It’s still f-ing Christmas alright… Meet Me Under the Stars: Part III





At least in my part of the world, because some anonymous bureaucrat decided we should have two of many a holiday throughout the year so after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we have a second day of Christmas. Something I neglected to remember didn’t apply to the rest of the world when making up the posting schedule and then with the Merry Christmas Mr Northman one shot, like the table at Christmas dinner last night, I found myself running out of space to put everything… so indulge me on the naive thought that you all have an anonymous bureaucrat in your respective countries too…

The final part of the three part Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More outtake for Christmas is up and we get to find out what happened with Santa… the end is either very satisfying or infuriating… depends on your POV I guess… think of that what you will…

A repeat from yesterday and the day before : if you haven’t read Everything and More yet start here, it’s a quick and easy read and makes you feel all the better about the series ending with a lot of laughs in between… For those of you up to date click the banner or link below…

This will be it for me until January unless I find the courage to post something on New Year’s Eve that I wasn’t planning on writing about a certain Ms Stackhouse and Mr Northman and nearly had MsBuffy going on strike… but I’m still the favoured ingrate in the end so look out for that, I may need to be heavily intoxicated with copious amounts of Champagne to hit the publish button on that though…



A Thanksgiving Fixin’s Everything and More Outtake: Christmas Northman style. The giant family decides to visit Eric’s birth grounds for the holidays. Hijinks ensue.

E/S – P/N – Post Fangsgiwin’

Part III – Tomte


and in case you missed these parts:

Part II – Santa

Part I – Sveeden

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