famous Turkey Fryer of the South for their dinner but it did leave her making everything else. She didn’t have the heart to tell them no, when she really should have but it had been like that for a while now. Sookie would never regret saying yes to being their surrogate, the whole experience of pregnancy was amazing but it was exhausting. The constant touching of her belly was a nightmare for the telepath whose ability amplified with the contact. Then there were the questions. The constant questions about the baby daddy, because in the small minded community of Bon Temps it was more acceptable for some random man to have knocked up Sookie Stackhouse than for the token gay vampire couple to be having a baby. She tried to correct them constantly but their minds revealed it often enough, the two men could never equate to be capable fathers in anyone’s mind. For once she had just stopped trying to fight everyone’s assumptions on Thanksgiving and played right along that John Everyman was the baby’s daddy. It was just easier that way.


This wasn’t her idea of Thanksgiving anyhow, as nice as it had been not to fuss over a turkey it wasn’t a true Stackhouse Thanksgiving without Adele’s famous fried chicken. As she sat herself down in her Gran’s comfortable reclining chair she groaned with the loss of that particular dish at the table that night as Jason had scoffed it up before she was able to get a single bite. Annoyingly indigestion caused her to taste the results of that deep fried monstrosity instead. That irksome and vain John Everyman just stole her damn seat at the head of the table leaving her the empty one next to it and her Southern manners couldn’t politely excuse her from tasting the man’s ‘fine’ product.


“I should have used the pregnancy card,” she grumbled to herself while flailing a little to get up in search of some saltines. “Should have told them to have their own Thanksgiving feast while I was at it. Fucking John Everyman.”


She sighed with relief when she located her sleeve of crackers even though it appeared Jason had struck again and had raided her special pregnancy stash leaving the top few to become stale. Her whole body was, however, extremely grateful as her upset baby and stomach quieted down with the salty injection.


“Bed,” she thought to herself as she finally let fatigue overtake her “Screw all the dishes that still need to go in the fridge.” As she neared the object of her desire promising a soft sleep it seemed Sookie was reminded how futile such thoughts were as fate took that moment to remind her just what a cruel bitch it truly was in the life of a fairy hybrid telepath while the phone rang for attention.


“Fucking hell,” Sookie muttered softly to herself as she answered while taking in the late hour of the night.


“Well fucking hell to you too,” the voice on the line tittered as her otherworldly senses had easily picked up her internal monologue. “You mind if I pitch that to Eric as our new greeting. It describes the atmosphere here so aptly.”


“No,” Sookie whined when she recognised the voice.


“You seriously mind?”


“What? No, I assume you’re calling,” Sookie exhaled rather audibly not really wishing to finish the sentence that would confirm that her selfless acts for the night were far from over, “about Niall?”


“Points for Tinkerbelle,” Pam returned dryly. “The place has been closed for half an hour and he refuses to leave, you’re going to have to come pick him up.”


“No,” she whimpered as the thought of reaching the comfort of her bed seemed to become more elusive by the minute. “Can’t he just sleep it off in your dungeon or something?”


“Like I’d put my prize poodle at risk like that,” Pam huffed out in protest. “Last time we tried that I found him dry humping Sarah while she screeched like a bitch in heat. Damn seductress, she’s not allowed any pleasure by the guidelines of the AVL nor are we allowed to do anything but dispense her blood and you know how hard it is to keep that Fairy granddaddy away from her, even when I’m in the room.”


“Pam I just can’t ok,” Sookie pleaded. She couldn’t deal with this tonight. Niall’s obsession with Sarah Newlin was getting out of hand. He was wasting away hundreds of thousands of dollars for her company spending minutes talking to her but never touching her under Pam’s watchful eyes. When his money ran out for the night he would drink himself to misery on spaghetti spiked Bloody Marys. Till inevitably Sookie was sent to pick him up.


“I spent days slaving away on my feet, cooking and cleaning so everyone could have a perfect Thanksgiving when all I wanted was some fried chicken. I need to sleep those few hours that the baby isn’t kicking my insides to pieces. Please can’t he stay with you?” Sookie appealed once more.






“Hold on,” Pam informed as the receiver went silent and a vague mumble of voices was heard in the background. Sookie beseeched to all known deities that the blonde vampiress would deal with Niall just this one time so she could get some rest. “Eric’s on his way.”


“What no!” she replied with horror at the thought. The house was a bomb site and she hadn’t dared look at herself in the mirror but Sookie was pretty sure she looked far worse than the remnant mess of her enforced party.


“You know you should really use that word more often with the people around you instead of just with me and my maker.”


“What?” Sookie asked in confusion as she wondered how quickly she could clean up the chaos that surrounded her.


“No,” Pam clarified. “It really isn’t that hard of a word. Look where it got you tonight. Did you ever tell any of those friends no?”


“No,” she answered meekly.


“Good you’re practicing,” Pam preened with pride. “Life’s a shit ton easier if you tell the right people to fuck off now and then.”


“Can I still tell Eric not to bring Niall here?”


“No,” Pam intoned sotto voce. “With my maker’s lead feet he’s probably already halfway there.”


“Oh,” Sookie sighed with deflation. “All right, thanks for the advice Pam.”


“Yeah, whatever,” she returned. “I have to go feed Sarah and take her out for a walk. See you in fucking hell.”


“Well fucking hell to you too,” Sookie greeted back in return to the dial tone. She pulled the red quilt from the couch and decided to wait outside on the porch swing hoping that would stop Eric from entering the disarray that was her home. It didn’t take long for her drive to light up with the beams coming from the luxury two-seater. She waddled down the porch to greet them with a small wave. The nausea that she had only so shortly tampered down unfortunately chose that moment to release itself as she took in the rank odours of Niall. While she had prided herself in projecting away from the car she hadn’t calculated that to be the path where a concerned Eric suddenly stood.


“Oh my god,” she screeched out in horror as she took in the contents of her dinner painted all over Eric’s chest. Forgetting all about the state of her home she urged him inside to clean up. Eric insisted for her to take it easy by carrying Niall in after dispensing his soiled shirt. It was an odd sight, mostly because the image of him reminded Sookie of the man she was once picked up from the side of the road when he was walking shirtless with no memories. Just in jeans, just like now. Eric took little offense when Sookie apologised for the mess as he gently deposited the fairy prince on her sofa. Sookie covered him with the quilt and offered Eric the use of her shower and the clothes he had once worn.


It was a bitter pill to swallow for Sookie when Eric emerged all cleaned up in his basketball shorts and sleeveless hooded shirt. Even his hair flopped around without the usual products in place. She was nervously trying to stow away all the messes when he stilled her hands.


“Sookie let me?” he offered. Despite her lessons with Pam to use the word no more in her vocabulary for the first time that night she found there was no desire to express that particular word to Eric. She gave a brief nod at which he guided her to a chair before he set to put away the last of the dishes.


“Thank you Eric,” Sookie said with melancholic eyes as she remembered the domestic bliss those amnesia days had been. On some level it felt cruel to be visually reminded of it in such a detailed representation now, but for the first time that night she was truly thankful for something.





Sookie woke to familiar cooking smells, ones which she never thought to experience again unless she created them herself. She couldn’t remember how she had ended up in her bed but the modest amount of sleep she had been gifted with had been a godsend. As she emerged from her bedroom she was shocked to discover the whole house had been put to right again, not a surface was left untouched by cleaning products. High handed but oh so welcome for once. The only evidence of the hell that was her previous night was the sight of her grandfather contentedly sleeping on her sofa mumbling Sarah’s name now and then.


She was perplexed at the sight of Eric still in his borrowed attire standing in her kitchen preparing her grandmother’s famous fried chicken while carefully studying her Gran’s recipe cards.


“What are you doing?”


“Cooking,” he answered simply.


“I see that,” Sookie acknowledged. “Why?”


“I remember you told me about this holiday when I stayed here. That the thing you liked most was that your grandmother would always keep a batch of fried chicken behind that you would eat together for breakfast the next morning,” Eric explained. “There were none to be found.”


“You didn’t have to do that,” she said touched as tears started staining her eyes. Pregnancy or Eric induced, she wasn’t quite sure. Sookie realised she didn’t have any chicken left in the fridge which meant that aside from cleaning her whole house he had gone out and miraculously procured it on Thanksgiving. “Why?”


“You really have to ask me why?” he said tersely as the last of the chicken was set to drain of its fat. “Isn’t it obvious? Why I continue to live in Shreveport when I can afford to be anywhere in the world? Why I continue to run a nightclub I despise? For fuck’s sake… Why I allow your grandfather to pay his way with Monopoly money night upon night?”


“Why?” she whispered.


“The vampire is a good man and he loves you,” Niall bellowed from the sofa before falling back to sleep again. Sookie’s eyes pleaded to his for confirmation of the statement that seemed so unceremoniously thrown into the room.


“Because I came here without a thought or a cent to my name and I all I desired in that moment was you. Simply to love you,” Eric offered in explanation as he brushed away the tears that were staining her face. “I’d trade everything I have just to experience that again. For it to last beyond a few nights.”


“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”


“You might have said no,” he confessed softly revealing the insecurity that had marked his personality so strongly back then.


“Well apparently I have difficulty using that word,” she said with a small smile as she leaned into him. “Just ask Pam. Then ask me. Make me an offer I can’t refuse, give me a reason to never want to utter the word no again when it comes to you.”


His mouth hovered just above hers, the words came deep from his throat with a husky rasp, “Be mine?”


Her lips answered as they both decided words were superfluous and always would be between them. Their bodies communicated far better than anything else ever would as the tentative touch of the lips deepened to a desperate kiss. Strong and urgent but always honest.


Niall’s head rose from the sofa as he took in the lovers disentangling from their intimate embrace. A smile was plastered upon both their faces as they completely forgot the regal presence in the living room.


“Does this mean I get to be with Sarah now?” he enquired, bursting them from their contented bubble.


“NO!” they barked as a united front. Niall gave a small pout and pretended to be extremely disheartened as he sank back into the sofa. However, a mischievous grin encompassed his face as he texted his blonde vampiric partner in crime that it had been a complete success and that he would now be holding her to that three-way in hell.





A/N: My entry for Gyllene’s HEA contest, Intervention, was once meant to be a Thanksgiving Fixin’s feel free to check it out here.


#8 was inspired by Denis O’Hare’s (who played Russell) suggested ending, which was a bad disco ending. I loved the concept although my initial inception of a campy glampy and vampy ending sort of morphed into something else.Find the article here and rest assured I will not be exploring Steve Newlin’s preferred ending.


#9 contains a quote which is from Brokeback Mountain, because… well it felt like that whole scene was making a parody of that in my mind. Anyhow that belongs to Annie Proulx or the screenwriters who transformed that short story into a film.


#10:  Thanks to violetsdream for suggesting Sookie be the surrogate for Lafayette and James’ baby and beardy nobody to just be a nobody. And thanks for VAlady for reminding me of book Niall’s infamous line. Just to prove how much of an impact James made on me… #trueconfession I started this piece three times before having to look up his name and getting utterly distracted with other things… but thankfully I found inspiration for another piece involving Six Flags…


I am still entertaining requests/prompts for these fixin’s. If they spark my imagination I’ll write it and credit you. So if you have something in mind or simply have an idea for the identity of the mystery man at the head of the table or something else leave it behind in the comment section below. Or simply rant about the final season… my associative brain picks up plenty of ideas from that alone 😀


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    1. I was kind of hoping that they would have thrown in a twist in the end, even if it were to piss me off… no instead it was so boring I was happy it was over already… O’Hare’s pitch should have definitely been given some thought, we had to watch three stupid mainstreaming parties so why couldn’t we end with something vampy and supernatural… oh well too late now…


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    1. I haven’t written it yet but I have a Pam centric one in mind… and seeing that Pam is one of my favourite characters I’ll probably write more than one. Glad to hear you liked Jason and Eric, I always felt they could have done with more screen time together despite hating season 6 I loved them taking on vamp camp together.

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  3. That was hilarious! Jason & Eric…Pam spiking his drinks with Eric’s blood… “Pamela, Jason is not a toy!” BWAH!!!! Love it! Twins, a baby boy, and another on the way! Those Northmans are busy!! Jason & Eric together were great whenever they were onscreen together. Despite everything, isn’t it great that there were things that we could love about TB?


    1. Well considering the light hearted (mostly) spirit of these tiny fics it is what they focus on. There wasn’t much I liked about the last episodes but Jason confessing to liking pink was a rare highlight that we can celebrate here, right? Figured you’d love their assembly of ingrates… oh just wait till those kids all grow up 😀


        1. I know… although I’m highly allergic to fangy babyfics and the like but Pam’s mini mes are a fun prospect to write. Hope your surgery went well… I now have a weird imagination that you’re typing everything with your nose as your ‘gracious plenty’ is on temporary leave…


          1. LOL! Nope, not typing with my nose! The surgery went very well, although the incision is now 2 & 1/2 inches long where it was only 1 inch before. It cuts into my tattoo unfortunately, but not as badly as the doctor thought it might. I can get it fixed, but not for at least 6 months. Typing isn’t as bad as I thought it might be; Thank God for pain pills! I can’t wait to see how this scar turns out! LOL! The gracious plenty may have been retired, sadly. I’ll see in 2 weeks! Maybe it will be a magnum plenty?


  4. That was great! Love your writing.
    I read that article with Denis and Michael mcmillian , where mcmillian said the Eric/ Sookie ship had sailed, really?? Do they actually watch the show? I must have missed that ship sailing away, except under the pen of a writing team who just chose to ignore it. Ugh!


    1. I know McMillan was clearly drinking the local Billshit that was being served at TB headquarters… *sigh* I find it hilarious though that BB was completely surprised by the chemistry of the little E/S reunions in the final season… apparently that Billshit was tainting their rose coloured glasses too…

      There’s only one article that I read that interviewed what’s his face Alcide, and in that he somewhat hints at the complete turnover of his storyline post season 5 onwards, when I read it I was like ‘hey that would actually have been watchable’ but maybe creating Billith had more repercussions than we thought…


  5. Lol, Jason still dreaming of Eric is hilarious! I love that Sookie and Eric have so many kids and have a manny(male nanny). Great way to explain him. These just keep getting better!


    1. Well Jason seemed slightly uneasy with ‘his’ kids in the last episode and I figured ‘hey he could just be babysitting’. Well manny’s are supposed to be all the rage right, I’m sure Pam directed it that way so she would have more fodder to annoy Eric with…


  6. #8 was so emotional… Seeing their families again… Alcide as a ‘guardian’… Nice!

    #9 was so hilarious… Loved that they are playing with poor Jason though they are a bit cruel… So Sookie’s having Eric’s babies and they are super powerful? Awww Pam… Nice to see her as part of the family and not the jealous brat from TB!


    1. I figured Alcide could use a bit of redemption, he’s the only actor that sort of hinted his character was waylaid… apparently he was supposed to have this whole story arc where he would be looking after Emma but instead became asshole Alcide in season 6… I think he was glad to leave the show when he did…

      It was a little subtle but the super strength comes from daddy Eric’s blood infusions, hence the last line… because you know he wants to be the first one there if any of his precious brood has a boo boo…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. # 10. Great! This is one of my many favorites. Love the ending , and Pam and Niall working together would be so good. How badly Rutger Hauer was underused in the show ! There’s a 2hr webcast where EJ Scott (Deborah Wolls bf)interviewed BB a few days after the finale aired.
    I’ve not listened to it yet and I’m sure it’s full of BB shit, but someone who listened to it said BB said that the past three days had been the worst of his life. I just don’t understand how someone suppose to be a professional writer could ruin that show like he did for the last 2 seasons. When I have time I want to here what this idiot has to say.


    1. I’m definitely introducing some more Niall in my multi chapter fics, he’s just too fun to write 😀 Spare yourself the misery of that podcast… I gave up after 5 minutes of his whiny tone. I read the imdb thread about it that picks at the highlights, if you still want to go and listen after reading that go right ahead.

      Apparently the man is awfully self absorbed. The list is just too damn long… it made me decide not to write The Doctor is in part 2 (which I had planned post season 7, I don’t know if you’ve read it but Dr Ludwig basically makes psychological mince meat out of everyone and part 2 would be CH, BB and AB). It would just be too damn cruel and malicious on my part so my aggravating research into the man is over *sigh* I can breathe easy again…

      The worst three days of his life? The man clearly hasn’t lived much… I’m by no means a professional writer but I do work in the creative industry and it’s pretty much a mode of survival to detach your personal feelings from your work so that accurately portrays how professional he is… tidbit I heard about that lengthy interview, BB is obsessed with some show called Friday Night Lights (those type of shows don’t make it over here so all I know is that it’s a small town drama that involves football) and has been modelling the last seasons on that… I think the man should have been writing fanfiction for that show instead of ruining something promising, I’m beginning to think the whole thing is just cursed as both show and books fell to an incredibly deep low…


  8. #10 – seriously these fixins deserve to be individual chapters! They are awesome one-shots in their own right!!! Loved #10 esp. Niall’s craziness gone over the edge in relation to Sarah (who knew?) though how extreme that is seems to have been exaggerated in the plot he and Pam organised to get Eric and Sookie to stop faffing around and just talk to each other… The bit about the monopoly bank notes make laugh out loud!!! And as someone who hates telephone calls with a passion, I am tempted to make my standard greeting ‘Fucking Hell’ too….


    1. They were never meant to be that long, but the word counts are growing on these snippets. I’m starting to reign myself in a little with it but in a sense it’s a good exercise. I’ll also be re-formatting the appearance of these pages to smaller fonts from now on…

      Considering the show left us with no closure on the E/S ship it probably was the two of them faffing about that led to faceless beardyman… but hey look easy fixin’s!

      I’ve just decided that Niall is really otherworldly and just can’t tell the difference between Monopoly money and the real thing…but he can tell you the difference between linguine and tagliatelle with scary expertise… I’m really going to have write an all pasta inspired fixin’ someday…

      ‘Fucking Hell’ is now my go to greeting for telemarketers but why stop at a mere greeting? Make it you voicemail message too 😀


  9. Those are all wonderful. #8 almost made me cry with the visual of Gran and Godric, Eric’s family, and Bill with his family. I even liked Russell.

    #9 with Jason’s dream was a hoot. Poor Jason.

    #10 Niall is always a fun subject. I didn’t care for him at first on True Blood, but he’s great in these little vignettes. So, a three way with Niall, Pam, and Sara? That’s hard to visualize.


    1. I’m still slightly itchy about being nice about Bill… but at least it’s ‘human’ Bill…

      Jason… well I still have my issues with that scene so why not exploit it even more… ha! I know I’m a total hypocrite… It also gave me an idea for Sam…. *laughs maniacally*

      I never cared for TB Niall much either but his love of spaghetti won me over… Niall’s a bit like Godric in a sense that his character hasn’t been established that much, that leaves him open for interpretation plus he’s like all magic prince of the fae so he completely covers all my lazy plot holes when necessary. About that three way… I’m going to have to say when hell freezes over… although Niall prancing around Fangtasia like he’s Hugh Hefner sounds like a promising fixin’ too…


  10. loved this grouping, very entertaining, Niall makes me laugh, they should have used him more in the series. but they wasted many good actors and story line which could have made the show pout of this world. KY


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