From Time Immemorial: Chapter 15 and the fixin’ relieves you from that cliff…

I know I’m out of my usual rotation order, I’ll hopefully get to BOTV later this week but my time was limited and FTI was a quicker chapter to edit. Things aren’t going exactly to schedule on my end, I’ll be gone for a few days at the end of the week so it will be a bit messy this week, I’ll spare you all the details. Excuse the mistakes in the fixin‘ I was late in getting it to msbuffy so an improved version will hopefully replace it in the next couple of days but I didn’t want to leave you dangling on that cliff for too long. Click the banners below for respective chapters, a link to each is at the bottom of the page so read in whatever order you like…


Chapter 15 – Safety


Thanksgiving Fixin’s outtake #23

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